2018 has been the year full of amazement, and we have seen growth and many alterations occurring in eCommerce App Development, as well so far.

Artificial Intelligence is spreading up all over the world, and particularly in the eCommerce website development process; on which we will concentrate today in this post.

Hold on till the end of this post by one of the Top eCommerce Designing Company – India & the USA to unfold more about the significances of AI in eCommerce.

AI is beginning to implant itself into all the features of our lives. From the increasing number of self-registered cash records to innovative security checks at the airport; Artificial Intelligence is just about all around.

In your pursuit for AI online, you will spill across hundreds of posts that envisage a marketplace controlled by the use of artificial intelligence.

A new study by Business Insider recommends that approximately up to 85% of consumer communications will be copied without a human by 2020.

Many e-commerce businesses are already utilizing forms of AI to clearly understand their consumers, produce new leads and offer a boosted customer experience.

Why Has Using AI Become Unavoidable?

In this fastest-changing world, the invention is the key to remaining pertinent. Also, we must consider that today’s world is changing with the blinks of eyes.

Not only are merchants, businesses and top eCommerce development companies caught up in the constant competition for clients, but people are also chatting about the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Here’s a side, where there is no brick store any longer to let any brand exist and live up for the target audience.

Other is the side, where the leaders geared up to turn the tables in the retail industry growth entirely with the help of this quick progression in technology inventions.

Failing to strive with the innovations can bring a huge downfall to the business as eCommerce is an inventor’s game.

Amazon Go, Ebay’s ShopBot and other smart apps are now bringing up some never-ceasing eCommerce website solutions to ease their customers’ expeditions, depending greatly on artificial intelligence solutions.

They strive up with the purpose to bring an extraordinary shopping experience to life for their customers. This statement may sound contradictory, but this exactly is what AI is up to.

With the use of algorithms, personalized marketing has become unbelievably possible in the eCommerce – but lock your eyes till we reach there.

Over the past years, marketing touch concepts got an increase in numbers.

Going from shops to websites and chatbots to speech supporters, customers use these and even more contact points all the day and at all possible places.

Additionally, they look forward to a constant and adaptive experience, and more possibly the one in which the complete information is updated immediately through all the communication mediums.

Both the ranges of these touch ideas and the amount of data created demand the use of artificial intelligence (AI). By hand, it will all be impossible to continue.

How Can AI Lead to More Lucrative User Experiences?

Now that AI is originating tides like never before, how can you utilize it to create a more customized and more rewarding User Experience? Use AI for all the below activities:

☛ Forecast Sales or Services

Firstly, Machine Learning, which is an integral part of artificial intelligence, allows the scrutiny of large amounts of consumer details.

Rather than painfully working your way through massive data sets, CMO’s can now bring up the patterns much more easily.

Patterns that, every so often than not, would have earlier stayed unknown. As evidence Netflix, by expecting what their audiences want, before they know themselves.

The message to nail down in the minds, of course, is that once you program the collection and understanding of information, you can make much more well-versed estimates concerning marketing campaigns.

☛ Offer Excellent Services at Competitive Costs

Next procedure to build more tailored marketing prospects is using AI to remove dismissals and automate processes. Chatbots, for instance, can assist businesses to save on consumer service costs by:

  • Flying up the response times,
  • Releasing up agents to perform a more puzzling task, and
  • Responding up to 80% of routine questions.

Not only may this lead to rate decreases of up to 30%, but it will also lead to a more consumer-centric eCommerce website development services.

In spite of everything, the freed-up agents will now be able to pay attention to what they perform great: contacting their consumers personally.

It is worth including that, as the method is self-learning, its responses will consider human discussion a lot more with the time.

Already, people can become puzzled when talking with a chatbot, as demonstrated by the frequent-asked question: ‘Are you a bot?’.

☛ Increase Customer Satisfaction and Sales

Besides offering excellent customer service, artificial intelligence can allow conversational eCommerce website design services.

This is prompt, human-style communication between a customer and a bot, messenger or voice-chat. Making use of automated and intelligent services, they ask questions to increase a clear understanding of the customer’s intent, followed by adapted references.

Naturally, this leads to higher consumer satisfaction and, as a result, increased more and more sales. Ebay’s ShopBot, for instance, offers curated deals, based on the evidence providing throughout GIF-boosted tests.

Starbucks’ chatbot found in the business’s app makes it easy to order, whether you choose using voice orders or text messaging.

The chatbot will speak to you when your order preparation is complete and what the overall expenses are. They have included this feature in their mobile app development services for their business app.

The same service is offered by Pizza Hut, which has hurled a Facebook Messenger and Twitter app taking consumers’ orders and tracking delivery.

Consumers can also pre-order their preferred pizzas, ask queries, and check existing deals.

Next great instance is 1-800-FLOWERS. Their Facebook chatbot displays images of different flower preparations and makes proposals based on conversational signs, allowing consumers to order flowers worldwide.

☛ Scale Personalized Content

Rather than manually writing processes or just predicting what consumers like to see, machine learning and intelligent analytics can be utilized to provide updates and tailored content and to gauge this to the enormous amount of touch points, networks, brands, and nations.

Optimized shopping experiences utilized to be a region where only giants such as Amazon outshined.

With the beginning of prominent platforms such as Adobe Experience Cloud and Salesforce Einstein, day to day businesses gain the potentials to leap-frog and become at par, or even exceed, the experience provided by Amazon.

☛ Optimize Customer Searches and Recommendations

However, what if a customer is searching for particular information? Do we then recourse to ‘traditional’ search boxes? Naturally not, these days, artificial intelligence assists customers to find what they are precisely searching for in a much more usual way.

Go Find, for instance, calls its users to take an image, based on which it profits the same results, comprising price ranges and (online) stores.

Amazon’s Echo Look makes use of a camera, merged with artificial intelligence, to become your special helper that suggests which looks fits you best.

Moreover, based on entered questions and external data sources, Bloomreach uses its understanding of the user determined to automatically find the correct products and build landing pages for specific categories. Even earlier vendors realize they are required.

☛ Automate Back-Office Processes and Diminish Manual Tasks

The last instance of using artificial intelligence in eCommerce is the manual plotting of products and the organization of product data. Tasks such as these are time wasting and mistake-prone. Automation can be a great support.

However, there is a lot more to this. While image recognition might be a great assistance in product classification, Pinterest makes use of the advanced technology to assist its users to search for a particular item within an image.

Programming back-office procedures have allowed website formation tools to create websites based only on queries they ask and responses their customers offer.

While you are looking for a best eCommerce website design company and find one, it can help you get the automation programmed for your business app as well.

In brief, AI in e-commerce is a necessity in nowadays’ business settings. It is also an outstanding way to produce cost cutbacks. However, most prominently, it offers massive ground-breaking opportunities. That said the query occurs: where do you begin exactly?

☛ First Blueprints, then Design Thinking, then Prototype Development

We have said it earlier, and we will say it over again: it all begins with an approach. Firstly, you have to detect where automation and intelligence have the maximum potential.

One process of doing this is by taking assistance from an eCommerce development company for Capability Blueprints and Design Thinking Services.

The Blueprints allow the plotting of procedures and following identification of AI-related opportunities.

Design thinking will throw light on which doings will increase the most value. For instance, the Blueprint may recognize consumer service, and design thinking will point at the deflection of calls to a digital helper.

Now, a prototype can be established and advertised. When automation begins to produce value, the money should be invested in other AI technologies, therefore ascending progressively.

☛ AI Is a Requirement for Survival

We approve; the message is powerful: AI is essential if you want to keep on pertinent in the future and maintain your competitive advantage.

However, as a concern, as we are slaves to the system, we can utilize it to our benefit.

Furthermore, we can begin small, by recognizing opportunities and starting projects ascended when proven popular. The time is now! When will you start?

Advantages of having Artificial Intelligence (AI) in eCommerce Sector:

1. Exploration has become more consumer-centric within online stores

It is quite visible that because of the absence of consumer-centric search consequences in eCommerce sites, many users leave the site. By using the AI tools and Machine Learning, an android app development company can significantly improve the search results.

Also, AI-supported search results are gaining fame, that is tempting businesses to provide a consumer-centric experience. This way, videos and images, such as logo, style, and product are tagged, organized to give a visually important search for users.

Pinterest has used the image identification software for the chrome extension. In this practice, customers can search for images across the web as per the choice of the product.

2. User experience has got more personalized

In the case of customized user experience, an experienced and one of the top mobile app development company can use Artificial Intelligence in eCommerce portals for customized experiences.

This is possible by creating scrutiny of comprehensive data, and consequently, recommending the products.

According to research shown by Boston Consulting Group (BCG), dealers who offer tailored experiences have experienced about 6-10% increase in sales, which is two or three quickly compared to other dealers.

3. Much improved sales processes

In the earlier age, sales used to depend heavily on yellow pages and such conventional means to entice consumer attention.

However, sales procedures have turned on a lot from those days, and at present, dealers use a different type of digital platforms.

Sales teams these days use AI integrated CRM systems that provide to customer flavors and choices. Furthermore, AI can respond to customer questions to solve complications and even recognize new sales prospects.

Getty Images has efficiently used integrated AI tools to recognize data to obtain a concept of which businesses make use of images from the competition.

As a result, the sales team of Getty Images pulls more target audiences and persuades new businesses.

4. Targeting potential customers

A vast customer base has its benefits as well as challenges. Due to the statistics, it becomes a bit challenging for sales and marketing teams to monitor potential leads.

As per a survey conducted by Conversica, around two-thirds of businesses do not follow up on inbound sales leads. Many eCommerce businesses, to bring resolution to this problem, are taking the assistance of AI to monitor consumer behavior by noticing their in-store behavior (using facial recognition software) and online customers through different offers.

5. Better and efficient logistics

Using Artificial Intelligence in logistics also makes sure of a smooth and well-organized delivery process.

These days, warehousing utilizes automation to a great extent, and they use machine learning systems for automated warehousing operations.

Many eCommerce giants, such as Amazon, Alibaba, eBay, and others are using AI in abundance in the system of Machine Learning, and automation. It anticipates that the speed and productivity will enhance to a great size and it will also diminish costs to a great extent.

If we utilize AI across different parts of eCommerce, such as warehousing and delivery, customer service and other internal operations, eCommerce will enhance to a large extent.


The points mentioned above for Artificial Intelligence play a vital role in e-commerce app development along with a better way to hire a Best Mobile Application Development Company who can provide you step by step guidelines, of utilizing Artificial Intelligence for improving systems, which the top mobile application development companies in the world follow for the eCommerce app development.