So, you got a product backlog. Well, we all understand how difficult it seems to manage the app development backlogs even for the most experienced product owners, and especially when they become more lengthy and meticulous.

What is the influence of the backlog in product management? How to manage it to speed up the product profitability? In this article, you’ll find the practical tips that will be useful in working with your app development backlog efficiently.

1. Prepare the strategy

You have got a backlog, and it is going to be very confusing to wrap up if you don’t have any proper plan.

Define a proper product strategy as it is going to lead you to the success and validate it before applying.

2. Set the roadmap

Emphasize your app development backlog on the coming release as it’s an intentional tool where all product facts, epics and user stories that have to be applied are defined.

The longer-term development of the product must be static in the product roadmap.

Most of the experienced mobile application developers prefer to work according to the strategic plan and map to speed up the mobile application development services.

3. Keep the backlog manageable

Every so often product owners can acknowledge 100, 200 and even more product backlog things. It looks unrestrained and desperate.

In this case, it is quite challenging to manage and clarify. It’s entirely reasonable that it’s not easy to say to which direction the product trail is heading.

You are the product owner, and you have to decide the do’s and don’t’s to enhance productivity by diminishing productivity.

It is the habit of the project managers at the top 10 mobile app development companies. They prepare their team of developers to manage their work schedules according to the backlog tasks.

4. Apply Product Roadmap

Counterpart the backlog with a smart roadmap to outline the complete way you want to take your product on. This is a type of vault for successful backlog management.

The product roadmap will assist you to state the upcoming announcements with their important objectives or benefits.

Determine the correct backlog items. It will make sure that the backlog is associated with the universal product strategy.

What a best mobile application development company will usually do is, apply the project plan after verifying if it is perfect and get the best outcome.

5. Collaborate

The collaboration between product managers and the app development team is the significant feature of backlog management.

Incorporate your team members in the product backlog deliberations. Don’t forget to consider the team of mobile app development services providers to include in your discussions.

It will assist you to explore technical risks and dependences, to enhance the understanding and buy-in of the team members and get flawless requirements.

6. Share the backlog with stakeholders

It’s not essential to hide the log jam intensely.

Make it clear to the shareholders so they can evaluate the last rank and deliver a valuable response.

This will support building the foundation stronger and make tough choices.

Top 10 mobile application development companies have a practice of updating their clients and shareholders about all the ingoings and dealings related to product and hence, they get the best position in the field.

7. Be proactive and mentor it

Your Product Backlog will be active if you frequently mentor and improve it in a teamwork with the best mobile app developers’ team.

Product grooming is crucial in product management because this process enhances the possibilities of building a product that users wish for and it keeps the product backlog updated always.

Evaluate the feedback and use new visions to the product backlog.

Eradicate excessively and include new, update current items. Also, be sure not to complicate Product backlog grooming and sprint planning.

8. Look beyond user stories

User stories are imperative, and they are undoubtedly essential, but they are typically not adequate.

Do not hesitate to deliberate the user interaction, nonfunctional qualities of the product, and the user interfaces and repair them in the backlog.

A mobile app development company can look into improving the functionalities for the users and the one which is suitable for the application.

9. Frequently review your strategy

Evaluate and regulate. If you work in Agile, alterations are expected to occur.

Analyze and update your product roadmap occasionally between every three weeks to three months. It relies on how young your product and how vibrant the market is.

If you consider the best mobile application development company for your business’s app development, they will suggest you review the strategy most frequently as it can help you get a more profitable outcome from the market.

10. Prioritize your key-points

When you have multiple tasks, you should list down which work to complete first. It is the strategic point.

Addressing indeterminate items enables to check the ideas initially and learn how to carry on.

Comparing the amalgamation of Value and Efforts of each job will assist you to rank the tasks superior and opt for the most urgent tasks for the app development.

  • Value assessment – It assesses the business value that the feature brings to the product or the business.
  • Efforts – They measure the resources required to complete the task.

11. Visualize it

To achieve a goal you need to visualize it. Thus, to clear the backlog, you can use a paper chart with the backlog print on it and hang it on the wall.

However, there are smart equipped solutions for picturing; one of which is a Backlog Priority Chart that warns you when the backlog is becoming very large.

This tool explains significant and less critical chores.

The best mobile application development company implements an agile environment to work, and they prepare and hang various charts to visualize their company cores and goals to all of their staff members.

You entered the Agile game to be quick, respond to transforming market situations and chances, and work in together with your development team at the top iPhone iOS app development company to quickly bring solutions to advertise without being bogged down in procedures and infinite meeting.

Then, how did you turn out having to handle an infinite laundry list of app development items, as your project backlog?

☛ Still Puzzled? Let’s check what’s in there:

  • Augmentations to existing functionality.
  • Innovative features or extensions of the existing product to address new markets or opportunities.
  • UI and usability improvements or changes.
  • Bugs that need removal.
  • Feature requests from consumers or internal shareholders.
  • Architectural developments to be addressed.

All Product Backlog Items (PBIs) are not designed similarly.

Some might take a solo mobile app development services provider for a few hours, while others might need weeks or even months of work all over various teams.

Some may be significant game changers for your business while others have questionable needle-moving merit.

“The Product Backlog can comprise everything connecting to the product, i.e., Bugs. Improvements. The entire projects. Issues. Risks. Everything” says Kelly Waters, writer of All About Agile.

“Having spoken that, items on the Product Backlog must preferably be conveyed in business terms that are of some value to the worker (or customer, or business). Not as technical works.”

☛ Why do you need to know about the tips for successful app development in backlog sink?

You may leave it alone, you know, comprising innovative PBIs to the mass as they pull in and then selecting through the list for only the right blend of features and bug fixes to include in your next issue.

However, this would not only make separate point planning highly unproductive, but it also damages your trustworthiness and obstructs your ability to support your product with a global approach.

Gunther Verheyen of says “Eliminate those features that each time sinks to the lowest of your expectations for your product, and never get executed. If those features are appreciated, they will appear again at the same time.”

A backlog should be existing, breathing and developing the tool, or else it can result in reduced opportunities for revolution and work against the agility and responsiveness that it is looking forward.

“If we just “work from the backlog” we might not pay the required attention to defining how finest to develop the product and in spite to go for the easy and right option of just maxing out the stuff previously on the backlog,” says Agile Coach Neil Killick.

“The backlog can rapidly become the attention rather than the product itself, and as it stays to cultivate it becomes progressively tough to signify or emphasize on the greatest value things to create.”

Apart from keeping the great ideas on your backlog, you must also make sure you’re not allowing items twig around just because you don’t wish to upset people’s feelings by explaining to them that their idea or recommendation didn’t make the scratch.

A best mobile app development company always hire people for a project understanding the project requirements and thus fulfilling all the desired aspects of the client.

How to organize your project backlog?

☛ Themes

An uncultivated product backlog can be a somewhat intimidating collection of PBIs to make any logic of, but one tried, and right method for bringing some order to the confusion is to hold themes for your backlog organization.

“A theme tune is not anything more than an assortment of User Stories; its dimension is just the size of the stories within it. Themes are perfect because they enable a product owner to pay attention to a huge target for the next restatement,” speaks Sean McHugh of Axosoft.

Even though a theme might comprise lots of User Stories, a product owner can pay attention to just that one part by determining an emphasis on the theme.

Classification each one provides you with some common threads getting through groups of PBIs. Hence you can now evaluate items, not as unique demands but part of a more significant, well, theme.

☛ Cost of delay

Supposing your product is producing revenue (or WILL produce profits once it delivers with a specific feature whole), you can also make use of “Cost of Delay” as a driving influence in your backlog ranking.

“Longer the time it takes for you to issue, greater the sales you lose from the higher prospective sales. You wait a month to issue? You drop a month of max sales. You wait a year to release? You drop a year of max sales,” speaks Johanna Rothman of Rothman Consulting Group.

“With the price of delay, it matters when you complete them. Because unless you complete them, no one pays you.”

Regrettably, every PBI can’t only be ranked in a void, as several features and hits are dependent.

☛ Ordering

While it would be perfect too, for instance, get an alert on your banking app when your equilibrium slants below $500, you have first to have an alert system in place; they have a stability watching module designed, have some settings options, and you obtain the idea.

“The Product Backlog is not assured to signify an ordering of PBIs by either value or precedence. You can’t just allocate priorities to PBIs — whether they derive from ROI or significance to the business or anyplace else — and then prioritize the backlog by those qualified values.

It would help if you deliberated the whole backlog of PBIs together,” says James Coplein of Gertrude & Cope.

Making use of the word ‘ordering’ in spite of ‘prioritization’ also makes it clear that the Product Owner should take decisions.

He or she cannot only say “These five things are all importance 1; these three items are priority 2” and so on.

The product owner should receive a wholly ordered Product Backlog.

☛ Backlog Ownership

However backlog proprietorship is one of the main tasks for Product Owners/Managers, some organizations choose to create backlog modification a more independent process, with each backlog item being allocated an internal winner.

“The winner would then provide a grain elevator pitch on the significance of their backlog item,” says Derek Morrison, Head of Product at Tesco, before one and all votes on the relative priority of each item.

The ballots are then matched, and the list is organized by which item obtained the lots of points.

“Everyone holds the result as he or she participated, there was complete clearness, and we all accepted into the objective for the coming quarter.”

First and foremost, don’t allow it to heap up! Backlog purifying or grooming must be occurring once or twice each week.


In such way, we discussed all the points above about how to develop or build your application in backlog sink successfully. Thus, it will be far better if you hire the best Android App development service that will help a lot to know and guide backlog sink.