Want to know how to improve the domain authority of your website? This article has mentioned some techniques that can help you to improve your domain authority.

Domain authority is one such thing for the experts they agree upon. Central authorities like Moz have their metric algorithm and tool copyrighted as “Domain Authority ”, including an SEO toolbar. Thus, it should be considered one of the web site’s significant factors. Whereas on the other hand, it is a bit unclear when is Google going to use domain authority as its ranking factor. Still, the search engine relies on the signature elusive style ranking to address the topic.

It is uncertain that domain authority will be definitive and considered an official ranking factor despite all this. It is one of the significant factors that would be required to work upon. Here in this article, we will be explaining both of them.

Kindly note that learning how to improve domain authority is one thing far from being the only required thing one would need to keep an eye on SEO efforts. Still, further to have the keyword research, analyzing site traffic and taking due care of the technical aspect, it would be advisable to consult affordable SEO services for your site.

Before we talk about how to improve domain authority, we must learn why it is important for your website.

Let’s Understand What is Domain Authority, and Why is It Important?

Domain authority mainly refers to your website’s authority or relevance in its industry or niche. It is a way to describe how authoritative a website should be compared to your competition.

The free domain authority checker calculates using complex analytic algorithms designed by authorities like Moz. The Domain authority checker scores the website from 1-100, the lowest of which processes lower domain authority.

Company websites with a domain authority of 40 or lower are considered poor domain authority. Now you must be curious to know what good domain authority is. Good domain authority ranks between 50 and 60, and anything above 60 is considered excellent domain authority. The major factor observed while awarding the DA score includes high-quality inbound links.

High-quality inbound links mean the sites that have been authoritative, have a well-established online presence, and build trust in their audience. The more links point from such websites to your website, the better it would be considered. Having fewer inbound links is considered to be a lower DA score. The brand new websites that are not linked are yet to have the domain authority score. To check your website domain authority you can use various tools such as Moz, Ahrefs, and SEMrush.

Does Domain Authority Even A Significant Factor to be Worried About?

If still domain authority is not considered a google ranking factor, then the question lies that why should companies want high domain authority websites?

To understand this better, let’s take an example, your website DA score is 55. Ideally, that information cannot be a great help until you compare it with other websites and mainly with competitors’ websites. In SEO words, the number of DA hardly has any signs of their own. Although if we use it to measure how you should be facing your competition, it can turn out to be quite useful.

This can point out the websites that stand a chance of your competition, including high domain authority websites. All those websites that can be ignored for the time being are the ones that have domain authority way higher than that of your website.

Domain authority is all related to link juice or link equity. That means it can transfer all its equity to its pages, which is essential for brand-new pages with zero authority or backlinks. The main point is that domain authority matters as long as you remember that it only has its comparative and relative value. Thus it can be an amazing tool by indirectly improving your rank. But here on this, the metric won’t provide any insight into this. If you want proper guidance on the importance of domain authority and to find ways to improve it, reach out to top online marketing services to guide you through the process.

How to Improve the Domain Authority of Your Website?

Here we have mentioned some of the basics related to domain authority. Therefore without further due, let’s get started with some of the techniques that can help you improve the domain authority.

1. Offering High-Quality On-Page Content to the Readers

High-quality content on the website is intended for the following things:

  • The content should be well scripted and grammatically perfect.
  • It should be interesting and engaging for the audience.
  • It should be relevant to your topic or niche.
  • The content should be 100% original and creative.
  • It should be linkable to the audience.
  • Make sure to follow E-A-T factors while creating your content.

2. Building High-Quality Backlinks to Your Website

As discussed earlier, the domain authority is majorly about backlinking. Thus if you want to know how to improve domain authority, you need to have a robust strategy for backlinking in that place. Therefore refer to all your analytics and make sure that everything on your list is going as per the plan.

As we discuss backlinking, the main motto of “the more, the better” is applied, especially if we discuss the backlinks coming from reputable websites. It should not have to be from monster-like websites such as Wikipedia. The backlinks can be from any websites of your niche that are considered expert and authoritative in their field.

Undoubtedly, if you create your content, it will contain many links to other websites as well as that is how we develop a network. But it would be best if you were careful as you should know how to link and what is to be linked. These links are required to make sense as these anchors are informative and clear. As with this, visitors can know where this link will take them.

Be clear about the remotely spammy websites, as those who can do some major damage are not just by your domain authority but also linked with a direct ranking. Last but not least, you should not forget about internal linking. As we discussed earlier, link equity passes on the website page thanks to its audience for internal linking as one would want to take the most advantage. While building authoritative backlinks to your website, then always focus on the quality of the link instead of the quantity of the links. To build a quality backlink to your website, you need to focus on various latest link-building techniques such as:

3. Improve Your Social Engagement

Social engagement and signals are some of the crucial ranking factors. The more people you communicate with who share, like, or comment on your social media content, the better the situation. Social media networks are an amazing way to get your links in the market and attract good traffic to your website. It also helps you get recognized by the “big league” players as it is a vital element for smaller websites.

In addition to that, you need to make sure that your content is easy to connect and share, add social sharing buttons and icons and place them properly in strategic places on your website. Furthermore, it would be best to develop various ways to motivate people to interact with your content. One of the best ways to do this is by simply asking them. You can also do it in an email newsletter. For example, all the people who have previously received your newsletter or have opted to choose are on your side. This makes it more cooperative and gives you a hand in user engagement and sharing.

4. Improve Your Site Speed and Performance

Increasing website speed and performance should be best practice regardless of the domain authority. Google ranks all the slow-processing websites below, as users hate operating on slow websites. Then all the hot posted content is not of any help, as other websites won’t link back to you if your website performs worse. It will lead to poor domain authority. Therefore to make your website load faster, you must try on:

  • Making use of CDN.
  • You should also optimize your image and content.
  • You can optimize caching.
  • One should also eliminate unused plugins and themes.
  • It would be best if you switched to a dedicated server.
  • Disable all the pingbacks and trackbacks.
  • Limit all the number of comments per page.

5. Make Use of The Power of Guest Posts

Guest posts are quite significant to improve the number of backlinks. Therefore this power of guest posts should develop varied link lists for your website. There is no better way than a guest post to make a strong prolific link profile. You can identify the most relevant sites to your niche, create quality and informative content, and pitch your email to allow you to publish your created guest post article on their website.


The basic idea of improving domain authority sounds interesting. However, it includes a lot of consistent efforts to do so. Therefore it would be better if the domain authority ensures that your site has both the user’s and search engine’s faith in it. Not practicing the appropriate way can disturb the growth of your website.

It is vital for you to learn how to improve domain authority and to help you in that we have mentioned five popular and effective ways that can help you in this process. Thus we hope that you streamline all your marketing efforts to improvise the domain authority of your website.


  • Work on your off-page SEO.
  • On-page SEO matters, too.
  • Go hard on technical SEO.
  • Increase your site’s speed.
  • Make your site mobile-friendly.
  • Good content means a higher domain authority.
  • Get high-quality backlinks.
  • Conduct link audits.

Domain authority is ranked on a scale of 1 to 100, where 1 is the worst and 100 is the best, this is being measured using an algorithm designed by Moz. Domain authority ranged between 40-50 is considered average between 50-60 as 50 is considered to be good and 60 to be excellent.

Here are ways to increase Page Authority:
  • Build links to the page you’re optimizing.
  • Spread the link juice from pages with high PA to those with less.
  • Make sure each page is packed with useful content.
  • Build your DomainAuthority.
  • Regularly remove harmful links to your page.