With the stresses and pressures of modern life, our vacations are now more important than ever, and many people are willing to invest a lot of time and money to have the most relaxing holiday possible.

Thanks to the ongoing evolution of smartphones and mobile devices, countless startups around the world have tried to take advantage of this trend over the last few years.

The right travel apps can greatly improve plans and assist with a perfect vacation. Some of these apps are so innovative that they have the potential to transform the face of the travel industry forever (think Airbnb).

They help to solve problems, offer tips and advice, and keep users safe in unfamiliar destinations. For every need you may have on your trip, there is now an app that will have you covered.

Covid-19 meant that all our travel plans had been put on hold, but with the success of global vaccination programs, international travel is looking like a possibility in the not-so-distant future.

To help everyone enjoy a pleasant, stress-free trip when they are permitted to travel again, here are 3 innovative travel apps that will help solve common travel problems.

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1. Kayak – A Useful Travel App for a Cost-Saving Itinerary

For the vast majority of us, the cost of the trip is one of the main considerations we need to make when planning our vacation.

Unless you have infinite money, the likelihood is that you have saved up for months to pay for your trip and that you have a fairly strict budget.

Typical costs include everything from flights, accommodation, food, transportation, visas, and spending money. The price of hotels and flights is usually affected by how busy the time of year that you are planning to travel is (known as peak and off-peak seasons) and the class of hotel or airplane ticket you want to purchase.

However, the problem is that there are so many different websites claiming to offer the best deals on everything from your hotel to your rental car that it is often impossible to know which ones to trust.

Kayak is a great travel app to address this concern, and it can help you make significant savings on your itinerary.

The app is designed to help you save money by enabling you to search multiple travel sites at once from your mobile so that you can easily compare the prices from different travel agencies, airlines, hotels, and car rental websites. For an example you can easily check and book best hotels in Tampa.

Its latest update is the ability to search for flights and hotels via Slack. You can easily search for a service by entering a query from Slack, such as “hotel in Sydney from April 4 to April 11”, which will then find the best results anywhere online.

Kayak takes the work of manually comparing the different options out of your hands which will leave you with more time to think about what to pack while at the same time saving you money for a few extra souvenirs or Sangrias on your vacation.

2. Simples – A Fuel Cost Saving App

Nothing beats a great road trip with your friends or family. Setting out in your car and RV with just the road beneath your wheels and the world whizzing by the windows is the ultimate in freedom.

However, while there are few better ways to see a country and explore everything that it has to offer, one downside is the ever-increasing fuel price.

Australia is one country that is perfect for road trips with its vast expanse of Outback desert. To deal with fuel prices for visitors or native travelers in Australia, an app called Simples has been developed that enables users to find the cheapest fuel in their vicinity.

You can check out the benefits of the app here, but how it works is that the app tracks your location via GPS and then locates all of the petrol stations around you and compares their fuel price.

You can even customize the search to show you the location and prices of your favorite fuel types and brands.

So when driving through a country as big as Australia, even a few dollars saved each time you fill up can start to add up throughout your trip.

Simples is, as its name would suggest, very simple to use and costs absolutely nothing to download. As well as fuel, you can also compare various other products using the app.

These include health insurance, car insurance, credit cards, home loans, and energy providers. These offers can help you make significant savings both during your trip and when you get home again.

With so many different options available from a huge range of providers, having one app which you can use instantly and can give you accurate data to find the best price will not only save you money but will also save you a whole lot of time, both of which can be better spent on your next road trip.

3. AroundMe – Expert Tips for Solo Travelers

We all like to travel in different ways, and while for many people, taking a vacation is the perfect way to relax and spend some quality time with friends and family, other people love the freedom and excitement of traveling to a new place alone.

For solo travelers, once you’ve arrived at your destination, you will want to leave your hotel room and start to explore.

This can be a little scary when you are alone, and it is very easy to walk around without really finding anything if you don’t know where to look.

This is what makes the AroundMe app so useful because it will give you the platform to explore the area. Based on your GPS location, AroundMe will guide you to the best restaurants, coffee shops, landmarks, and must-see attractions.

These are recommended by local guides who know the area well and want to share their knowledge with visitors.

Previously these services were provided by travel guide books like Lonely Planet, but with the speed of change around the world, the best tips for a destination in this year’s guide may be totally out of date by the time you travel.

You can interact with other users, ask questions, and post helpful tips based on your own experiences. AroundMe also gives you the option to see tips and reviews left by other users by integrating with other travel apps like Booking.com, Opentable.com, or FourSquare.com.

With all this information, you will be able to make the most of your time, particularly if you only have a few days or weeks to see everything.

You can also use AroundMe to connect with other users and possibly even meet up with a new travel buddy for a change of pace.

Even for those who love traveling alone, meeting up with a friend for an afternoon drink or to split the cost of a local excursion can add to your travel experience.

4. Bravolol – A Translation and Language App

Many people only travel to the most popular tourist destinations, where everything is easy, and all the local people speak multiple languages to cater to different nationalities of visitors.

If you enjoy traveling to destinations that are a little off the beaten path, however, the language barrier can often cause misunderstandings and frustrations.

Language is not only a way to communicate but also a means to immerse yourself in a country’s culture and show due respect to the local people.

Being able to speak the local language, even just basic survival words, and phrases, can save you a lot of trouble getting through customs, purchasing local goods, and even haggling for souvenirs at the best prices. 

If you are traveling to a country where the language is not your mother tongue, you should consider downloading Bravolol on your phone.

This app provides all the commonly used phrases and vocabularies that are necessary for travelers and beginners in over 15 languages.

You can learn to speak, read, and listen weeks or months in advance of your trip using the app’s “speaking parrot” function.

One of the best things about Bravolol is that the app doesn’t require an internet connection, which means you can practice your language skills and use the translator function in any place at any time.

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At a time when everything in our lives has become digital, the latest travel apps are becoming increasingly important travel companions.

From helping you to find the best deals and save money to planning the most time-efficient itinerary and meeting local people, the top mobile application development services have thought of everything you may need to get the most out of your trip.

The travel apps in this guide are just four of the most useful. But there are many others under development and already on the market, which can also be very helpful.

When it comes to planning a trip, make sure to utilize all of the apps available. So that you can organize the most enjoyable, problem-free trip.