Magento is one of the most powerful, trusted, and efficient eCommerce platforms across the World. Throughout the years, all small, medium, and large businesses from different domains have mobilized the Magento eCommerce services to build their businesses swiftly on the digital platform.

There is a gigantic Magento marketplace wherein developers can entice the appropriate themes, Magento 2 plugin, and Magento 2.0 extensions to augment their Magento eCommerce store performance and functionalities.

Effective, appropriate and efficient Magento 2.0 extensions are absolute for current Magento 2.0 store optimization.

Do you have any details about the best Magento 2.0 extensions that can boost your eCommerce store performance? Here is a list of top Magento 2.0 extensions for the eCommerce platform’s growth in every aspect, and this can also help you get an edge over your competitors.

Here you will get details about the best Magento 2.0 extensions, paid Magento 2.0 extensions, Magento 2.0 extensions free that can boost your eCommerce business growth.

Factors You Need To Consider While Choosing Best Magento 2.0 extensions

Before we move further to get details about Magento 2.0 extensions, it is essential to get familiar with all the factors they need to consider. At the same time, they rope in Magento 2.0 extensions free or paid.

1. Don’t Just Look At The Stars 

Most sellers rely on their previous customer’s ratings and reviews, but if you are planning to purchase Magento 2.0 extensions, this is not the right point to begin.

It would help if you were a Magento 2 developer who must have previously used Magento 2 plugins earlier and can guide you better. It would help if you also ensured that the Magento 2 plugin you would be installing should support your Magento 2.0 store.

2. Money Matters

The debate continues between Magento 2.0 extensions to choose Magento 2 extensions free or the paid extensions. The Magento 2 extensions free will not support you for a longer period due to its bound functionalities.

After consulting your Magento 2.0 extensions developer, you should invest in the best Magento 2 extensions that will help you to amend your eCommerce store performance.

3. Quick Customer Support

Ensure that the Magento 2 plugin you will opt for should have magnificent customer service and support. Magento 2 plugin with admirable customer support can help sellers overcome technical problems quickly during time of disturbance.

4. Recent And Regular Updates

While choosing your set of best Magento 2 extensions, make sure to go for Magento extensions that get all the recent and regular updates.

Best Magento 2.0 extensions

Here is a list of Magento 2.0 extensions; you can look into the features and find out what suits you the best for your eCommerce store. Let’s begin:

1. Wishlist By Amasty

While shopping or even surfing the internet, people drop their favorites on the wishlist. It helps users as; first, they can choose their products and directly proceed towards buying when they visit the site next time, but it benefits owners.

They can have knowledge about which products are doing well and always need to be in stock. Wishlist by Amasty is one of the well-known Magento 2.0 extensions.

It helps owners gather all the users’ wishlist data and know the most liked and saved items. It also allows sellers to keep a close eye on customers’ demands and manage their products accordingly on the site.

✍ Main Features

  • Check a count on prominent items left in stock.
  • Take you to the product page with a single click.
  • Comprehend which items are liked the most by users.
  • Sort the items based on their popularity among users.
  • Assemble all customer’s wishlists on a single platform.
  • It cost $49 for the community and about $349 for the enterprise.

2. One Step Checkout by MageDelight

Do you want to transform your checkout page into a real sight for sore eyes? Get MageDelight’s one-step checkout extensions for Magento 2 extension development.

This Magento 2 plugin will speed up the process but, at the same time, will enhance your customer’s satisfaction. A Swift and easy checkout process will turn your sometimes buyers into regular customers.

With this Magento 2 extensions for checkout will fully customize and optimize your checkout page design.

✍ Main Features

  • For specific checkout, fields set some default preselected values.
  • Get configurable and customizable product options.
  • Automatic geolocation with GEO IP tool.
  • Amazon pays support.
  • Exhibit delivery date and time options.
  • Free support for 3-months.
  • Cost-free lifetime updates.
  • 60 days money back policy.
  • It cost $319 for the community and about $619 for the enterprise.

3. Sage Pay Integration by Magenest

Sage Pay Integration is one of the best Magento 2 extensions; it is a quick, secure, and easy payment gateway.

With this payment gateway Magento 2.0 extensions, owners can get multiple subscription plans for every product they choose. It adds both variety and flexibility to customers.

✍ Main Features

  • Provides additional security for online debit/credit card transactions (3D Security).
  • Accepts all common credit cards (Mastercard, American Express, Visa).
  • Initiate direct refunds.
  • Free Installation service.
  • Free support for 6 months.
  • Provides with multiple subscription plans.
  • Updated to SagePay Protocol 3.0.
  • Provides higher customer satisfaction.
  • It cost $149 for the community and $319 for the enterprise.

4. Checkout Suite by IWD

Lock away your customers with a flexible and secured checkout process of Checkout suite Magento 2.0 extensions. It comes from IWD, which is one of the dependable sources of Magento 2.0 extensions and services.

When you purchase it for free, you get access to features like checkout page A/B testing, shipper HQ compatibility, restrict payment methods per customer group, Supports PayPal, Braintree,

✍ Main Features

  • Highly responsive design.
  • One-Page Checkout.
  • Boost conversion rates.
  • It has quick play buttons for quick checkouts.
  • Commendable guest checks out the functionality.
  • Initially, it is free for use; eventually, it charges $25/month.

5. Amasty’s Admin Login Actions

Amasty’s Admin Actions Log is an incredibly useful Magento 2.0 extension if multiple Magento extensions operate your eCommerce store for e-commerce stores.

This security Magento 2 plugin stores the entire track of which admin opened or modified your eCommerce store with date and time. Additionally, you can add on filters to limit your login access by classifying the category management.

✍ Main Features

  • You’ll be having the authority to ban or unban users.
  • You can store your log records till the time you want.
  • It provides you with access to block unsolicited login attempts.
  • That provides access to view login history.
  • It depicts which admin made changes in the store panel.
  • That is compatible with the latest Magento 2 open source and Magento 2 extensions for eCommerce editions.
  • It cost $249 for the community and $549 for the enterprise.

6. SEO Suite Ultimate

SEO Suite Ultimate is one of the best Magento extensions for Magento 2 extension development. It supports strengthening the eCommerce store’s SERP results and enhances online visibility.

It provides users with numerous functionalities, and sellers don’t need to handle SEO activities manually.

Accordingly, searching duplications, improving URLs, dealing with indexation, meta titles, description, tags, setting redirects, and many more are now made possible with the SEO suite.

It is compatible with Magento 2 security, accepts free updates and technical support.

✍ Main Features

  • Capability to detect duplicate content and add canonical URLs.
  • Website indexation for search engines.
  • SEO meta-templates (meta titles, description, keywords) for various store pages.
  • Support for quality snippets in social media and search results.
  • It redirects help to deal with URL problems, upgrade CMS, and while moving to another platform.
  • Using both internal and external links.
  • HTML and XML sitemaps.
  • Support of hreflang links.
  • Layered navigation templates.
  • It cost $299 for the community and $598 for the enterprise.

7. Watchlog

With Watchlog Magento 2 extensions, you don’t need to get stressed about brute force attacks as these attacks aim to get force access to your Magento back office.

Watchlog helps you to identify these attacks and stops them from preventing damage to your website.

✍ Main Features

  • Monitor both monthly and regular login attempts data.
  • Study the detailed and summarized data of the login attempts.
  • State the history and get their periodical reports.
  • You get lifetime latest upgrades and 6 months priority support.
  • 30 days money-back policy.
  • Provided with free composer access.
  • Extensible source code.
  • Magento Marketplace approves it.
  • The basic version is for free, and Watchlog pro costs about $153.56.

8. Full Page Cache Warmer by Amasty

Most of websites rely upon caches to enhance performance and cater best user experience. Cache warming is quite underrated but quite a typical technique to make a convenient and effortless browser experience for your users.

Cache warming is preparing the real-time cache for users and delivering them with the best browsing experience. A full-page cache warmer by Amasty will wipe out all cache-related issues.

✍ Main Features

  • Keeps the cache updated all the time.
  • Auto-generation of warming cache.
  • Brisk crawling and indexing rate.
  • Can schedule a specific time for warming.
  • Have access to cache warming efficiency.
  • It costs $219 for the community edition and $519 for the enterprise edition.

9. Google Page Speed Optimizer by Amasty

Google page speed optimizer tops the list of productive Magento 2 performance optimization tools. It improves your Magento 2 store performance and delivers a magnificent browsing experience.

✍ Main Features

  • Increases the loading speed on both mobile and desktop versions.
  • Compatible with most of the Magento 2.0 themes.
  • Lazy load images and cater them in next-gen formats for boosting their loading speed.
  • Optimizing HTML, CSS, and Javascript files to increase the page speed.
  • It is SEO-friendly.
  • It cost $259 for the community edition and $559 for the enterprise edition.

Here is a list of tips that helps you to speed up the Magento 2 Website store.

How to Choose Appropriate Magento 2.0 extensions?

Considering the endless list of Magento 2 extensions for eCommerce, it becomes vital not to be confused and make the right choice. There are several Magento 2 plugins that provide the same functionalities but impact your eCommerce store differently.

The first thing that should be considered before installation is reviews and ratings. Magento extensions with multiple positive reviews and higher ratings are to be considered secure for your store.

Once done with the installation, ensure to update your app frequently. Lastly, ensure that the app is created by Magento partners and certified Magento developers.

In that special case, the company will guarantee that the Magento 2 plugin will not affect your store in any manner.


Magento 2 is a leading eCommerce platform on which most retailers rely on. It helps them to boost revenue and provides global brand exposure.

You can be benefited to the next extent if you make the correct choice of Magento extensions for e-commerce stores. Every extension in the Magento marketplace plays a vital role and takes you a step closer to the desired conversion.

But, Magento plugins alone cannot make the magic happen. The above-listed best Magento 2 extensions can improve performance but still won’t win without a reliable host.

Hence, hire Magento 2 developer for your Magento 2 extension development as they will assist you best with extensions and provide you with better conversions and enhanced user experience. Migrate your Magento eCommerce store to us at the earliest and feel the difference.

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The cookies are used to augment Adobe sites’ functionalities; for example, it saves the settings and choices of users to deliver them a personalized experience. For instance, they save your usernames, preferred language, location, repeated visits, or any other filtered preferences.

Some of the most trusted and popular Magento 2.0 extensions in 2020 are One Step Checkout by Amasty, Checkout Suite by IWD, SEO Suite Ultimate, and Full Page Cache Warmer by Amasty. To get detailed information about them, go through our blog of Top Magento 2.0 Extensions.

Steps to follow while choosing your set of Magento 2.0 extensions:
  • Think about Purpose
  • Source for the Magento 2 Extension that you need from a trusted provider
  • Try and test the Magento 2 Extension
  • You are ready to decide if you want to go with that particular extension!