Did you know Magento now powers 12% of all e-commerce websites right now and they now have a 1.9% share in the content management system market?

This might seem like a small number but the eCommerce Development is still hitting a saturation point, which means Magento is emerging as an important player in this market. At an event, this February in Sydney, Australia, Magento mentioned they will be incorporating AMP in their Magento 2 eCommerce platform.

Magento Commerce Accelerates Innovation through Accelerated Mobile Pages as they are gaining more and more attention, it makes sense.

But, what are AMPs and how is AMP Driven Growth in Magento Platform related? Read on to know more.

AMP – What is It?

53% of mobile website visitors abandon a page that demands a more extended loading time than three seconds. According to an Akamai survey, even a 100-millisecond holdup in website loading time can damage conversion speeds by 7%.

For a company, an additional second of loading time for mobile websites can determine the discrepancy between a good quarter from a bad one. That is why Google forced innovation times ten with AMPs in 2016.

Accelerated Mobile Pages is an open-source scheme, launched by Google, to generate fast-to-load pages. It is basically a stripped-down variant of HTML with restricted custom JavaScripts and its pre-loaded, pre-cached immediately into the search results.

AMP is expected to load four times faster and apply ten times fewer data and, on an ordinary level, load in fewer than a second, which is the fastest that a page can possibly load.

However, how does AMP do this? They do it by putting up a three-part structure:


AMP HTML is a subset of HTML and it applies a meager model by deliberately not sustaining HTML tags that are resource-heavy or by substituting them with AMP tags that are performance-driven. For instance, <amp-img> replaces the <img> which demands the dimensions and placing to be clearly communicated in the code, so that it gets loaded on to the page beforehand.

☛ AMP Javascript

A comprehensive library of AMP JS has been duplicated to substitute custom JavaScripts with more performance-driven, improved AMP elements. Page performance is guaranteed without accounting for JavaScript performance due to the permission that third-party scripts have when it comes to working in sandboxed iframes.

☛ AMP Cache

It additionally presents the possibility of a Content Delivery Network where original AMP pages can be cached in the Google AMP Cache, which readies the pages straight from the reserve, and guarantees continuously more accelerated speeds.

Why is AMP Important?

Magento Commerce Accelerates Innovation via AMPs is an important discussion to have, especially if you are a Magento eCommerce Development Company. If you have clients who want more visitors and a higher footfall on their online store, they would want faster loading times.

So, why is AMP so important after the February event about the Magento 2 eCommerce platform?

To put across a long story in a clear and concise way, you should consider it because AMP provides your customers with a more enjoyable experience when they are using your content. And, to put it across simply, user experience is what Google worries about the most.

Leveraging AMP is an excellent way to ensure your content grows enough to get to the top of the results page and provide your customers with a satisfactory experience when buying your brand.

And if you are still not sure about AMP, Google is enhancing it even more. They introduced a new approach to applying AMP in late 2018: stories.

The format of the AMP story presents publishers with strong media storytelling opportunities created for mobile – AMP stories are recognized as Google’s response to Instagram and Snapchat stories.

Google also published a sanctioned AMP plugin for WordPress in late 2018 (more on this later). This plugin intends to perform CMS easier for users to create AMP pages by delivering an experience that is as fast as lightning for mobile searchers.

It is evident that Google desires to increase the AMP experience and is bound to manufacture AMP to be available to all web developers. So, if Google is optimistic about AMP, it is obvious that the Magento developer community is looking forward to it as well.

☛ AMP pages can be utilized for Improved Magento Commerce platform functions such as:

  • Connecting to inventory systems
  • Promoting product alternatives (various features, colors, and size)
  • Checkout and Shopping Cart methods
  • Real-Time pricing
  • Payment gateways

However, there are some web developers who think AMP is not a beneficial attachment to the Magento platform as they are, well to say it bluntly, ugly and bare-bones in their functionality – this is only a misunderstanding.

In its original days, the AMP Project was truly a plain and simple scheme; but it has now obtained new features since 2016 to combine strong e-commerce functionality with mobile performance.

AMP Plugin for Magento

As this technology is comparatively new, online store owners regularly encounter plenty of problems when they are contemplating AMP. So let’s make it clear and easy.

Accelerated mobile pages Magento technology is an important tool for any store owner who desires to present content to their customers quickly and produce the most excellent customer experience.

This makes contemplating about AMP for Magento Commerce Accelerates Innovation. Plumrocket AMP Extension for Magento allows you visibly heighten times of page load, increase customer commitment, and assists you to improve your sales.

The principal advantages of utilizing the Plumrocket AMP add-on are more active mobile pages (loads 85% faster than normal web pages) and more high-grade perceptibility in Google Search Results.

Consumers can effortlessly discover AMPs in search results, as they are identified with a unique “lightning bolt” flag, which shows that AMP technology is at work here. This will usher more prospects to your website as consumers solicit content that loads faster, particularly on mobile phones.

AMP utilizes a reduced form of the HTML arrangement. Since it is divested of resource-heavy components (like author-written JavaScripts, some HTML tags, etc.), it provides your latent content to load immediately.

Plenty of Magento online store owners have embraced AMP at the initial steps of its expansion, and the market is developing fast.

You can likewise understand how straightforward it is to work.

To make sure you get the best of AMP, the team at Plumrocket has acquired a Magento AMP extension that is optimized to satisfy all the latest Google specifications and modifications.

☛ Here are some features of this extension:

  • To hurry load time, Magento AMP extension instantly generates separate pages of AMP with a clear HTML composition.
  • The AMP content will arrive atop of the Search Engine Results Page as a component of the “Top Stories” segment.
  • Due to inbuilt Google Analytics advanced with Magento AMP plugin, you can observe every customer interaction through your site.
  • The extension will instantly combine rich bits to Magento AMP pages.
  • You can fix AMP on mobile gadgets, which will instantly reveal an AMP website variant to every mobile user.
  • AMP extension is open-code, which means you can change it as you need to.

Now, what about dynamic pages like Checkout Pages? Pages such as Checkout and Shopping Cart are active pages, and they cannot be modified to run with AMP technology hitherto.

As soon as Google innovates for active content, Plumrocket will present clients with Magento AMP extension updates. Momentarily, all active pages will be worked as non-AMP pages.

Do You Need It in 2019/2020?

In the interest of maintaining a happy and satisfied audience base, there are a few important points you should learn regarding how AMP may influence your brand’s appearance on the mobile web.

As consumers relate quicker with your AMP content, they likewise are more inclined to convert since the load time is a vital determinant in the conversion comparison.

Mobile conversion demands even more user experience consideration and responsiveness than on desktop, and AMP benefits you by providing a more suitable approach for mobile digital transactions.

For effective Magento Commerce Accelerates Innovation, fund AMP page development to put yourself on an equal playing ground with other websites. Getting featured atop the search engine result page is crucial for bringing visitors to blog posts and touching prospective customers.

Several businesses are creating AMP landing pages to enforce lead generation via mobile. To get to the omnichannel, the digitally savvy consumer of 2019 and beyond, agility and efficiency are more necessary than ever, therefore, AMP is here to stay.

On the other hand, it will proceed to present innovative possibilities for brands for user engagement and draw new clients by organic search.


The Magento developer community does see the benefits AMP can provide to e-commerce websites, so Hire eCommerce Developer who can help you make a page that loads fast to enhance conversion rates and watch your store flourish!