Magento is one of the popular platforms for building an eCommerce store. About 40,000+ stores use the Magento eCommerce platform for powering their online store. Just like all the popular eCommerce platforms, most of the customization options in Magento rely on its extensions. These extensions will not only make your eCommerce store user-friendly but also help you boost your sales. So, today we present to you the list of best Magento extensions to increase your sales in 2020.

You can also get your own customized extension developed with the help of a magento 2 development.

15+ Best Magento Extensions to Boost Sales in 2020:

Let’s begin the discussion of Magento best extensions 2020!

1. Omnisend

Omnisend is a user-friendly one-stop marketing automation suite. In a single platform, you can craft emails, build a subscriber list and form sophisticated automation workflows within minutes.

It is different from the other email marketing tools in the sense that you can integrate multiple channels in the same automation workflow.

For instance, email, Facebook Messenger, web push notifications, Whatsapp and more. For its one-stop solution factor, Onmisend is one of the best Magento extensions.

Feature List:

  • Visual Email Composer
  • Smart Segmentation
  • Strong Automation System
  • Contact Capture

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2. Facebook Pixel

There are multiple times when we come across Facebook ads for products that we recently searched for. That’s what this eCommerce Magento extension is for.

Your visitors will browse for a product, Facebook Pixel will collect their data and then run your ads to the same customers when they visit a social media platform.

Remarketing/retargeting is a great way to keep your product in front of your customers irrespective of the platform. Facebook Pixel is definitely one of the best Facebook extensions available right now.

Feature List:

  • Automated extension
  • Event Tracking
  • Product Catalog Configuration

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3. Live Chat – Chat Widget

We all know the importance of quick customer service in the eCommerce industry. Every customer expects an almost immediate response to their queries while surfing an eCommerce store.

The best way to do that? It’s the live chat option! Live Chat is a Magento live chat extension. You can chat with your customers while they are searching for their desired product on your site.

You can send them a customized message on the basis of their browsing behavior. We believe this is one of the useful Magento extensions that you should definitely consider for your online store.

Feature List:

  • Templates
  • Customization
  • Analytics

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4. SEO Suite Ultimate

We have been emphasizing the importance of SEO enough in all our blogs. This is no different. SEO is a requirement to give a boost to your eCommerce store.

Although Magento apps are itself SEO-friendly, you still need to do some maintenance. SEO Suite Ultimate is among the top Magento extensions. It will take care of the smallest details to make your site visible in the top Google search engine results.

Feature List:

  • Canonical URLs
  • Crawling & Indexing
  • Cross-linking
  • SEO Templates

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5. Stripe Payments

The Stripe Magento extension will allow you to accept and process payments through debit/card cards and mobile wallets like Google Pay and Apple Pay.

If you are looking for a boost mobile payment extension then Stripe Payments is the way to go as it is reliable and secure. It is one of the must-have Magento extensions if you want customers to trust your brand.

Feature List:

  • Mobile Wallets
  • Multi-store friendly
  • Stripe Radar
  • Used Widely

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6. ShipStation

When you are running a large eCommerce store, it is crucial to have a proper shipping system in place. Every wrong delivery can make you lose customers. A Magento shipping extension can help you with that. ShipStation is one of the important Magento extensions if you want to sync your orders and manage to ship seamlessly.

Feature List:

  • Order Confirmation
  • Easy Returns
  • Dashboards

7. Actionable Google Analytics

Yes, Google Analytics is a great tool but you need to put some substantial effort into learning to use it perfectly. Whereas in the case of Actionable Google Analytics, you get more eCommerce-friendly features.

You can better understand all the data provided by Google. Therefore, Actionable Google Analytics is hands down one of the best Magento 2 extensions.

Feature List:

  • Advanced eCommerce Reports
  • AdWords Integration

8. Two Factor Authentication

Two Factor Authentication is the best protection available today against fraud and identity theft. It will help you in site protection by asking you to add extra security information when you log in to your back office.

For instance, a secure one-time-use code will be sent to your registered number for logging in to your site. Hence, we say Two Factor Authentication is among the best extensions you should have.

Feature List:

  • Compatible
  • Secure
  • Failsafe

9. Contact Form Builder by Pixlogix Infotech

Contact Form Builder is one of the paid Magento extensions. If you don’t like the live chat extension option then you can turn to this one. The next best thing after a live chat is the contact forms.

You can put a detailed contact form on the website to understand and resolve product related queries. This extension will help you to add a variety of fields that can be edited quickly.

If you feel that a certain contact form doesn’t look well with your brand theme then there are template options as well as customization options. So, Contact Form Builder is one of the recommended Magento extensions for your online store.

Feature List:

  • Customizable Contact Forms
  • Multiple Template options
  • Quick and easy to use

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10. Abandonment Cart Email by Magewares

If you have some knowledge about the working of eCommerce stores, then you might know about cart abandonment rates. We agree that your current cart conversion rate might be good.

But have you ever taken into consideration your cart abandonment rate and measures to reduce that?

A slight decrease in the cart abandonment rate can increase substantial revenue for your business. With this extension, you can communicate the right message in a subtle and personalized way.

If you are looking for Magento extensions to increase your sales, then give Abandonment Cart Email a thought.

Feature List:

  • Unlimited number of follow up emails
  • Customized email schedule
  • Generate coupons
  • Send product prices with subtotals in reminder mails

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11. Smart Search Autocomplete

When you have an online store, all kinds of visitors are going to be there. Some will be generally scrolling through the site looking for a product, while some will have the exact knowledge of what they are looking for.

If you provide a quality search option, then customers can quickly find the required thing. Data shows that a customer with a specific search has a higher chance of purchasing as they have made up their mind.

Smart Search Autocomplete is one of the Magento plugins that will take product search to the next level. It is an AI-driven tool that is created to improve the query results.

Instead of simple keyword matching, it has autocompleted capabilities to reduce the effort a customer puts in searching for a product. The extension has also got reporting and data tools.

These tools will improve product recommendations by analyzing customer behavior. Such product recommendations will be personalized resulting in an increased conversion rate.

12. Pixlee

We all know the power of product reviews from your past customers. Some visitors will sometimes be doubtful as there are cases of some eCommerce sites posting fake reviews. There are extensions available but Pixlee is a unique Magento review extension.

To increase the credibility of your reviews you can include social media integration for user-generated content. This extension will help you incorporate social posts that show other customers using your product.

This move will increase the trust level of potential customers. Thus, we say, Pixlee is one of the must-have Magento extensions to boost your sales.

Feature List:

  • Social promotions
  • Visual reviews
  • Personalized emails leveraging social proof
  • Advanced reporting to track performance

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13. A/B Testing

A/B Tests are a crucial part of the growth in an eCommerce industry. Testing your content and page variations is the best way to know which of the visual elements or content will have the most impact on customers.

However, you need to know that A/B experiments are a complicated process and sometimes take up a lot of time. But again there are extensions to assist you with that.

The A/B Testing Extension is a great tool for carrying out A/B and multivariate tests. You will have full control over customizing tests.

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14. Custom Stock Status

It is a tried and tested method that a sense of urgency will encourage the customers to take action. A sense of urgency will force customers to take action fast and make irrational decisions.

This strategy is most effective for customers who are interested in a product but may put the purchase on hold. Amazon makes use of this method which prompts the customers to make a purchase before the stocks are over.

The Custom Stock Status extension will enable you to provide precise information about stock availability. Therefore, again one of the must-have Magento extensions to boost your eCommerce sales in 2020.

15. Page Speed by Templates Master

If the page loading speed delays by even a few seconds there are high chances of you losing your visitors. We hope that by this you understand the importance of having higher page loading speed.

Faster your site loads, the fewer customers you lose and end up generating more revenue.

The Page Speed extension has a number of settings to load your online store faster. Thus, it has been included in the list of top Magento extensions.


Here we come to an end to some of the best Magento extensions you should have or consider to improve your sales in 2020. As the list includes both paid and free extensions, it is recommended to carry out some research from your end too.

It will help you decide which one fits the best with as per your project requirements. If you can’t come to a definite conclusion, then when you hire Magento 2 developers, they can also help you make the choice.

Want to get your own customized Magento extension developed? Or are you looking for some expert guidance for your own eCommerce store? We are here for you! Provide us some project information on [email protected] and we will look into it!