Despite the fact that WordPress powers 37% of all websites found on the web, do you feel your WordPress website to lack the wow factor? The trick is simple. Start using WordPress eCommerce plugins & witness the magic of turning your present website into a completely serviceable online store.

Not only growing the followers & blogging becomes a piece of cake but you can even launch product galleries with the merchandise.

If you are not very familiar with plugins, you can always appoint a first-rate WordPress Plugin Development Company. So whatever product you sell, it can be digital downloads or tasty donuts; your business will be up & running in a few days.

15+ Best Free WordPress eCommerce Plugins of 2020:

1. WooCommerce

An all-inclusive solution, this is one of the best free WordPress eCommerce plugins that lets you sell physical as well as digital goods on the WordPress website. WooCommerce comprises of manifold paid & free extensions with which building a custom-built virtual store is easy.

This is one of those WordPress eCommerce plugins that powers 10% of the entire eCommerce websites. It also powers 24% of the most popular 1 million websites.

With WooCommerce you can sell anything starting from subscriptions, appointments, digital goods and a lot more. There are built-in payments accessible for a few of the prominent gateways as well.


2. Shopify

One of the finest cloud-hosted eCommerce platforms, Shopify product selling is possible on all websites that include WordPress websites as well. However, there is a non-availability of native integration.

The process of getting started with Shopify is very simple. Simply sign up for a Shopify account and you can get the store up & run. As Shopify is cloud-hosted, there are no issues of upgrading the server because of traffic outages with the ongoing growth of the eCommerce business.

Shopify takes care of website speed & security like a pro. The Shopify WordPress plugin enables you to pick from manifold themes as well for giving a fantastic feel to the storefront.


3. Easy Digital Downloads

WordPress being the top eCommerce platform of 2020 requires the utilization of the best eCommerce plugin for WordPress 2020 which is Easy Digital Downloads. This eCommerce solution renders an intuitive plugin for selling & managing digital products on WP.

EDD comes with a clean interface & attributes that emphasize on digital sales. This is also ideal for people who want to sell products like PDF files and audio clips & nothing physical.

The core plugin of EDD comes for free. As soon as you install it on the website, you will get hands-on a digital sales platform. There will be features for activity tracking & discount codes.


4. BigCommerce

To know in detail about WP eCommerce WordPress plugins, learning about BigCommerce is a must. One of the fully hosted & best eCommerce platforms, it fantastically manages the content & your site on WordPress.

It consists of a robust integration plugin for WP that makes it easier for embedding products in WP. Automatically the plugin will fabricate the cart, account and sign in for you.

BigCommerce incorporates the features you will require with enterprise-grade security & easy scalability.

You can use this platform not only for selling on your particular website but also on various other channels such as Instagram, Amazon, and Facebook.


5. MemberPress

A noteworthy WordPress eCommerce platform, it enables you in selling services & digital products that are subscription-based. It comes with numerous integration options and it can also combine with WooCommerce.

One of its most notable features is its robust access control which helps you in defining content restrictions & levels of user access. There are a lot of extensions for connecting MemberPress with all third-party services.


6. Cart66 Cloud

This WordPress store plugin is for all types of WordPress website owners. Its approach is to decrease the number of add-ons required for the smooth functioning of the plugin.

This is mainly because it is tricky to make the website work with an amalgamation of extensions & add-ons. It is one of those WordPress eCommerce plugins that are easy to configure and comes with positive reviews from most users.

Cart66 Cloud is equipped with a robust niche that makes it ideal for people who never regard themselves as developers.


7. WP eCommerce

Have you been wondering about what is WP eCommerce? If so you must know that it is the best alternative to the highly popular WooCommerce. The plugin of WP eCommerce is similar to that of WooCommerce and this incorporates the pricing model as well as the dashboard interface.

The core plugin can be downloaded for free and you can pay for other features as well by reaching out to the add-on store. The effectiveness of WP Ecommerce depends on the kind of functionality you require in the online store.

For example, with WooCommerce, product reviews come for free but with WP Ecommerce, you need to pay for the product review add-on. The customer support team of WP eCommerce is fantastic.


8. EcWid Ecommerce Shopping Cart

This WordPress shopping cart plugin can be utilized on all websites. For instance, when having a Drupal website, this plugin can be utilized for launching your online store.

It is similar to Facebook & Tumblr. Ecwid Ecommerce is fairly priced. EcWid offers a free plan for almost 10 products.

It even comes with a noteworthy installation procedure, feature-set & interfaces for monthly fees that are affordable. In some plans, chat and phone support both are offered along with priority support & customizations for free in a few plans.

Plugin upgrades take place mechanically with Ecwid but for other WP plugins, manual upgrades are required.


9. Jigoshop eCommerce

Create the best free online store with Jigoshop eCommerce which is an open-source eCommerce solution. Here when you are a WP user, you can easily turn your blog into a fully functional virtual store.

Most of the best free WordPress eCommerce plugins are inspired by this eCommerce platform. Jigoshop is, in fact, the fastest eCommerce plugins in the current market.

With Jigoshop, not only beginners can save a lot of money but advanced developers can get hands-on extreme customization as well.

The theme store contains inexpensive and gorgeous templates for all kinds of businesses and industries. The Jigoshop eCommerce extensions are cheaper as well as compared to WooCommerce.


10. WP EasyCart Shopping Cart & eCommerce store

When your business is small and you carry less training but need to build an appealing and functional online store, go with WP EasyCart Shopping Cart & eCommerce store.

This is one of those WordPress shopping cart plugins, that offers a highly rapid configuration procedure & comprehensible tools that are meant for non-developers.

There are loads of simple tools in WP EasyCart offering you complete control over the website with WP & your very own hosting.

The free version comes with outstanding features like advanced product variants and support for unrestricted products. You can actually get hands-on best eCommerce sites as WP EasyCart comes with basic features such as subscriptions, coupons, B2B and promotions.


11. Ninja Shop

Did you know that you can set up an online store & run it in less than 5 minutes? Surprising right? Now you can with Ninja Shop that is nowadays gaining much recognition as the best WordPress eCommerce plugin for popular free eCommerce platforms.

Setting up the online store and adding the products is very easy with Ninja Shop as it comes with a wizard guide that is user-friendly. With this plugin, you can construct a membership website that renders exceptional access to all kinds of content.

Add-ons are there for everything with Ninja Shop that includes email marketing, SEO, payment gateways, recurring payments and a lot more.

This plugin lets you customize your store as per your wish and you do not have to worry about the pricing as you get hands-on a lot of add-ons.


12. Elementor

When it comes to WordPress eCommerce plugins, Elementor is a drag & drop page builder that does not require you to know codes for designing websites pages that are complicated.

Web design is made accessible to everyone with this plugin. It is active on approximately 900,000 websites and has more than 750 positive reviews.


13. TablePress

It is a highly effective WordPress store plugin that lets you showcase all kinds of tables on the WordPress website.

Tablepress comes with a usual interface with Excel and you can get hold of it on the WordPress dashboard.

It is even possible to import data from Google Sheets or Excel, utilize all kinds of media on the table and expand it with a wide array of free add-ons.


14. Yoast SEO

This is the SEO WordPress store plugin that is effective for most WP sites. Such WordPress eCommerce plugins come for free and can manage every significant aspect of the site’s on-page Search Engine Optimization.

It includes the fabrication of XML sitemaps, controlling the Meta descriptions and titles, etc. The plugin also assists in analyzing the content for Search Engine Optimization readability & optimization.


15. Pretty Links

Affiliate marketing can be quite challenging. But with Pretty Links WordPress eCommerce plugin, affiliate links can be cloaked by utilizing your very own domain. The plugin even lets you track the number of clicks every link receives.


Launch, Manage & Develop – The Pro Way:

After gaining insight into the numerous WordPress eCommerce plugins, you need to choose the one your brand resonates with. When your intention is to trade physical goods on the site, the best choice to go with is WooCommerce.

Integrating this plugin with your present website is a lot simpler as compared to solutions that are cloud-hosted. On the other hand, if you want to emphasize more on security & scalability, Shopify is the one to start with.

The first step is to Hire WordPress Plugin Developer who will study your brand closely for offering you plugin solutions that will prove to be fruitful for your brand. Contact us today & let out experts guide you.

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