Technological advancements have greatly reformed mCommerce trends and commercial practice all over the world. Things today are a lot different than they were a decade ago.

With readily accessible internet and advanced technology, digital marketing services have emerged. The online space is vast and interconnected which makes it an ideal place to conduct marketing practice.

It easily provides the recognition and digital footfall which is necessary for any business to thrive.

Future of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a vast topic that contains various components to make it work. If you check eCommerce trends 2020 you will understand how much the present pandemic has influenced the digital market.

With the ongoing lockdown and social distancing practices, people are relying more on internet-based services to get products and services.

It has been seen that mCommerce trends as more and more people use their mobile phones to browse the internet and enjoy internet-based services.

As a result of this developers with the help of app development services are creating apps that can help buy products online easier.

If your business has no presence online or on mobile phones then you are missing out on a lot, especially this year.

What do Marketers need to do to keep up with Digital

Competition in the digital marketing industry is ever rising. You have to keep up with the new marketing trends to survive this fierce competition.

Here are some things you can do to keep up.

#1. Advertisements

Advertisements are a key part of any form of marketing. However, digital advertising trends are a bit different from conventional ones.

You have to have your advertisements laid out tactfully so that people get to notice it. It should be kept in mind that too many advertisements on one page may seem like you are spamming their online space.

Many marketers do this which has resulted in people using ad blockers in various apps and websites.

The only way to escape that is by taking help from google ads which display your products on top of the webpage in the form of search results.

One other thing you can do is incorporate advertisements in mobile games and apps.

Trends in mobile apps show that the majority of the free apps that are available for download support advertisements.

Not everyone pays a premium to get rid of ads or buys the ad-free version, which means the chance of them coming across your products or website increases.

#2. Apps

There has been a significant mobile commerce growth in the past few years as smartphones are getting prevalent. Therefore, mCommerce trends are setting in as more and more users adopt smartphones.

An app is necessary to perform e-commerce activities using a phone. Therefore, it is necessary that your business has an appropriate app that customers can use to buy your products or services.

The app needs to be compatible with a wide variety of mobile devices and support all platforms. This is necessary to ensure no user is left out due to device limitations.

The app should be lightweight and well optimized so that it works flawlessly even on low spec devices.

#3. Use of Appropriate Technology

If you are up to date with the trends of mobile technologies then must know that various new features have been added to mobile devices.

Most smartphones from the past one or two years support technologies like augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). This means you can use this in your app to give them a new way to look at your products.

With VR they can experience a virtual shopping experience and sort of ‘feel’ the product.

Something similar can be experienced with AR where you can understand how the object would look and how it would fit in the place you want to keep.

#4. Product Details

The biggest disadvantage of online shopping is that people cannot see or touch the product in reality. This does matter for certain products and customers.

However, this has not stopped m-commerce growth. All you need to do is put as much detail as you can for each of your products.

Keep high-quality pictures and videos for your products which can help customers understand the look of the product.

Add product information and specification in detail and give them the option to compare other similar products.

#5. Inbuilt Search Engine

Retail mCommerce can have a wide range of products from various categories that became mCommerce trends. This means it becomes difficult for the customer to search for the exact product from such a big list.

Incorporating a search engine on the website and the mobile app is one of the newest marketing techniques.

Search engines can help customers find the exact product they are looking for provided you have it in stock.

In order to make things better, you can let customers use appropriate filters to narrow down a particular type of product. Additionally, the option to view the products in a list or grid format can also help users.

#6. Assist Through Chat

Often consumers have doubts and queries regarding the product they are searching for. It is quite difficult to get that cleared on online retail. Emails and phone numbers can help but they are quite inconvenient and take a long time to respond.

With new digital marketing technologies that are available, you can put a 24×7 live chatbox on your website. People can directly ask questions in the chatbox.

You can take the help of artificial intelligence to get a chatbot who can assist with the basic questions and queries. Should the question ask for something specific or out of bounds for the bot, it can be directed to any support personnel.

#7. User-friendly Interface

If you follow the top marketing trends you know the importance of presentation. People should not find it difficult to use your online retail website or mobile app.

They should be able to find different functions and actions without having to break a sweat. All categories, buttons, search bars should be visible to the users.

mCommerce trends show that many people tend to buy more than one product at a time. A cart function can help users store all the products and buy them all in one go.

#8. Convenient Payment Modes

Earlier a majority of the people would rely on pay on delivery features when eCommerce was completely new.

As per the latest trend in digital marketing, people prefer online and digital payment methods as they find it to be more convenient.

You have to ensure people can use any payment method they are comfortable with while making a purchase on your online shop. They should face no trouble while making payments using the mobile app for your store.

#9. Security

As digital marketing technology is evolving hackers and cybercriminals are also trying to find out loopholes and ways to attack. These miscreants can steal important data from your store and sell it to your competitors.

Customers often keep their account and payment details saved on online retail websites. These hackers can steal them and cause massive damage.

Ultimately your company’s reputation will be at stake. Therefore, you must have adequate security on your mobile app as well as your website.

#10. Social Media Presence

Nowadays almost everyone is on at least one of the social media platforms. Following the digital media trends, you can have your store handles on the various social media websites.

You can even put out product advertisements on these platforms. The new mobile advertising trends collect user search data and present product advertisements based on that data.

This has proven to be very effective as the advertisements show the users products similar to what they were searching for.

#11. Data Analysis

With the help of the available mobile marketing technology, you can collect and analyze various data. These data are related to what products are most in-demand, which brands are favored.

By analyzing this data, you will know what type of products you must keep in what quantities in order to cater to the needs of all customers. Moreover, you will be saving by keeping a smaller number of unpopular products in the inventory.

#12. Keyword Research

The new digital marketing techniques need you to research keywords. Keywords are words or phrases which if searched using any search engine will lead to your products.

If you know what customers type to search for the product they are looking for, you can put the exact word or phrase in your product title and description.

That way your products will be shown on the top search results.


People are no more limited to the products available in the local market.

With digital marketing innovations, a significant number of people visit online stores to purchase various products. You need to follow the eCommerce trends to know more about mCommerce trends in order to grow your online retail.

Follow these tips and keep a watch on the mobile marketing trends in order to outshine your competition and get to the top.

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