Since real estate is one of the fastest increasing industries worldwide, it has entitled organizations to use apps within business operations. Undoubtedly, getting sales in the real estate business is not very handy due to fierce competition. This tends that you must have the best real estate app ideas with top-notch services to make a unique position among your clients.

According to the US Census Bureau, nearly 74.4% of the overall rental properties in the United States imply individual realtors. Moreover, an additional 20 million unique households will come into the market by 2025. 

Why Use Real Estate Apps For a Real Estate Business?

Indeed apps are an ideal way to boost the efficacy of your business in less time and effort. With the help of apps, your clients can easily reach you with just a few taps on their mobile screens. 

As realtors are increasingly adopting mobile technology to empower their business, it will be essential for businesses that are not still using mobile apps to grow their business. It is ideal for such businesses to build an app with reliable and highly professional cross platform app development services.

Real estate entrepreneurs can offer the best services to their customers using real estate apps. The can meet the modern trends and stay tuned and successful in today’s competitive market.

VentureBeat’s survey showed that about 58% of tenants are interested in smart lighting, 63% demand smart home climate control, 56% need smart safety devices, and 63% of tenants need smart home security.

Your customers only need convenience while searching for any service or product. Therefore, you can assist them with your real estate application. Whether lending the home or renting or purchasing or selling it, the apps can work as the one-stop solution for all your business needs and be more fruitful.

Here are Top Real Estate App Ideas to Beat Your Competitors:

1. Buying and Renting App

Creating a purchasing and renting app is yet another very successful and lucrative option for your real estate firm. As the name implies, this real estate software is just for buyers and renters. Buying or renting a home may be a time-consuming procedure that requires several site inspections, paperwork, and communication.

To make matters worse, manual methods of looking for a home are inefficient and time-consuming when communicating about available properties. That’s where a mobile app for purchasing and renting comes in!

It’s easy for buyers and renters to search through hundreds of houses in their selected location using this kind of software. Providing them with videos and descriptions of the homes and local landmarks may help them make the best purchase choice possible.

Using an app like this for your real estate firm, customers may ask any queries they have straight to the agent or seller! In addition to making their experience more pleasurable, your real estate app will gain their trust and loyalty.

✍ Features

  • Contact Seller
  • Nearby Places
  • Images and Videos
  • AI Searches
  • Smart Calculator 

2. App for Viewing the Locality

In the real estate market, location is one of the most important variables in determining the present and future value of a property. It’s common for builders to overlook this issue, but customers or end-users frequently take it into account.

There are a few things that tourists search for while they’re in town, such as a hospital or a school or college, banks, restaurants, and parks, that they deem essential. Inquiries concerning the area’s safety and the distance to the nearest police station may also be made. Since this is a once-in-a-lifetime choice, they also seek others nearby or may live nearby. 

3. App for Virtual Tour

It’s widely regarded as one of the greatest and most popular applications. Thanks to advances in augmented reality and virtual real estate apps, the property can now be seen from any angle. You may also see whether the essential preparations are available in the surrounding locations and if they are close. 

This function offers the user the impression of being in their own house, which intrigues individuals and encourages them to make reservations as soon as possible. Another brilliant marketing gimmick is that the films create a long-lasting impression on the customer’s memory.

✍ Features:

  • Integrated Maps
  • VR Tools
  • 3D Models
  • Hotspots and Buttons
  • Social Sharing

4. Investment App

As a passive income source, real estate investing is an excellent option. So, building an app that helps people invest in real estate may be a good real estate app concept. 

If you’re looking to buy or sell real estate, you need an app that can provide everything you need to make a wise financial decision. Investors may use all of this information to decide whether to invest in the company. 

5. Online Auction App

In the real estate market, online auctions are a viable option. It is one of the trending real estate mobile app ideas. Fair property dealings may be accomplished with their help. There are a lot of auction websites out there nowadays. 

Users must first join a property-selling or property-purchasing portal to begin this procedure. The process is not the same as a simple purchase or sale of a home.

✍ 3 Key Parts of Online Auctions Are:

  • Asset managers, investors, realtors, property owners, and so on are among the sellers in online auctions. 
  • Licensed real estate specialists are permitted to participate in most online auctions.
  • People looking for low-cost homes, real estate speculators, and brokers participate in these online auctions as bidders and buyers’ agents. The person is responsible for overseeing all aspects of an auction on a digital auction platform.

✍ The Following Sorts of Real Estate Auctions May Be Held Entirely Online

  • Retail property
  • Flipped property
  • Short-sale property
  • Foreclosed property 

1. Real Estate AR/VR App

In 2020, one of the most profitable real estate company concepts will be using AR/VR technology to display properties. This technology is expected to be worth $2.6 billion in the real estate market by 2025. People may save money and time by using AR and VR technology to conduct property inspections.

Thanks to these new technologies, people may virtually tour houses at any time and from any location. Real estate businesses can complete a transaction more quickly than with traditional property presentations using these technologies. You don’t need to stage the property using AR/VR technologies.

Buyers may get a sense of a property’s interior designs thanks to AR/ability VR to show all interior aspects. In addition, people may buy the interiors of a house while taking a virtual tour with a real estate app project.

2. Document Library App

There are a lot of papers that need to be checked throughout the lending or selling process, and it might be difficult to ensure that all documents are accessible at the same time. Using a document library mobile app, you can organize and classify all of your company’s key papers in one location. 

As long as you have all of your papers in one location, you may effortlessly share them with customers through your smartphone. In addition, you may use e-verified signature solutions to sign papers directly on your mobile devices.

3. Calculator App

Numerous computations are involved in the real estate market. Expenses like mortgage payments, taxes, and repairs are all included. 

Many purchasers are put off by having to deal with so many computations. As a result, real estate agents have a fantastic economic opportunity to develop smart calculator software that can do many calculations without much effort.

You can get the job done quickly and easily with good real estate apps built to handle the most difficult computations. These applications can estimate a property’s real costs, including taxes. Analytic reports are also conveniently accessible through email or social media platforms because of their ability to retrieve them. 

4. Renovation Estimate App

Investing in run-down houses and transforming them into standard lodgings to rent or sell is a great method to generate money. To continue with renovations, however, they sometimes have to deal with many computations. Investors should know exactly how much the repairs will cost. 

An app that does this may be a huge commercial opportunity. If the program can assist investors in keeping track of builders, electricians, maintenance workers, and plumbers, it might be a useful addition. 


Mobile platforms have become one of the top ways to attract customers and bring more profit to a business. Running a real estate business can become more profitable and convenient with a real estate app. Of course, technology has been a big game-changer in today’s world. So, why not grab it now to leverage its potential to bring more customers and revenue.

Cross Platform App Development Services


The real estate business is the buying, selling, or renting of land, building, or any property.

Building a real estate app needs the expert hands of professional mobile app developers. If you seek to create a perfect real estate mobile app, hire experts to cross-platform app development services.

There are several benefits of using real estate apps for your business. Some of the top benefits of real estate apps are listed below:
  • High customers loyalty
  • The long list of clients
  • Easier marketing
  • Reduced ads expenses
  • Direct communication with the customers
  • Higher efficiency for brand promotion