Flutter is one of the most demanding and appealing frameworks for keeping organizations in today’s competitive edge and digital environment. Flutter offers several tools and assists developers in different manners. Each of these flutter development tools has the potential to make coding easier and more agile for the developers. 

Although Flutter is in high demand, it is Google’s product supported by a huge community. Developers today must be familiarized with the best Flutter development tools.

Why Use Flutter?

Flutter is an open-source UI software development kit. Google develops it. It enables developers to create applications for Linux, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and the web using a single codebase.

According to Marketing Charts, mobile application usage now results in 70% of overall digital media.

48% of users determine the brand’s reliability by its mobile application performance. This cross-platform app development framework lets developers create natively compiled, attractive, responsive apps with existing code. Flutter comes with different widgets that are customizable, appealing, and fast. Read more on why choose flutter in app development.

This is what makes Flutter one of the most preferred UI frameworks worldwide. Additionally, its seamless architecture relied on one more popular programming platform, i.e., React Native.

☛ Some of the Top Reasons For Using Flutter App Development Are As Follows:

  • Decreased code development time
  • Increased time-to-market speed
  • Native app-like performance
  • Specific rendering engine
  • Animated, tailored UI for each complexity level
  • Capability to go beyond mobile
  • Platform-specific logic, up-front implementation
  • Identical business logic and UI across all platforms

Indeed, if you want to build cross-platform and native applications in less time, a mobile app development firm having expertise in Flutter can help you.

What Are The Different Flutter Development Tools?

1. Panache

Panache is considered one of the best Flutter development tools. It lets developers create customized themes for flutter applications. You can use several themes, colors, and shapes, and even you can export .dart files easily to your Google Drive. 

Once you are done with the entire coding structure, it is time to evaluate it. More than 40 million Flutter app developers currently utilize Panache as the perfect choice to create interactive themes for users.

✍ Key Features:

  • Enables building attractive material themes
  • Equipped with several customization options
  • Open-source, free, and easily accessible

2. Codemagic

Codemagic makes the entire app development task easier and quick by enabling seamless processing and debugging of the app till it becomes market-ready without any complexity or errors. It integrates with other tools to create and test the app. 

Through automated code, it eliminates the requirement for the launch configurations. It is used to launch the app to the pipeline of the apps and make it ready for market release in the shortest time. 

Therefore, it makes the overall app launch process effortless. Write the code for creating the best UI frameworks by setting up an account in Codemagic and making necessary changes in the .dart file to get set up and executed.

✍ Key Features:

  • Automated processes
  • Regularly updated with the best and latest developer tools
  • Smooth market launch and deployment in less time

3. Count.ly

Count.ly is one of the widely used and highly popular open-source Flutter app development tools that enable you to analyze and improve user experience in desktop, mobile, and web applications. With this development tool, you can easily track basic KPIs metrics that showcase your app’s performance and growth. 

This tool focuses on securing an app’s data. Its paid version is also available, helping you to use the tool in the cloud or on-premise. Its premium version also assists in push notifications, A/B testing, etc.

✍ Key Features:

  • Single dashboard
  • Extensible via plugins
  • One-premise on cloud deployment
  • In-app usage analytics

4. Android Studio

Android Studio is one of the best and most widely used Flutter design tools several developers use to create attractive and intuitive apps. It assists developers in different manners to add more features.

It comprises code completion processes, widget edits, and syntax highlights. This flutter development tool eradicates the need to download and install the tool, assisting in designing and launching the apps on emulators or Android devices.

Android Studio verifies app operations and checks the versions and usability compatibility of the mobile apps. It provides a code compilation feature to developers and assists them in creating apps effortlessly.

✍ Key Features:

  • Visual layout editor
  • APK analyzer
  • Fast emulator
  • Intelligent code editor

5. Adobe Plugins

Adobe launched a wide range of plugins to design and develop games, voice interfaces, websites, and apps. Adobe Creative Cloud assists designers in converting animations, vector art, images, or text into fully-functional and interactive prototypes. 

Adobe XD plugins can be used to serve several events on an application. The developers can now easily cooperate with the app designer, knowing how they think about the app graphics. 

Adobe XD creates .dart code; thus, design components can be easily placed in the app’s codebase. If your clients need more attractive and engaging apps, Adobe Plugins works as the best flutter UI design tool for app development.

✍ Key Features:

  • Layout and design
  • Animation and Prototyping
  • Handoff and Collaboration
  • Design systems

6. Instabug

Instabug is a renowned app development tool used by developers worldwide. If you are looking to improve the app’s user experience, resolve/identify typical crashes, and collect required user insights, choose Instabug. 

It enables developers to improve app performance and quality and release apps along with real-time insights. Additionally, it automatically attaches network logs, device details, screenshots, and loads of critical insights required to prioritize product backlogs and resolve issues.

✍ Key Features:

  • App performance monitoring
  • Bug reporting
  • User surveys
  • Crash reporting

7. Vysor

Wouldn’t it be good for an app to project a device’s screen functions with a USB cable, even in the absence of the internet? Of course, Vysor enables you to do that! A developer needs to do is install the Chrome extension of Vysor. 

Once you install this extension, you can leverage its benefits. It assists developers in different ways during app development. Vysor is very handy, specifically when the team is from different locations. Vysor makes the development and testing step user-friendly.

✍ Key Features:

  • Drag and drop files
  • Mirror and control Android
  • Take screenshots
  • High-quality mirroring

8. WonderPush

WonderPush is one more in-app messaging tool that functions smoothly with Flutter. You can also integrate the push-notifications feature into your app. 

It is also known for improving user acceptance of any app it is combined into. From targeting and precise segmentation to geo-location-centered and A/B testing formulation, WonderPush can offer more wonderful initiatives to developers.

✍ Key Features:

  • Easy setup
  • Push Notifications
  • Pre-configured segmentation
  • Segment-based automation

9. Supernova

Are you seeking to sync the code and design seamlessly of the app patterns, themes, and components? Well! Supernova can help you make it done in real-time. It is a handy and easy-to-use tool that enables developers to create UI code for Flutter. 

It is one of the most used flutter design tools in the market that enables developers to fix colors, fonts, texts, and other components across your app on different platforms. Moreover, it parallelly keeps collaboration across teams. It expands the app development visibility by associating with DevOps and DesignOps.

Supernova is highly proficient in turning Adobe XD mobile design and sketch into native frontend codes for Android and iOS. Moreover, it helps view real-time code changes and design editing. Hence, developers use Supernova to customize every screen, style, and component with a frontend code in the app.

✍ Key Features:

  • Forward design to Flutter
  • Smooth iteration
  • Smart and seamless prototyping
  • Responsive and ready-made layouts

10. Appetize

Appetize is an excellent web-based choice for Flutter developers. It enters the image to expedite the Android and iOS platform’s launch. You can use this flutter development tool to make and simplify the execution process easier and more efficient.

✍ Key Features:

  • Training and customer support
  • Enterprise deployment
  • Automation and testing

11. Dartpad

If you need a language editor for your app development that can enable you to run the Dart program in your browser, use Dartpad. Dartpad is an open-source flutter toolkit widely popular in the Flutter development community. It enables you to execute a flutter app right on your system without any requirement for the Flutter SDK to have existed on it.

✍ Key Features:

  • Start a project
  • Edit and run code
  • Save progress and share code with other developers
  • Keyboard shortcuts for coding ease


App development is not an easy process. It includes different steps like planning, designing, testing, and deployment. Developers worldwide try to maintain the app’s relevancy and health, so they use top Flutter development tools per the requirements. Read more on Flutter app development cost.

Specifically, Flutter boosts the value of app development with its tools. You need to focus on your core business tasks and hand over the app development task to a reliable mobile app development firm.


Flutter is a UI framework toolkit for framing attractive and natively compiled apps for desktop, mobile, and web using a single codebase. Flutter is free and open-source; moreover, it functions with existing code.

The flutter framework assists in cost-effectiveness, easy development, eye-catching UI, and quicker development. But, developers should compare the advantages of Flutter with other frameworks.

Of course, Flutter comes with different debugging tools like Dart DevTools. Developers can choose the best debugging tool to make the app error-free and high-performing.