Nowadays, no one prefers to wait for hours to book a table at favorite restaurants. Technology has evolved everyone into the digital generation, and simultaneously, the businesses of the global world are also evolving.

Starting from online learning sessions, and grocery buying to digital payment gateways, everything is moving digital then the online restaurant reservation system is no exemption.

An on-demand restaurant table reservation app meets every need for fluctuating consumer behaviour, needs and market demands effectively and efficiently.

Stats and research prove that almost 37% of people must have used an online restaurant reservation app once in their lifetime.

They are discussing the restaurant table reservation app. A name that strikes instinct from the list of restaurant reservation apps is Dineout.

Dine Out is a well-known feature-rich online restaurant reservation system that meets every need of the visitor from restaurant table booking to the menu, discounts, offers, event planning, and many more.

The restaurant reservation app allows users to choose from the wide range of almost 6000+ restaurants and dining places specified with money-saving offers and deals.

As one of the trusted sources, it is also said that about 95% of the restaurants and other dining places believe that technology has boosted their business efficiency.

It is quite evident that nowadays people are evolving rapidly and things around them are modifying drastically. Suppose you have any plans to invest in the hospitality business, then putting your capital in an online restaurant reservation system is a great idea.

Loads of queries and questions might be going in your mind. Contact a custom mobile app development company as they can be your helping hand.

So let’s get more insights into the critical aspects of restaurant reservation apps.

Advantages Of Restaurant Table Reservation App For Restaurant And Its Users

An Open table is one of the most unappreciated works in the restaurant business. At the same time, they were operating a restaurant where you have to pay bills for rent, utilities, electricity, food, staff, and many more.

And simultaneously, one has to look for profits. Therefore, there are many reasons why you need a mobile app for your restaurant.

If one has to decrease the number of empty tables, one should focus on boosting their financial standing. With the development of restaurant table booking apps, you can wipe out the open table trouble.

☛ Advantages Of Restaurant Table Reservation App For Restaurants

With an online restaurant reservation system for table booking, restaurant owners and managers can:

  • They should have easy management of lists in one place. A waitlist can be integrated well with the reservation list. As it provides easy availability of tables and helps managers to eliminate scheduling overlaps.
  • Eliminate no-shows. As with the reservation management system, one can send timely guest reminders before their reservations. It will reduce the number of no-shows at the restaurants.
  • They were keeping a proper record of their daily workload. Restaurant staff can record the exact number of guests, and order history, and know if they pre-ordered while making a reservation.
  • Using a restaurant table reservation app can decrease the workload of managers as the tiresome restaurant table booking process happens to be managed online. Therefore managers have more time to invest in the coordination of daily operations and look for ways to improvise the services.
  • Online restaurant reservation platforms help to boost sales. As studies say, millennials place almost 35% of their orders from their smartphones.
  • One can provide loyalty programs to their customers as regular customers can be offered with the benefit of special discounts and prioritized reservations.
  • Customers can be immensely impressed by a hassle-free restaurant table booking process as they experience booking a table prior and enjoying quick seating and services. It makes them feel that they are being valued and builds customer satisfaction.
  • The restaurants may not keep open 24/7, but the service of restaurant table booking should be accessed round the clock so that customers can make online restaurant table reservations off their business hours.
  • Adding up all the benefits help restaurants to stay ahead in the competition.

☛ Advantages Of Restaurant Table Reservation App For Users

While utilizing online restaurant reservation system, users get access to:

  • With the help of the restaurant table reservation app, users can book a table and place their order so that they get access to the hassle-free seating arrangement. They were eliminating the chances of waiting on calls and asking the manager to check if a free table is available on a specific date.
  • With an intuitive restaurant table booking app design, users don’t have to face time constraints as every piece of information about the restaurant is available on the app.
  • Users can read the reviews and ratings available on the restaurant reservation app and then choose.
  • Users can pre-order their food and drinks. While users are booking through the restaurant table reservation app, they can glance at the menu and order their food and drinks to avoid waiting.
  • Users can also pay beforehand while booking a table through the restaurant reservation app to enjoy their meal and leave.
  • The development of online restaurant reservation systems cut downs frustration. As long as waiting for tables, food, and drinks, checks give rise to frustration in users’ minds. And these processes have now become easy and accessible as they place online. So now users can plan their evening and enjoy it in peace.

Essential Features Needs to be Integrated into Restaurant Table Reservation App

One needs to develop two versions for their online restaurant reservation system, one for guests and one for management staff.

Before you have a word with the android app development agency, you have to make a list of features you need to integrate into your restaurant reservation app.

☛ Features for users:

  • There should be easy registration and login with their social media accounts, email, telephone numbers.
  • Detailed user profiles carry all the information of their bookings, favourites, or recent places and orders.
  • It should have integrated advanced search with filters like location, cuisine, guests, dining in/out, ratings, suggestions and many more.
  • Add GPS navigators so that users can get access to easy routes to restaurants.
  • It should have a seating map so that users can choose to book their tables according to their preferences.
  • The app should have a full menu to choose their dishes and customize the ingredients based on their preferences.
  • It should exhibit user reviews and experiences by actual visitors who have been at the restaurants.
  • The app should have the prepayment feature to pay securely through the app promoting contactless payments.
  • Offer users loyalty points, offers or benefits during special occasions, collecting points for their in-house benefits.
  • There should be options for booking banquets for birthdays, engagements, and weddings.
  • It should support social media integration where users can invite their friends and share restaurant bookings with them.
  • Restaurant reservation apps should be capable of sending confirmation through SMS or email.
  • Features of push notifications that inform users about new deals and latest updates.
  • Help desk or FAQ section where users can get answers for their queries and doubts.

iPhone app development company uses Flutter. We can create an app for Android and iPhone that can enable users to make table bookings and pre-order their food.

Flutter has proved to be successful and cost-efficient for developing online restaurant reservation platforms.

☛ Features for restaurants:

  • Feature of seating chart with a table management option where staff can view the number of open tables and booked ones.
  • It should have a feature for table combinations to view and optimize the floor plan as per the schedules and requirements.
  • The app should have a calendar for scheduling their dining and service hours.
  • It should have an advanced search option with filters like time, reservation, customer options and many more.
  • They should have a payment section where all the records of payment methods of old and new transactions are recorded.
  • It should have a messaging section from where emails and SMS can be delivered to customers for confirming their bookings.
  • It should have a diner book feature with all the customer information and history of their reservations. That allows staff to suggest menu items based on the customer preferences depending on their previous visits.
  • An updating option where one can add, modify the menu, upload images, and update their customer details.
  • Push notifications to notify regarding the booked or open tables.
  • Updates for the cancellation of bookings.
  • POS system integration to manage online or counter payments. It streamlines the workflow and helps to deliver better service.

Cost to Develop Restaurant Table Reservation App

The cost of an online restaurant reservation system depends on the complexity, and size of your mobile application.

Apart from these, the physical location of app developers and the number of hours invested in app creation plays a crucial role in the cost estimation of restaurant reservation app development.

Taking various zones into consideration here is an estimated cost to develop a full-featured restaurant table reservation app for restaurant table booking.

  • The US developer costs around $100-$250 per hour.
  • India-based developers cost around $70-$180 per hour.
  • Eastern Europe-based developers cost around $80-$180 per hour.

Now, based on the segments to be developed. The estimated cost of app development of a restaurant table booking app is crafted below:

  • Technical documentations take up to 40 hours or more and cost about $1000-$2000.
  • UI/UX design takes 60 hours and costs $1500-$3000.
  • 400+ hours are invested in front-end and back-end developers, and it costs about $10,000-$20,000.
  • 80 hours are invested in testing and costs about $2000-$4000.

Over the calculation of overhead charges, it is possible to estimate the average cost of mobile restaurant apps.

A simple app with basic features costs around $8,000 to $25,000 for an online restaurant reservation platform.

And for a feature-rich high-quality standard restaurant reservation app, the charges can be extended up to $35,000 and more.


Technology is evolving the lifestyle of people, and they are rapidly adopting it. With the introduction of digitalization in the market businesses and industries have started to adapt to the current needs of modern customers.

It is how mobile apps help businesses beat the competition. Therefore if you wish to reach out to more customers and boost your profits, then developing a restaurant table reservation app is the best way.

This restaurant reservation app will help you get more customers and boost sales and help boost the brand value in the global market. So what are you waiting for? Contact Custom Mobile App Development Company today and discuss your ideas with them.

restaurant table reservation app


Some of the advanced features of successful restaurant apps are:
  • Quick order where you can repeat your previous order
  • Waiter call
  • Ratings and reviews at every position in the menu
  • GPs tracking for users delivery
  • Locating nearby restaurants
  • Feature of menu customization
  • Gamification features
  • Chatbots
  • Social media sharing
  • Third party integration

Along With helping restaurants to manage their operations, Opentable enables them to attract progressive guests. They also help our restaurant partners to fill seats that have been vacant to help them to boost revenue.

The cost of developing a restaurant table reservation app will cost around $5000 – $15,000.