Planning to build a mobile app and doing the same in reality are two completely different things. Often, the company or developer feels that their planning is perfect, yet they end up in a mess as they were unable to focus on some major points.

The discovery phase is the most important one. The main purpose of discovery is to figure out the project from business, development and design perspective, knowing the risk, scope, time and budget.

Below mentioned are some of the major rules to create the best mobile application.

1. Define your goals:

This is something very minute, but pretty necessary. Defining your goals means exactly knowing what makes your application a hit in the market. Having a clear vision will provide better clarity in the development phase.

2. Finalizing the Platform:

Before initiating the development, it is mandatory to finalize the platform. Both Android and iPhone devices vary considerably in relation to their functionalities and utility. Choose Top Android App Development Company India, USA to get the best android app.

3. Know your target users:

Knowing the customers before embarking the development provides clarity on what a user is expecting from the app and accordingly, the development and designing can be done.

4. Know thy competitors:

Once you are clear about the concept of the app, the platform, and the target audience, learn about your competitors. There may be similar apps in the play store already doing quite well and having numerous downloads. Opt for Custom iOS/iPhone App Development Company India, USA and differentiate your app.

5. Security features:

Make sure to provide security to the utmost level as the users would need to enter their confidential information. The responsibility of keeping the same security should be handled well.

6. Social Media integration:

Social media is now a trend. Typically, the app would require one or more networks in order to log in and also adding to the in-app virality. Thus it should be considered to have social media integration in the development stage itself.

7. Highly responsive app:

It is not good to keep the users waiting. If the app takes too long to load, no user would prefer to use it. They would quickly find a replacement and switch to the other app. Make sure you avoid creating this negative impression.

8. User Interface:

The interface of the app would prove to be the deciding factor for the future of the app. A user-friendly interface having quick access and smooth transitions would prove to be beneficial. Prefer providing a good experience for the users and the app would definitely have numerous downloads.

9. Testing the app:

Once the app is ready, it should be tested. You should know how it works and responds to different conditions and if it is able to deliver high performance or if there are any bugs and issues. Testing would bring out all the loopholes and make the app even better and stronger.

10. Coding:

The coding forms a vital part of the development phase. Setting up the servers and APIs, and integrating unique features like push notifications, and user management all requires good coding.

11. User experience:

Talking about the user interface and skipping the user experience would render the rules incomplete. A highly scalable app that is interactive must offer an amazing user experience too. The major points to be considered are smooth navigation, multi-touch gestures, and a user-friendly app.