The dictionary meaning of Framework is an essential support structure of an object. In the same line, Web Development Framework is developed and are essential to support the developers in building responsive applications with the help of only one programming language.

Many frameworks are introduced in the market consisting of different architectures. These frameworks prove to be highly beneficial for the developers to formulate feature-rich web applications.

Below is a list of top 5 Web Development Frameworks, which are highly preferred and used by the development companies.

1. Laravel:

It is an open source PHP Web development framework. It follows the MVC architectural pattern. It was initially introduced in the year 2011. It is powered by a modular packaging system. This framework has inbuilt utilities that are helpful to access relational databases, application deployment, and maintenance.

Laravel has incredible features that make it one of the most demanded PHP Framework. It supports object-oriented libraries, authorization techniques, security, database migration, hashing and numerous other features. It offers umpteen advantages to the owners as well as the developers. Choose Laravel Development Company and get the best website.

2. Ruby on Rails:

It is the topmost Web Development Framework that follows push-based MVC architecture. It is considered as the General Purpose Website Framework. It is freely available so pay nothing and a Ruby on Rails Development Company India, USA can use their skills to enhance the website in the best possible manner.

Some amazing tools to form great apps, unbeatable code quality, supporting test automation are some of the privileges of opting for Ruby on Rails. Just as a coin has 2 sides, this framework has some loopholes too. Few IO libraries non-supportive of multithreading and the boot speed are its limitations.

3. Angular.js:

It is a JavaScript open source Framework that is sustained by Google and other development communities. It can be added to HTML web page by using a tag. It is a perfect structural framework to create dynamic and responsive web applications.

Two-way data binding, quick loading time, easy testability, lightweight framework, responsive and expressive framework, and extends HTML are the plus points of choosing Angular.js. Some of the negative points include the following, the router has limitations, code debugging is quite tough, and using the directives is difficult.

4. React.js:

It is an open source JavaScript library that is maintained by Facebook in conjunction with numerous huge developer communities. It is basically a library that can be converted to a Web development framework. It is widely used to develop the User Interface for the web applications. It was invented with an intention to serve the purpose of building huge applications with ever-changing data.

react js development company and enjoy the scalability, simplicity, and speed as this framework provides all of it. This framework can be used in combination with other JavaScript frameworks.

5. Meteor.js:

It is yet another open source JavaScript web Framework. It is highly popular for its back-end development and front-end rendering allowing the quick building of the applications. It is highly flexible and requires less coding compared to other frameworks. Lesser coding means lesser bugs and a higher quality making the application more scalable.

The UI is reactive and real-time updated making it highly beneficial for social networking sites where the updates need to be in real-time.