Women’s safety is an issue that has been addressed worldwide. All countries are finding ways to increase their safety. While all that is still happening, we are forgetting that our smartphones can do that too! You might be thinking – how smartphones? It should not be a surprise. A safety app can do the job just like a lot of other apps helping us with our day to day activities. So, we have compiled a list of best safety apps for women in 2020.

Meanwhile, if you are planning to hire a mobile app development company for your own safety app, you can get ideas from the amazing applications we are about to discuss.

Top 12 Safety Apps for Women in 2020:

Let’s get started with the list of best personal safety apps!

1. My SafetiPin

My SafetiPin is among the best safety apps for women that functions perfectly well. The app has basic functions like GPS location tracking and calling the emergency contact numbers.

My SafetiPin is considered one of the best apps in the United States due to its popularity. Apart from the basic functions, the app will also suggest you the nearby safe places in an emergency. The pinned locations come with safety scores so you know whether it is suitable for women or not.

The app users also have the option to mark unsafe areas to help other women that use the app. The SafetiPin app collects data on the basis of lightning, the number of women and children around, the density of population around the woman and the proximity of public transport.

Feature List:

  • Available in multiple languages
  • Suggests nearby safe places
  • Users can mark unsafe areas to help other users

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2. Women Safety

Almost all the safety apps will send instant messages to your emergency numbers, but this app is a step ahead. It will also send emails containing your location and a Google Maps link to preconfigured email IDs.

To provide more valuable information to the sender, the app will take two pictures from your phone’s camera along with a video/audio clip. This information will also be sent through email to the pre-configured email IDs.

Moreover, this SOS app has three different colored buttons with different configurations.

Feature List:

  • For status update, green button
  • Also, for staying cautious, orange button
  • For informing someone of a dangerous situation, red button

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3. bSafe

bSafe is one of the free safety apps that makes sure you are safe by providing your live location to friends and guardians. You can make use of the SOS service in an emergency situation.

It will send a message and your location to all people listed as your emergency contacts. bSafe will create a network of your guardians who will know your location all the time.

What’s more? The app will record and send audio/video messages to your guardian group so that none of the information is lost. We think you will now agree that bSafe belongs to the list of best personal safety apps for women.

Feature List:

  • SOS service for emergency situations
  • Live location can be known all the time
  • Audio/video messages recording

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4. Watch.Me

Watch.Me is again one of the amazing safety apps for women. It will keep your near ones informed about any unusual situation that you may come across.

This personal security app will enable you to instantly share videos with your friends and family. Also, you get an option to filter the contacts with whom your private videos can be shared.

5. CitizenCop

CitizenCop is an ideal women safety app if you want to report a crime at the earliest. If you feel that you are in danger or if someone else is, then the incident can be immediately reported.

CitizenCop is crafted keeping in mind the well-being of the public and especially women. There are times when reporting a crime to the law becomes a task. But CitizenCop belongs to the category of safety apps that makes this task easier.

Feature List:

  • Brings help in case of emergency
  • Helps to report criminal or illegal activity anonymously
  • Report lost/stolen articles
  • Emergency calls and sends alerts

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6. Raksha

It belongs to the category of safety apps for women that also caters to elderly people, children and everyone else who may be in a dangerous situation.

Raksha app uses the GPS feature of your smartphone. When you select the “Are you in trouble?” option, the app will immediately notify the intended contact numbers with your precise location.

In this manner, your family members and friends will be able to get in contact within no time.

7. SOS App

SOS app belongs to the list of best safety apps that can help everyone in emergency situations. The SOS on Android is actually focused more on medical emergencies.

Their team has an exclusive network of hundreds of trained medical personnel, ambulances and ground staff. After you activate the emergency button of the application, the app will connect you to the nearest emergency response team.

The emergency team will further assist you as well as government agencies will also be informed.

Feature List:

  • Safety app for everyone
  • An extensive network of medical personnel
  • Emergency button to notify the response team

8. Life360 Family Locator App

Life360 Family Locator App follows the motto of connecting people that matter the most. It will sync all your family members in a single place, thus, avoiding multiple texting threads between the members.

Life 360 is one of those safety apps that will notify your family members when you reach the destination. The state-of-the-art GPS location technology will give real-time whereabouts of all the members.

To simplify the tracking process, every member has a unique icon on the navigation map. The mode can be changed to personal and private in the map. In this manner, members can limit the number of people who can track their location. Life360 Family Locator app has got a unique concept that earned it a place among the best apps for women.

Feature List:

  • Create personal private groups called ‘Circles’
  • Real-time location of the Circle members on a private family map
  • Real-time alerts
  • Track location of stolen/lost phones

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9. Nirbhaya

Nirbhaya app is like the usual personal safety apps that allow you to send an SMS/alert with a single click.

Once the app is activated, your exact GPS location will be sent to your pre-decided contacts. The app will provide exact location updates of every 300 meters that you move to your emergency contact list.

Feature List:

  • Geo-Fence
  • Shake to Alert
  • Power button to send a distress signal

10. Himmat Plus

Himmat Plus has been launched by the Delhi Police for SOS alerts. It will allow you to send signals to the Police Control Room whenever you feel unsafe in some way. Himmat Plus has a user-friendly interface.

If you are using the app for the first time, then you need to register yourself on the Delhi police website. After basic details are added and verification is done, you can be rest assured about your safety as the Police Patrol team in your area will have your details.

Therefore, Himmat Plus is definitely one of the preferred safety apps for women.

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11. Chilla

The USP of Chilla is that it can detect a woman’s scream. You don’t really have to open the device or the app. As soon as the application will hear a woman scream or shout, an SMS will be sent automatically with your location and a call will be made to your emergency contacts.

Chilla can also be activated by pressing on the power button 5 times. This personal security app can be a real guardian for the women in stress.

Kudos to its unique concept, Chilla is undoubtedly one of the best safety apps for women.

Feature List:

  • SMS/Calls can be made even in no internet zone
  • Remembers your last location
  • Works without unlocking applications
  • No tracking if the user is not in danger

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12. Red Panic Button

The name of this app is self-explanatory. You will have to set a number or email ID to send out a distress message when there is an emergency.

The distress message will include your address and location. Red Panic Button is one of the free safety apps but the free version has limited features. For a premium version, you will have to shell out some money.

Some features of the paid version are unlimited panic contacts, no ads, photo/video alert messages, and Apple Watch integration, etc. Thus, the Red Panic Button found a place among the popular emergency call apps for women.

Feature List:

  • Sends panic SMS but only on iPhone and iPad 3G)
  • Customize your alert texts
  • Twitter integration
  • Retina display ready

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Looking at the current scenario, safety apps for women are the need of the hour. As mentioned earlier, women’s safety is an issue that has been addressed by all countries across the globe.

Keeping this in mind a lot of people are trying to come up with unique safety app ideas. Safety apps that will keep women secure 24/7 and in any geographical area. We believe that the best personal safety apps are the ones that work offline too.

These offline apps will leave no scope for an error on the part of the law enforcement department as well as the closest family members will be able to reach you.

Now, let’s come to the technical part of these safety apps for women. You can hire an iOS or Android app development company on the basis of your preferred launching platform. If you are someone who can afford to launch your app on both the platforms then a software development company can help you with that too.

However, let’s tell you that choosing the right technology partner is no piece of cake! You will have to do research on your part. Only then you will be able to make an informed decision and choose a company that is the perfect fit for your project and its goals.

Want to get a safety app developed as soon as possible? Are you clueless about how the development process works? Don’t worry! We got your back! How about we discuss your ideas on [email protected].

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