Mobile apps have taken over the world – literally! When was the last time you got something done without the help of a mobile app? Right from banking and ticket booking to doctor and salon appointment, everything is at our fingertips. If you are planning to go digital, it is crucial to have some successful mobile app ideas to achieve the desired goals.

Before you start looking for a mobile app development company, you need to consider a few things.

For instance, your target audience, unique features of your app, platform on which you want to launch the application and much more. It is crucial to be clear on these aspects as they will affect the ultimate cost of your project.

If you are convinced about getting a mobile app developed, here are some of the best app ideas for your business!

Here are 20 Successful Mobile App Ideas:

1. IoT Applications

IoT is the buzzword in the digital marketing world. There is a lot of curiosity around it due to the exclusive use of sensors and remote connectivity of technologies. It offers huge potential through IoT devices.

IoT is connecting your cars, homes and gadgets, etc and controlling them from a single operating point.

Some of the IoT mobile app ideas to consider in the upcoming years are:

  • Smart Parking system
  • IoT enabled ECG devices
  • Smart office systems
  • Home automation

Some of these app development ideas have already been put to use to make our lives convenient. But the future of IoT applications certainly holds great potential.

2. On Demand Applications

All of us are familiar with the concept of on-demand applications. It has become an integral part of routine life. On-demand, applications belong to the category of B2C app ideas and hold a huge market share currently.

These applications have changed the working of the service sector. Now, individuals have quick access to desired products and services at their fingertips.

These days people don’t have to get off the couch for food delivery, beautician services or for the cab.

As per the Harvard Business Review, every year, 22.4 million users start using on-demand applications. Well, that is definitely a noteworthy figure!

It can be rightly said that on-demand applications are one of those Sureshot successful mobile app ideas.

3. Healthcare & Telemedicine

Telemedicine is a means of providing healthcare services to people in remote areas. In earlier times, this was not possible for people located in remote regions.

But in today’s fast-paced world, people don’t want to waste time in clinics and demand quick consultation. The introduction of mobile technology in healthcare has changed how people connect with this industry.

Approximately 52% of people use their mobiles for accessing health-related data.

As this industry is all about reaching a larger audience, Android can be the best platform. Thus, healthcare applications are certainly one of the best ideas for Android apps.

4. Augmented Reality based Applications

If you don’t have a technical background, then Pokemon Go is the perfect example of the concept of Augmented Reality.

However, it can be said that the full potential of AR has not been explored yet. If AR is implemented with a perfect plan, these mobile innovative ideas can bring success like nothing else!

The Augmented Reality App industry is expected to reach $170 billion by 2021. It can be implemented in shopping, education, marketing, medical industries, etc. With AR you can rest assured of making successful mobile app ideas a reality!

5. Virtual Reality based Applications

In its initial days, it was possible to experience VR only with advanced headsets. But the times have changed and there are a variety of ways to make a device engaging.

These apps can engross you with amazing 360-degree visuals. With technological advancements, you can enjoy the VR experience with your smartphone and some apps. Currently, VR is mostly used for a unique gaming experience that cannot be achieved via any other medium.

An interesting fact about VR is that we are on the tip of the iceberg. It beholds innumerable possibilities. If you manage to find the right mobile app services provider, then it is something worth trying.

6. Tax Invoicing Applications

We all go through that time of the year when we struggle with our financial documents.

An app that will calculate your tax based on your income can be a savior for both – individuals and enterprises. Generating invoices can be an added feature of such an application.

Thus, tax invoicing applications definitely belong to the category of evergreen app ideas.

7. Apps using Artificial Intelligence

AI is predicted to be the driving force in the coming years. Its embedded intelligence provides human level thinking capabilities.

Siri and Google Assistant are the perfect examples of AI applications.

If you want people to go crazy about your successful mobile app ideas, then AI is the way to go!

8. Chatbots

Chatbots are the future of every communication. They will help you manage and monitor your day to day activities. The most important advantage of Chatbot is lively user interaction.

It won’t get exhausted by the number of queries, but instead will get an understanding of the user’s taste.

Fun fact – More than 30% of eCommerce companies have integrated chatbots on their website.

Chatbots top the list of new mobile app business ideas in 2020 as they have drastically improved customer interaction.

9. Instant Messaging Apps

You are obviously using Whatsapp, right? Well, it is the best example of an instant messaging app. Since the increasing popularity of smartphones, instant messaging apps have become a hit among users.

Mostly all the messaging apps give you the options to share media, stickers and audio/video calling.

Although this may seem one of the perfect app ideas, you need to have a USP to make it successful.

10. Blockchain Applications

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency have increased awareness of blockchain. It has become one of the most used phrases in the payment as well as other industries.

Some researchers are of the opinion that Blockchain might takeover the internet in the long run.

Here are some of the industries where blockchain apps can work wonders:

  • Payment & money transfer
  • Distributed cloud storage
  • Notary
  • IoT

If you are one of those people with innovative ideas for Android apps then Blockchain might be the perfect fit!

11. Graphical Restaurant Reservation System

You all know how movie tickets booking works. The graphical restaurant reservation system allows you to book a table of your choice from the graphical layout of the restaurant.

These systems make it easier to schedule reservations. Moreover, all updates and notifications are combined into a single system to make the functioning of restaurants easier.

This niche is quite unexplored, but it has the potential of becoming one of the successful mobile app ideas 2020.

12. Travel & Tourism Apps

Finding the best and unexplored places in a different region is no easy task. Enter – Travel & Tourism apps! The app will tell you about every famous restaurant, tourist spots and other popular things available in a specific location.

You would probably want to target a larger audience, so this could easily be one of those popular Android application ideas!

13. Fitness Applications

With people becoming increasingly health-conscious, a fitness app is definitely one of the successful mobile app ideas.

You can launch a fitness app that provides precise workout information as well as helps the user track their progress. These apps are usually available on both Android and iOS platforms.

Choosing Android app development could be the optimum choice if you want to target a larger audience base.

14. Trucking Application

Uber has revolutionized the on-demand industry. Almost every business wants a similar app. Well, the trucking industry is no different. Such an application will help you streamline your trucking business as well as expand your audience base.

There are not many on-demand trucking applications in the market right now. A tracking application may prove to be one of the best Android app ideas for your business if implemented correctly.

15. General Service Applications

General service applications contain a multitude of services for every need of the users. Right from beauticians on-demand to house maintenance services – everything in a single application.

Planning to take your on-demand services business online? A general service application could be it!

16. Car Parking App

Finding a car parking could be a difficult task during peak rush hours. A car parking app will show users the nearest parking spot available saving them a lot of time and effort.

You might be wondering how is this one of the successful new ideas for apps? When such an application is developed with the right technology stack and engaging UI/UX designs, it is bound to be successful.

17. Disaster Alert Apps

These applications fall under the category of safety app ideas. And how do they work? These applications will warn you in the case of unforeseen circumstances and tell you some steps to be safe.

Such applications can be put to better use where there is a frequent occurrence of natural disasters.

18. Ecommerce Applications

An Ecommerce application is not an unusual concept anymore. Almost everybody is using an eCommerce platform for shopping. Moreover, an eCommerce application comes with multiple payment options for the convenience of users.

What’s more? An Ecommerce application is already one of the successful mobile app ideas.

19. Dating Apps

Technology has taken over almost every aspect of our lives including personal lives. Dating apps are a perfect example of that. These apps help you match with a person of your choice and allows you to interact with them.

There are already some established dating apps in the market, for instance, Tinder. However, if your application has some unique features, nothing can stop it from becoming the next big thing!

20. Subscription-Based Delivery App

The concept of subscription-based delivery apps is here to make the lives of millennials easier. All app users can sign up for subscription orders as per their needs with the option to modify their orders. Moreover, the items can be delivered as per the availability of consumers.

Subscription-based delivery app is a trending concept and with the right technology partner you can achieve all the success you want.

That’s A Wrap on Successful Mobile App Ideas!

The success of any application depends on multiple other factors apart from the idea. Your target audience and application platform are some of the most important decisions to make.

If you want to target a premium range of audience – iOS app development is the appropriate choice. In the case of a larger audience base, Android apps will be your savior.

We hope some of the above mentioned ideas will get you started for your dream project!

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