WordPress is the most popular content management system in the world. It powers about 34% of the total websites on the internet. Given the popularity of the platform, it is obvious that there are many options for WordPress development services.

A great number of options make it difficult for business owners to choose one WordPress agency.

It is more accurate for those who have no technical knowledge whatsoever. If you are finding the best WordPress Development without having technical knowledge, then this blog is for you. We will discuss some tips to find the best WordPress development company.

12 Tips for Choosing the Best WordPress Development Company

Business owners should keep in mind the following things before choosing a WordPress development agency.

1. Look at their Portfolio

It is necessary to look at the portfolio of a WordPress development company. The portfolio will give you an idea about the industries they have served. You can then decide if they are capable of taking up an entire project.

Also, ask them about the team of developers who worked on the projects. Even in the portfolio, ask them what went behind technically in bringing it to live on the screen.

Keep in mind; there is nothing wrong with asking such questions. Their explanation of the project’s work will give you a better idea of the development capabilities of the team. What’s more? You may also find something inspiring in their existing work.

2. Check Out their Reviews

Before you choose a WordPress website development company, check its reviews. Read the clients’ testimonials to know their experience with the company.

You can also ask the company for the contact information of past clients for direct feedback. We suggest this as there are chances of development agencies posting fake reviews on their website.

Now, there are also platforms like Clutch and GoodFirms that post details about a company along with reviews. Their affirmation and overall positive reviews mean it is safe to go ahead with the team in question.

3. Test their Technical Proficiency

It is important to check the technical proficiencies of a development company. The best WordPress development company will always remain updated with the latest trends in the industry.

You can ask them questions related to trends in WordPress or necessary functionalities for a successful project. The answers to your questions will give an idea about the technical knowledge of the team.

If you don’t think this is enough, then you can ask them to create a small section of the website. This will also help you get a glimpse of how the team designs, how smooth is the implementation of functionality, etc.

4. Problem Solving Capabilities

The development process of a website is complicated. During the project, many problems can come up. Hence, you will need a WordPress developer that can quickly make decisions and overcome hurdles.

Such qualities can be found in experienced developers and will be helpful for an efficient development cycle. To test their problem-solving skills, present them with problematic situations. Their response will tell you whatever you need to know.

5. Communication is Essential

Communication is a soft skill necessary for any industry. Here, it is the key to the smooth completion of the project. In your initial meeting with a development company, note their communication channels and skills.

Check how the professionals are expressing their ideas and how well they understand your requirements.

A communication gap can lead to serious consequences for the project. For instance, a miscommunication between you and the team about an important functionality.

If it turns out to be the opposite of what was required, time, effort, and money is all wasted. Hence, identify the communication gaps at the initial stage itself.

6. Their Availability

While choosing a WordPress web development company, ask about the team who will be working on the project. Also, if the team has a senior developer, designers, testers, etc. Ask the agency in question who will be communicating with you on a daily basis for updates on the project.

We have all heard reviews from other businesses of their technology partners suddenly becoming unavailable. To avoid such a situation, know all ways of reaching them or know the single point of communication in the in-house team.

7. Check How Creative They Are

The best WordPress development company will know how to make your business stand out from the competitors. They will start right at the design stage. The agency will leverage the popular platform and its features to create a unique design.

Moreover, they will try to implement functionalities that your competitors are still not using. We all know unique features are the way to attract customers.

Therefore, make sure that the development team has come out of the box ideas for your project. It is necessary that the team is creative because they can make or break your project.

8. The Adopted Approach

The work approach of a custom WordPress development company will have a significant impact on the final outcome. For instance, companies usually choose from Agile methodology or DevOps for their project.

The aim of both methods is essentially the same, but the way to achieve it differs. In both cases, you will get high-quality software. Don’t forget that their adopted approach will also decide if they can deliver the project on time or not.

However, there is also a possibility that the company did not evolve its approach towards work with the changing times.

The risk here will be that the project is not completed at the right time and doesn’t meet the expectations of the customers either. So, it is recommended you understand in detail their working methods.

9. Marketing Capabilities

An end-to-end development service will cover every aspect of the project. That includes the launch and marketing of the same. Everyone knows that just creating a website is not helpful. Right marketing is what will make it popular among the users.

Therefore, it is necessary that your technology partner also has a marketing team. As the marketing experts know what will interest the audience, you don’t need to worry about the launch.

To test their marketing capabilities, check out what they have done for their previous clients. The numbers of past marketing campaigns will be enough proof.

10. After Service Support

The after-service support is crucial for every business but especially for people who lack technical knowledge. A website may go down, or your customers may face technical issues at any point.

Who do you reach out to in such a case? Yes, your partner agency. To manage all such matters, you need a technology partner that will resolve issues quickly.

Quick solutions will not only ease you but also ensure that customers don’t have a bad user experience.

11. SEO Knowledge

Creating and launching a website is not the end of it. There are countless websites on the internet. To make sure that your website tops the search engine results, you need SEO.

Don’t worry! The best WordPress development company can cover you for that too! In-house SEO experts will know the tactics to leverage SEO for your benefit.

But keep in mind that the results of SEO activities will not be visible overnight. It takes about 3 to 6 months before the website’s ranking will improve.

Not to forget, there are a lot of other factors that come into play with SEO. You can verify the SEO knowledge of the team by asking them about the recent changes in Google’s algorithm. This simple question will tell you if the team is updated with the latest SEO trends or not.

12. Cost of Development

The cost of partnering with a WordPress company is a basic factor to make the decision. However, it is not as simple as it seems. You need to compare cost vs. value in this case.

There will be some service providers who have high prices but also offer valuable support against that. At the same time, there will be some who will be out of your budget and will not offer satisfactory services too.

Therefore, do appropriate research about all the factors that will affect the cost of development. Then compare it with the technology partner’s cost to get a better idea.

The final result of your analysis will decide whether to go ahead with the development company in question or not.


It is a good idea to choose the best WordPress development company as they offer end-to-end services. Another reason is that you cannot master a platform like professionals.

Yes, there are a great number of tutorials and courses available online, but they cannot beat the knowledge and experience of developers.

If you are budget-conscious, then ready-made templates for WordPress can help. But if you want to stand out in the market, then you will need the help of a WordPress development company. The expert team knows how to leverage the power of the platform to your benefit.

The developers will make use of custom themes and plugins to give the website an edge. Having said that, don’t skip the research aspect before partnering with an agency.

Looking at their crucial role, it is no surprise that the wrong choice will cost you a lot more than money. Hence, partner with one only after careful consideration and in-depth research.

Are you all set to find a WordPress development company for your dream project? What if we tell you that don’t look any further? Yes! Your search ends here! Consult our expert WordPress developers on [email protected].

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Keep in mind the following tips while choosing the best WordPress development agency: Check out their portfolio Look at their reviews Test their technical proficiency Problem-solving capabilities Communication is essential Their availability Check their creativity level The adopted approach Marketing capabilities After service support SEO knowledge Cost of development

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Website development can be both – a product and a service. A website development company can choose to label itself as a product or a service company. When these companies create custom websites for their client, it can be called a service. But when the same company develops plugins or themes, then they can be called products.