Do you know which blogging platform is better? Tumblr Vs. WordPress? Let’s find out!

If you have made up your mind to start your own blog, you are probably researching on various blogging platforms. If you are midway into the research, you might know WordPress and Tumblr are the popular names for blogging platforms.

Yes, we know WordPress has a strong market hold, but it wouldn’t do any harm having a look at the competitor right? Who knows Tumblr may turn out to be your favorite? To enable you to make the right choice, we did a detailed comparison of Tumblr vs WordPress.

If you need to dive into the technical details, you may consult your CMS development company, as they will know your project requirements in more detail.

For now, we are safely assuming that you know about WordPress. But before we get down to the WordPress vs Tumblr debate, let us tell you about Tumblr.

What is Tumblr?

Tumblr, a microblogging, and social networking site were founded in the year 2007. It is comparatively a younger blogging platform than WordPress.

In 2013, Yahoo purchased Tumblr and it started getting more users again. Tumblr claims itself to be the simplest way for you to publish your content online.

As users can easily connect on Tumblr, the community is increasing more than over. Yahoo boasts of more than 300 million being created with Tumblr.

Now, that you have a basic idea of what Tumblr is, let’s dive into a detailed comparison!

Tumblr vs WordPress – A Detailed Comparison:

☛ Comparison – 1: Dashboard


As WordPress offers a clean, and simple dashboard it proves to be user-friendly for newcomers. You can instantly know what is happening on your blog pages.

The modules in the WordPress dashboard can be customized as per your convenience.

If you don’t have much technical knowledge and are just starting out with your blog then with WordPress there won’t be innumerable options to worry about.

But let us tell you that when you start adding themes and plugins, using the WordPress dashboard may become a little complicated.


When you are just starting out with your blog page, you can’t afford spending much time on the backend activities. And the Tumblr dashboard will give you exactly that! The Tumblr dashboard is extremely simple.

It is possible to create a post with a few clicks and that too with any media type. Sidebar on the right side will provide you with recommendations to follow or repost interesting content.

The central part will show you posts from the people you already follow along with some recommendations. Apart from all this, essential things like settings and messaging can be accessed quickly. Thus, you can blog in a flash!

In Tumblr vs WordPress, Tumblr is a simpler and easier platform to use.

☛ Comparison – 2: Blogging Process


Although WordPress is considered to be the best blogging platform, it is not as simple as Tumblr. WordPress is highly-functional so there are a lot of more options when you start creating a blog.

The multiple settings prove to be an ideal option for professional bloggers. In spite of all this, it can be said that WordPress will provide you with a beautiful canvas to post content.

The huge customization options in WordPress will prove to be a boon but only if you know what you are doing.


Tumblr blog is solely focused on blogging and you have multiple media format options to post in. Clicking on any of the media format options will allow you to get started with your blog.

The next step is adding hashtags to make it easily visible among the users. There are no extra options in Tumblr to confuse you. Moreover, if you are a new user, the platform even provides handy editing tips.

When it comes to the blogging process, in Tumblr vs WordPress, WordPress is the perfect choice for professionals and Tumblr is the perfect choice for beginners.

☛ Comparison – 3: Customization


We have already told you about multiple customization options available with WordPress. You can choose from thousands of WordPress themes and plugins to completely personalize your blog.

While beginners get the benefit of user-friendly options, professionals can get to the core of any file and modify its details.

The best part about WordPress is that the huge community of developers is always ready to help if you want to create your own blog.


Options to customize Tumblr are limited. You can edit certain elements of the blog like the cover image, profile picture, colors, and fonts.

There are also a number of Tumblr themes for writers that can alter the overall appearance of your blog. The free Tumblr themes are the basic ones.

If you want Tumblr customized themes or design-savvy ones, then you will have to pay a price. Experiences users still have the option to customize their blog’s HTML, but if you want something feature-rich then Tumblr is probably not the right choice.

In terms of customization, WordPress is the clear winner in the Tumblr vs WordPress debate.

☛ Comparison – 4: Ownership


When you create a website with, it is yours. The space that you are renting from a hosting company may not be yours but the files on its servers are your possession.

No matter what you do with your blogging site, it is your decision.

Yes, some hosting companies have stringent rules about posting content, there is always an option to change your hosting company. But ultimately no one will be able to take down your site.


We already told you that Tumblr is owned by Yahoo. It ultimately means that Yahoo owns your blog too.

If Yahoo decides to shut down the entire thing, then you will lose everything that you have set up from scratch. The only good thing about such a situation is that it is easy to export your website.

Therefore, when it comes to ownership, WordPress is the clear winner in the Tumblr vs WordPress debate.

☛ Comparison – 5: Costing


As WordPress is an open-source platform, it is free. The free part is for the software. But if you want to get your website up for the online community, then you need hosting.

Hosting accounts are not free. So, the free platform becomes something that you pay for every month. The cost may range from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars each month depending on your requirements.


Tumblr is a little different in this case. As Yahoo hosts it, the initial service is free. All you need is a free account and you are good to go.

But if you need a custom domain name then you need to pay. Also, the premium themes will come with a price. Therefore, if you want to set up a blog for free, then Tumblr is the way to go.

Hence, when it comes to cost, Tumblr is entirely free in the Tumblr vs WordPress comparison whereas in WordPress you have to pay for hosting.


That’s our take on Tumblr vs WordPress! We have compared both the blogging platforms on the various parameters for your ease. Every project has unique requirements.

We can only provide you with the facts of both platforms. The ultimate choice between WordPress and Tumblr will depend on your project’s requirements.

To sum up, it can be said that WordPress is the perfect choice for professionals who want every aspect of their blog personalized. On the other hand, Tumblr is the most appropriate choice for beginners or for people from the non-technical background.

If you are not a technical person and yet need all the benefits of WordPress, then you can always hire a WordPress developer for your project.

WordPress developers are experts on the subject, so they can help you with each and every aspect of your dream blogging site. You can trust the developers to make the optimum use of the WordPress platform for your benefit.

Do you still have some doubts about WordPress and Tumblr? Do you want to know which of them is the best choice for your project? Talk to us about your project ideas on [email protected] and we will guide you through the entire process!

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