Do you like to use WordPress Poll Plugins on your website? Find out which one is best to use!

How do you enhance user engagement on the WP or WordPress website in 2020? First is by offering content that interests the users and second is the most effective one which is through surveys and polls.

Performing polls by utilizing social profiles are possible but when you run a poll on a blog, you can witness a huge difference as most users can then receive access to your poll & can participate as well. By this, the results will be more precise & detailed.

If you are also thinking of heading towards the same direction, availing the services of a Custom WordPress Development Company will help you in getting hands-on the preeminent WordPress Poll Plugins.

With the plugins, polls can be managed from the WP dashboard.

10+ Best Survey and WordPress Poll Plugins in 2020:

1. WPForms

Did you know you could build survey forms within a few minutes nowadays?

This WordPress survey plugin comes with a drop & drag survey form builder that helps you in creating online surveys without the need for any code.

There is a robust conditional logic attribute as well by which personalizing the survey questions is possible by depending on the user’s preceding answer.

Features include:

  • Get hands-on the best poll survey with WPForms’s Smart Survey fields. Here you can find fields like multiple choice and Likert scale.
  • Generate polls easily & showcase real-time upshots on your website.
  • You can streamline the workflow as you can view all the leads in a single place with the Entry Management feature.
  • It is among the most sought-after beginner-friendly WordPress Poll Plugins in the current market as it comes with pre-built workflows & form templates.
  • WPForms is also a mobile responsive solution which means that the contact forms will look amazing on all sorts of devices like tablets, desktop, mobile, and laptop.

Download WPForms

2. Polldaddy Polls & Ratings

Right from your WP dashboard, you can generate & manage polls by using Polldaddy Polls & Ratings.

This is one of the best poll plugins for WordPress. With this plugin, you can achieve a lot of things such as customizing the poll styling, creation of numerous choice polls, hide or display poll results on the website, etc.

Features include:

  • It is considered a highly effective WordPress poll plugin as the polls are completely customizable and also can set up close dates for the various polls.
  • The polls that you create can also be embedded on various other websites. Not only you can gather unrestricted votes but fabricate unlimited polls as well.
  • The WordPress voting plugin comes with a rating menu that enables you in embedding ratings into the posts, comments or pages.
  • The plugin enables you to avail of the Top Rated widget feature by which you can position the widget in the sidebar. You can see the top-rated posts, comments and pages of today, next week and the next month as well with the widget.
  • Polls are currently accessible in languages like Galician, Arabic, Danish, German, Hungarian, Croatian, Bosnian, Russian, Swedish, etc.

Download Polldaddy Polls & Ratings

3. Gravity Forms

When it comes to your WP powered website, using Gravity Forms is a must as you can get hands-on advanced forms with this noteworthy tool.

With a specialized contact form, you will never lose valuable leads & it will only help you in advancing your business.

Along with this, you can largely benefit from the Gravity Forms Polls Add-on by which you can rapidly deploy polls by utilizing the authority of Gravity Forms.

This is a sought-after poll generator these days as you can add fields in the forms that ask questions to the users arrest their response and display the results of the particular poll on form submission.

Features include:

  • Right from the WP form submissions, you can observe the combined survey results & filter the information for suiting your requisites.
  • Gravity Forms is equipped with several capabilities that let you craft advanced surveys everywhere on the WordPress website. It also comes with the advanced conditional logic feature.
  • You can engage & interrelate with your website visitors for gathering feedback. Then you can engage in making educated decisions depending on form submissions.

Download Gravity Forms

4. Responsive Poll

This responsive poll WordPress plugin is the gorgeous one as it comes with 7 eye-catching animated chart kinds for showcasing voting results.

Insertion of numerous polls on a single page is possible with this plugin only if you want to display more than a solitary poll. This plugin is based on Bootstrap along with 3 layered rigid security for shielding your survey & website.

Features include:

  • The interface is user-friendly along with a mobile-first approach.
  • You can create, delete or edit polls.
  • Unrestricted number of polls.

Download Responsive Poll

5. Jotform WordPress Forms

By using this tool’s 110+ free forms templates, you are able to customise your WordPress forms however you like and easily embed them into your site to start collecting and analyzing data from your users.

Features include:

  • Get access to 30+ payment gateways to directly collect payments from your forms.
  • Make smart forms using conditional logic to add a personalised touch for your users and improve your response rate.
  • Use app integrations to streamline your workflow and connect with your favourite cloud storage, CRM, or mail marketing apps.
  • Visualise your data with report builders which convert form submissions into reports that update in real time.
  • The free plan includes all the features you would want to try before your upgrade to a paid plan.

Download Jotform WordPress Forms

6. YOP Poll

With this WordPress Poll Plugin, you can craft eye-catching surveys on your WP blog. Running numerous polls concurrently is possible & on activating the plugin, you receive complete control over this tool.

Features include:

  • Edit/Delete/Create/Clone poll – you can intervene in the poll whenever you want if you think it is necessary.
  • You can display one or more than one poll on the website just by toting up the equivalent poll ID. A random display can also be made for the active polls.
  • The vote permission feature restricts the voting availability to guests. User access is blocked by username, cookie, and IP.

Download YOP Poll

7. Opinion Stage

If looking for the best WordPress poll plugin that enables you in adding surveys to your website, Opinion Stage is the best you have got.

It is very effective, comes with a dashboard and is easy for utilization. You can assess the conversion rates with this as well.

Features include:

  • Free templates availability lets you create surveys and polls rapidly.
  • You can integrate videos and images in the quizzes, surveys, and polls.
  • Add your preferred logo and also display poll results in real-time.

Download Opinion Stage

8. Advanced Polls for WordPress

If your voting plugin doesn’t offer you the options of numerous answers & choices, then you must change your plugin as getting hands-on a responsive plugin is very important.

In that case, Advanced Polls for WordPress that is Bootstrap based will be perfect for your website. Here you can actually display the results in a smart popup with several graphical figures that will very easily arrest the user’s attention to all your surveys.

Features include:

  • This WordPress vote plugin performs fantastically on recent WordPress versions.
  • The poll enables you in inserting media and images into the poll answers.
  • As per your specification, you can customize the themes with eight chroma preset themes & numerous style options.

9. GetSiteControl

Powering your WordPress website with a WordPress Survey plugin like GetSiteControl holds significance as you can learn about the enhancements you need to bring in your website.

Adding surveys with this plugin is extremely simple. With this, you can adjoin opt-in promotion notifications and subscribe forms to your website as well.

Features include:

  • Audience targeting is possible by their location, browser, language, OS, device, traffic source, etc. Combine these parameters for specific audiences and then you can craft personalized messages.
  • This is one of those WordPress Poll Plugins that is equipped with Exit-intent technology. By this, you can display popups right when the user thinks of abandoning the webpage. This feature can be aptly used for providing last-minute offers.
  • You can send automated emails to the visitors who have subscribed to the newsletter or filled a survey.

Download GetSiteControl

10. Modal Survey

Modal Survey is a poll plugin WordPress with which you can receive feedback from those who have already visited your website.

Starting from embedding surveys in contents to displaying surveys as pop-ups, you can do it all with such WordPress Poll Plugins. You can even utilize a bar and pie chart and a progress bar for exhibiting the survey results.

Features include:

  • Polls contain the Parallax effect at the time of Page Scroll.
  • For every questionnaire, you can set the start & expiry time.
  • It is a responsive and mobile-friendly WordPress Poll Plugin.

11. RafflePress

A highly effective method of conducting surveys is through the help of RafflePress which is a very good WordPress Survey plugin.

While you host giveaways on the WordPress website, you actually enhance your online growth.

The plugin is highly regarded for its surveys and polls feature that can be utilized for asking individuals inflowing your contests for filling out. It will offer you instant insight into all the information.

Features include:

  • RafflePress can be easily utilized even by non-tech savvy individuals. This is for both polls and surveys function and giveaway attributes.
  • You can expect a huge amount of engagement on your website as the giveaway system of this voting plugin when paired with polls offers users extra entries on completion of the poll or survey.
  • You can cultivate your email list and attain more users to poll as the plugin connects to numerous email marketing services.
  • Clear showcasing of results can be witnessed with the reporting interface feature. The data visualization feature is very easy to apprehend.

Download RafflePress

12. Quiz and Survey Master

When looking for the best WordPress survey plugins, Quiz and Survey Master is a very popular name.

This is because the plugin was designed originally for helping you master the art of creating surveys and quizzes on your WP website.

Features include:

  • The plugin can be set to email the subscribers after the completion of the survey, to redirect them to other pages on the website or to offer a thank you to them.
  • Reporting is accessible in the premium edition.
  • You can craft WordPress quizzes with scores, interactive answers, and leaderboards.
  • Keeping users engaged in the best way is possible as the plugin enables you to produce multi-step survey forms.

Download Quiz and Survey Master


Surveys & polls are highly engaging techniques of keeping users hooked to your website. These also assist you in decreasing the bounce rate of your website to a large extent.

Hire CMS developer today from whom you can receive complete assistance for running the most appealing polls. When you run surveys you know what your customers and visitors are feeling that will again help you in making enhancements for advancing your business.

Get started with our services today for making 2020 a highly rewarding year.

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