Service management software which is revolutionary in its own way to provide management options with operations, services, and business for the information technology sector is the ServiceNow software. This proves as the answer to ‘What is Service Now?’

Further, the ServiceNow software is just like the Microsoft suite where the software needs to be just installed on to the system and it automatically gets compatible with the Windows version operating on the system.

ServiceNow belongs to the cloud computing category. Statista has predicted that the market for public cloud computing shall grow to reach around $250 billion in 2020, about $289 billion in 2021, and approximately $331.2 billion in 2022.

The features of ServiceNow are the main reasons which attract most of its users. Some of these are listed below:

☛ Usage of the unique Agent Intelligence

ServiceNow tool makes use of the dynamic information which the customers make use for business management along with the help of machine learning and Agent intelligence. This helps in working upon the various genres, routes, and projects with the help of. Also, the level one of such a support system shall invest about 12 hours in a week after request categorization in the most effective way with toolbars and tabs.

☛ The feature of a flow designer

This particular feature helps in creating a workflow without any syntax complications. Natural commands developed with the English language are used mostly for working with a hub for integration in such a way that the whole system works in a very efficient manner. The flow designer gives the software of ServiceNow a structure to function in a systematic manner.

☛ Service management for information technology

The feature of ServiceNow reporting shall be viewed or experienced through its service management for information technology in such a way that virtual assistance for its various users can be experienced without any hassles.

For enabling a seamless experience for various users, the virtual assistance of IBM Watson has been synchronized for enabling communication in a way that errors at the basic levels can be tackled effectively and information can be retrieved from the server. Apart from this, there are also features for managing major errors and advice for the necessary actions to be taken by ServiceNow.

☛ Managing operations for information technology

ServiceNow manages operations for information technology in a very different manner as compared to that of Fresh Service and Manage Engine Service Desk. ServiceNow enables a unique feature of traffic based system for mapping business services. This is basically done on the basis of traffic which is experienced through network combined with machine learning for efficiency. There also exists a feature of user guidance in an effective way which helps in mapping the service to the user. The integration and mapping services are integrated in a way that the content of the application gets mapped to the user without any obstacle for access.

☛ Business management for information technology

ServiceNow tutorial shall show that the software helps in planning various business activities based on the capacity of the entire business and shall help in viewing the total hierarchy of the particular business. Also, this particular feature enables a portfolio management system for technology just like that of finance. This shall enable in scrutinizing the technology in terms of debt and its lifecycle. Enables building up a schedule like a calendar feature where backdated records can be viewed along with the addition of stories to sprints involved in the functioning of the software.

Further, there also is a provision for an interface which includes drag and drops to encourage forecasting through the tool.

☛ Asset Management of software

ServiceNow shall help in asset management software in such a way that data packs for IBM and VMWare work on Microsoft and Oracle to avoid the greater risk of license auditing. Also, there is the use of subscription management software like Office 365 for monitoring costs and data usage for the business. Further, there is also a specialized feature for identifying the compliance as well as the cost involved according to demography with regard to business units and cost center. There also is a feature for identifying blacklisted or illegal license for software which is banned for use.

☛ Operations for Security

ServiceNow ticketing tool also assists in operations for security in such a way that the software which has not been configured appears to the user. This later can be repaired for the software to function properly.

There also is a feature which additionally helps in identifying the attack for hacking the network or sensitive data mainly through emails or attachments floated across through the intranet. These are mainly baits which are identified on time to avoid greater problems with the particular data.

☛ Governing, risk management, and monitoring compliance

With respect to compliance, there is constant monitoring in such a way that the structure is maintained in the corporate and the configuration changes which have not been planned are also monitored. Also, there shall be heat maps which shall be encouraged to be visualized by the particular user. There shall also be exceptions in policies for risk management.

For ensuring specialized compliance, ServiceNow also includes Sarbanes Oxley structuring of profiles along with risks and controls for the same. For the same reason, this feature turns useful for

  • DHL Logistics
  • Barclays Bank
  • Moody’s services for investors
  • National Laboratory of Oak Ridge
  • Postal services for United Services
  • Communications by Turner
  • York medical
  • Service management for clients

Using the ServiceNow ticketing system, a specialized feature for booking an appointment for availing a special service can be availed. This involves fixing an appointment for acquiring a specialized service through particular online software for the same. The CSM also helps in activity by engaging the community by helping them in registration for the application and also using their knowledge effectively.

Further, there is also the availability of personalized dashboards for employees according to the hierarchy. This is available to them in the form of mobile applications also.

Advantages of ServiceNow:

☛ Limited access to service brochures

ServiceNow provides immense security for the service catalogs for various businesses in a way that the access is not provided to all. For accessing the data, a particular user requires to register first and get the details verified and then get through the domain of the data. The best part here is that there actually is no need for complicated syntax to enable access and order through the brochures. Normal language can also work as a command.

☛ Managing various knowledge management systems

Learn ServiceNow for managing various knowledge management systems in such a way that various workflows in regard lifecycles, the structure of categories, as well as projects can be accessed through multiple knowledge bases rather than a singular one. Also, it has a unique feature which enables editing, modifying, or even deleting various articles base on knowledge in the particular domain.

☛ Making use of suites for a test application

Test applications can be run in both ways that are either through a particular spreadsheet or either through a suite for the test application. ServiceNow chooses the suite structure for test application which involves all the processes right from the creation of a particular test plan to the signing-off after the particular process is completed. All of these features are included in the Project Workbench and are linked to the Project Portfolio Suite.  This also involves viewing the whole project at once.

☛ Encourages the view of the project through a special suite

ServiceNow encourages the viewing of the entire project through a special suite known as the Project Workbench which involves the editing, creation, modification, and deleting of data with the help of two panes which involve a combination from PPS as well as SDLC which are placed one above the other.

The top pane involves the view of the entire project through timelines and milestones which need to be completed in phases to build the entire structure efficiently. The bottom pane involves the details to be included in the particular phase with the help of interaction in real time which binds the timeline, the task board which is visual, and the view in the list form.

☛ Enabling tasks for maintaining assets

ServiceNow enables tasks for maintaining assets in such a way that regular and preventive measures are taken in regard for asset maintenance of a particular organization on a regular basis. This also involves monitoring of the assets and maintaining it through a structure of metrics. The analytics for the same is then monitored closely such that the assets are maintained in an effective and efficient manner.

This particular advantage can be viewed in a better way for the automobile industry wherein the total stock of vehicles or heavy automation can be maintained effectively and defects can be avoided.

☛ Tracking of costs and quality through finance management of IT

This advantage relates to the financial aspect of a certain organization which can be monitored and reported with the use of the particular tool. The costs can be tracked in a way that the effective use of financial resources is made in such a way that not a single penny is dropped into losses. This tool also helps in cost optimization in such a way that a virtual financial ledger is maintained for the same. The technology is designed in such a way that the financial aesthetics remain the same in the manual as well as the virtual mode.

☛ Various user interfaces for various versions

The user interface of version 15 which has been introduced in Fuji and 14 in that of Eureka is totally different from each other in a way that the former is an advanced version of the later. The feature that distinguishes both of these versions is the Bootstrap coding which has been enabled in the front end.

The advantage of this is that the layout turns out to be more responsive than others in comparison. Chatbots or channels for communication shall include conversations individually as well as in groups to help in resolving problems of the user.


ServiceNow software is basically a cloud service software which can help various organizations in their operations to function in a seamless manner. This particular software has a solution for every minute problem faced by the organization in such a way that the end user can tackle and resolve any problem in the most effective manner.

In comparison to other such cloud services, with ServiceNow training, all organizations making use of this particular service have benefitted in profits and revenue.