WordPress has become famous largely due to its ability to manage content and hosting it through a server. Apart from this, there also is an additional feature of WordPress chat plugin for chatting or providing assistance to the clients or visitors to the website.

A research conducted by ISITWP reads that the total market share in the content management genre for WordPress is about 60.2%.

Further, free live chat software has changed the way WordPress users experience support for their queries.

Here are some of the best chat plugins for WordPress which have exquisite features and advantages for its various users:

1. WP Live Chat Support

This is a free tool which even has the ability to host the chat feature on other servers as well.

☛ Features:

  • One among the most popular WordPress live chat plugins
  • Ability to support different live chats simultaneously
  • Integrated with Google Analytics

☛ Benefits:

  • Client Satisfaction

A satisfied client can be achieved through such live chat software which indicates the growth of the brand or the business accordingly.

  • Highly versatile in use

Such a plugin for enabling live chat can be used for almost any industry or economic sector for providing assistance and guiding their respective clients.

2. Tidio Live Chat

It is a live chat application which functions similar to a messenger application for chatting with a particular client.

☛ Features:

  • Tidus the Chabot is based out of artificial intelligence
  • Client service around the clock all days of the week
  • Operating systems such as Android and IOS are friendly with such a plugin

☛ Benefits:

  • Availability of free subscription

Tidio provides free subscription for its plugins for WordPress users along with paid plans and thus is cost-effective in nature for a startup company or brand.

  • All in one solution

Tidio contains all features including emails, chat, and messenger in one particular software. This enables hassle-free use of the website.

3. Pure Chat

This particular live chat software enables a unique feature of live chat rooms for numerous users at the same time.

☛ Features:

  • Live chat feature with personalized chat rooms for clients
  • Supported by Android and iOS platforms for a larger reach
  • Availability through the mail, phone, Twitter, as well as Google Maps

☛ Benefits:

  • Metrics monitoring visitors

Special features of visitor analytics or related metrics help in monitoring the number of clients who have checked out products or services or just added it to their wish list. This also helps in converting the leads into sales.

  • Can help in maintaining contacts in the absence of a CRM

This particular live chat plugin is so dynamic that it can help in maintaining a domain or directory of multiple contacts even in the absence of a customer relationship management software.

4. Zendesk Chat

Zendesk like its name is the master of all live chat applications due to the factor that it concentrates on real-time assistance to clients through live chat support.

☛ Features:

  • Helps in building a self-service and dynamic customer environment
  • Inbuilt structure of Salesforce and CRM for managing contacts
  • Live chat features include private and public forums for solving queries and posting offers or coupon codes

☛ Benefits:

  • Engaging high-value clients

The live chat window shall pop up with either discounts or offers at the checkout window or the product window o encourage sales of the particular product or service and engage high-value clients.

  • Advantage of artificial intelligence

The presence of a chatbot or artificial intelligence in the live chat plugin shall help monitor the clients or visitors attending the particular website even when the online mode is not available.

5. iFly Chat

It is free live chat software suitable mostly for a community based or social networking website like matrimony.

☛ Features:

  • Immediate and responsive personalized chat box for various clients or visitors to the particular website
  • Development of various chat rooms through cascading style sheets
  • Premium feature of group chats for a specified group of clients

☛ Benefits:

  • The option of deleting chats

From the admin end all the necessary chats between the visitor or the client by deleted to maintain privacy and save up storage. Also, this feature can be turned on or off upon requirement.

  • Customization of chat room themes

The wallpaper and stickers of the particular chat room are highly customizable through colors and themes along with the language to be used.

6. WP- a chatbot for Facebook Messenger

This particular live chat tool enables a certain entrepreneur to add Facebook messenger to their website for chat support.

☛ Features:

  • Enables the client or customer to raise their grievance without logging into the app
  • Helps the client or visitors to save up storage and time for customer support
  • Latest offers or discounts can be updated without any hassles through a common messenger app.

☛ Benefits:

  • One common messenger

A client if places an order shall not require to log into the app, again and again, to track their shipment and can do the same through online or offline assistance.

  • Mobility to the client

Even if the email address is not available of the particular client then the client can be reached through the messenger and be notified regarding all the related information.

7. Hubspot all-in-one marketing

Hubspot ranks among the top WordPress plugins which aid the marketing of a particular product or a website through a live chat and chatbot system.

☛ Features:

  • Real-time or online customer support
  • Artificial intelligence support for offline
  • Inbox facility for online and offline conversations

☛ Benefits:

  • Integrated to Gmail and Outlook

The mail systems are integrated to both Google and Microsoft respectively.

  • Social media integration

The leads generated from social media sources like Facebook or Instagram can be directly integrated into the live chat CRM.

8. REVE Chat

REVE comes handier in customer support as it supports video and audio features for all its clients through the live chat window.

☛ Features:

  • Video and audio chat enabled
  • Social media messaging
  • Reasonable price and a free subscription

☛ Benefits:

  • Robust and durable

This particular live chat software is highly robust and durable for audio and video features.

  • Supported by all mobile operating systems

This particular live chat software is supported by Android and iOS.

9. Wise Chat

This particular live chat plugin for WordPress also can accommodate multiple chat windows and real-time customer assistance with the same.

☛ Features:

  • Hassle-free installation
  • Variety of themes
  • Supported by all mobile gadgets

☛ Benefits:

  • The facility of chat rooms

There are many chat rooms that can be created for a personalized experience.

  • Access to anonymous users

Provide access to anonymous users in such a way that there is no hassle of logging in.

10. Live chat by Formilla

Formilla enables live chat software for WordPress websites which are paid as well as free with one message to appear at a time.

☛ Features:

  • Visitor analytics in real time
  • Messages to visitors in a preferred language
  • Customization of chat

☛ Benefits:

  • Mobile support

Live chat support by Android and iOS

  • Group chat

Live chat enables group chats for common problems.

11. Soch

Social chatting is also known as Soch which enables live chat feature for WordPress customer service in a faster way.

☛ Features:

  • Multiple accounts can be managed
  • Timing for online and offline modes
  • Customized message by a chatbot

☛ Benefits:

  • Compatible to browsers

The live chat tool is compatible with all possible browsers.

  • Responsive operating systems

Compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows.

12. WhatsApp Chat for WordPress

A plugin for adding WhatsApp messenger service for providing a personalized live chat service to customers can be installed in WordPress.

☛ Features:

  • Clients get personally notified for the information or product they need
  • Chatbot service through WhatsApp is a unique technology
  • Supported by Android and iOS
  • Works seamlessly on all related gadgets

☛ Benefits:

  • Common app for clients

For every notification, the client does not need to open the app every time there are any queries.

  • Hassle-free support for business

A website can be well supported through WhatsApp to provide personalized and seamless support for business.

13. All-in-one support button

This particular live chat software provides a widget like a tab to its customers for choosing from a variety of chat options like Skype, chatbot, Facebook messenger, or WhatsApp for registering queries to be solved.

☛ Features:

  • All options of messenger service under one particular widget
  • Providing comfort to all clients and visitors with the options provided
  • Provision of artificial intelligence for all the messenger services

☛ Benefits:

  • One stop for all solutions

Clients and visitors can wish to get notified through their own choice of messenger service including Skype and Viber.

  • A dynamic model for handling all queries

The live chat software is so dynamic that it can handle all the messenger services which are added.

14. Drift

Drift is a live chat software that supports online as well as offline options for attending to the queries of its various customers.

☛ Features:

  • Provides notifications for real-time client queries
  • Has an offline mode to support 24/7 client assistance
  • Assists in getting email addresses of all the visitors and clients

☛ Benefits:

  • Faster client conversion

The real-time feature shall help in faster client conversion in such a way that all the queries can be solved on the spot and the client is satisfied by the service.

  • Resolving queries faster

Drift enables resolving queries of the client faster through its offline mode for assistance which is powered by a chatbot and artificial intelligence.

15. Crisp Live Chat

Last but not the least in the list is a live chat support system which specializes in providing online and offline modes for resolving doubts of various visitors.

☛ Features:

  • The live chat plugin process shall not require any professional knowledge
  • The presence of a special inbox for all messages
  • Experience of a virtual conversation with visitors

☛ Benefits:

  • Local languages built-in

There are almost 50 local languages built in this live chat support software to help various clients to converse in their very own vernacular language.

  • Chatbot and artificial intelligence shall help in a personalized experience

The presence of chatbot and artificial intelligence in the offline mode for customer service help the client or the visitor gain a personalized experience by getting welcomed or a solved query.


These are the various WP live chat plugins which help a certain startup or business to roll out their discounts and offers to their clients and visitors and resolve their queries through online or offline chatbot modes.

The premium or paid modes have a chat plugin with all additional and premium features for catering to all prospective clients or visitors.