It was past when people used to travel miles to go to the market to purchase something.

While this present time has a different picture; today, people do travel miles, but not to go to the market. The market has reached online to them.

You wish to buy a pretty dress like that actress is wearing but are busy with a packed schedule? Don’t worry, just a few searches online and with a few clicks, your order is placed and Ta-Da, here you receive your favorite dress at your door-step.

According to a Statista Report, 53% of global internet users made an online purchase in 2016. (US Department of Commerce, 2017). Also, 93% of consumers consider visual appearance to be the critical deciding factor in a purchasing decision. (Justuno, 2017).

Thus, this has become vital to have an eCommerce store for every business.

Here, we come up with some Mantras to make your eCommerce website development a huge success.

Mantra #1 – Set realistic business objectives:

It is a fundamental part of any business to set the targets.

While you consider eCommerce website development for your business, it is necessary to establish realistic business goals.

The goals need to be short-term to measure and need to be achievable within a notable span of time.

The objectives must be talking numbers to the business such as aiming to increase the sales by X%, obtaining Y number of new customers in the coming quarter, and much more.

Many times, business’ focus on the long-term goals ignoring the present situation, just pushing it by all means. They work with the guidelines set for that long-term goal, but they forget that the present is the one that leads to the future and they make mistakes. Don’t do this thing. It can eventually bring significant losses to the business, as you cannot say what will be effective after one year from today.

Mantra #2 – Get a favorable business strategy

An eCommerce business runs on complete support of the strategies.

The effectiveness of your strategies can derive the amount of success your online store can attain.

It must be aligned with your business strategy as it is the online version of your physical store.

It must have a well-defined IT strategy supporting it like having the best eCommerce website design company assisting you with the e-commerce development.

Mantra #3 – Revisions to bring resolutions

Many times, it happens that the strategies go out of the track of the objectives, which in return can bring conflicts in the business.

An e-commerce store owner should always be ready to take steps to resolve any conflicts hindering the progress.

He should be ready to bring revision on the existing eCommerce website development services to get the best out of that and get clear on the path to achieve the business objectives established.

The strategies should be revised to achieve the desired increase in sales or improved margins.

There are these some of the top eCommerce development companies experienced in eCommerce website development along with the strategies that can guide your business in a winning direction.

An experienced eCommerce development company is also aware of the market trends, so they can guide you with the strategies such as marketing of your store, bringing the SEO rankings up, increasing the web traffic, social and affiliate marketing strategies, and much more.

Mantra #4 – Calculate the Development Cost

It would help if you kept a note of the budget plan before hiring an eCommerce development company.

One should not overlook the hidden costs. Everything related to the development cost should be checked and agreed upon to avoid the tragedies while and post the eCommerce website development.

There are various numbers of CMS frameworks available that provide the e-commerce store development facility.

You can always hire an online website development company for that, but before hiring one, you need to be clear at your end with the budget plans.

The complete development cost must be considered by the business owner which includes software, hardware, services, maintenance, support, upgrades, administration, marketing, and everything further.

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Mantra #5 – Keep an eagle’s eye on the UI & UX

In this world of killing online trade, it is entirely necessary that you offer fabulous deals to your customers keeping the sales strategies in mind to increase the business.

Well, that’s not enough; the above is a business strategy that almost every e-commerce store applies. However, there are some factors which matter a lot in holding the customers on your store to view the products and deals.

It is the UI and UX of your e-commerce store that lets the visitor enjoy the facilities of the store.

Focus on your e-commerce store making it engaging with the customer. The design and graphics must be soothing, at the same time, attracting the customers to hang on with your e-commerce store.

It should represent your store’s business theme and must be easy for customers to navigate throughout the store.

You can hire one from the list of top eCommerce development companies to help you with an e-commerce store that is web as well as mobile responsive, as the crowd walks on with their mobile phones in hand. Your business should be the quickest one to reach out to them before any competition.

Cease the website load time to seconds. Take the help of the best eCommerce website design company to build a store with the most comfortable navigation possible for the store.

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Here, we have mentioned the Mantras which are just a handful in number out from our list of success Mantras we apply for our clients.

We, 21Twelve Interactive, are one of the well-known company for eCommerce website development in India & USA. Here, we have a team of skilled e-commerce developers experienced in WooCommerce and Magento development providing the proficient eCommerce website development services to our clients.

We always love to discuss the parameters that can bring success to your e-commerce store. Considering that, we are just a click away to get in touch with you. Hurry up, get a unique e-commerce store developed for your business by one of the top eCommerce development companies.