Snapchat filters, Instagram Stories, and WhatsApp blue ticks are the major part of the lives of the millennial. We are using these social media applications on a daily basis but have never stopped for a moment and tried to understand the differences between them. So, this blog all about a detailed comparison between WhatsApp vs Snapchat vs Instagram!

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WhatsApp Vs. Snapchat Vs. Instagram:

So, let’s get started with the discussion!


It is a free messaging application for smartphones. WhatsApp is able to send messages, audio/video or images using the internet.

It is similar to a text messaging service but as it operates completely using the internet, the cost of using WhatsApp is lesser. WhatsApp is a popular app due to some amazing features like group chatting, location sharing, and voice messages.

☛ Features

  • Group invitation system
  • Audio picker
  • Fingerprint lock
  • Consecutive voice messages
  • Reply privately

☛ Advantages

  • Free of cost
  • Advertisement free
  • User-friendly
  • Automatic contacts import
  • Location/images/status sharing


It is free to use the mobile messaging app for sharing images, videos, drawings, and text. Snapchat has achieved great popularity among the youngsters in a very short time span.

The major difference between WhatsApp and Snapchat is that in Snapchat the messages disappear from the receiver’s phone after a few seconds. It is a user-friendly application being used mostly for its multiple communication features.

☛ Features

  • Face lenses & world lenses
  • Geo-filters
  • Memories
  • Snap store
  • Shazam

☛ Advantages

  • Easy to connect
  • Secure servers
  • The temporary storage of pictures
  • Pictures editing with Snapchat filters
  • Allows content creation & connecting with people


It is a free and online photo sharing the mobile app and social media platform. Instagram allows users to edit and upload photos/short videos.

Users have the option to add a caption to each of their uploads along with hashtags. These hashtags and location-based geotags make the posts visible to other users of Instagram.

There is also an option to share photos with a single click on other social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

☛ Features

  • Image editing
  • Location tagging
  • Private messaging
  • Filters
  • Hashtags

☛ Advantages

  • Extend your reach
  • Easy to use, fast and beautiful
  • Building engagement is easy
  • Develop a professional network
  • Increases the aesthetic appeal of pictures

Now that we have discussed the basics, let’s get down to the detailed comparison of WhatsApp vs Snapchat vs Instagram!

Head to Head Comparison:

☛ Device Compatibility & Costing

We know that these applications are available mostly on all the devices. WhatsApp is available for Android, iOS, Windows phones, and even desktops. Instagram is also available for iOS and Android.

However, the web version of desktops is very basic in the case of Instagram. Snapchat is the most selective one. It is available only for Android and iOS. All of these applications are free to use as long as you have sufficient data plan.

Thus, device compatibility is one of the major differences between Snapchat vs WhatsApp and Instagram. When it comes to cost there is no major difference between Instagram and Snapchat and WhatsApp.

☛ Navigation

All these applications have matured with time. WhatsApp will open with your chat list, giving you immediate access to previous conversations. There are simple navigation buttons for you to shift between chat, calls, camera or settings.

In the WhatsApp and Instagram comparison, the similarity is that both are owned by Facebook and yet navigation is different. When you open Instagram, you come across the photostream of your friends.

The chat option doesn’t open directly on Instagram. You have to swipe left to go to Instagram Direct page. Instagram is mainly focused on images.

If we compare Instagram and WhatsApp vs Snapchat, then Snapchat has the least intuitive UI. It’s not complicated to use but takes some time to start using it comfortably.

When you open the application the camera appears. For chat window swipe right and swipe left will open stories. Anything uploaded by you or your friends will be deleted in 24 hours. It can be said that Snapchat has a more temporary feel.

☛ Image Sharing & Editing

Instagram is considered to be the pioneer of the filters craze. It still remains a favorite for people who want to have a classic touch to their pictures. The multiple options include crop, color/temperature balance, and multiple images into a collage. Instagram does not have a crazy list of animations like Snapchat but it has Boomerang!

In Instagram vs Snapchat, Snapchat has a more youthful approach. It gives options to add facial animations and artistic style filters. You can also draw on images or include geo-tagged titles.

To sum up, it can be said that Snapchat is more fun than Instagram.

Out of all these applications, WhatsApp is the least fun in terms of image editing. There are a few filters, emojis, texts, etc but the animation is completely missing.

Hence, when it comes to image editing, Snapchat and Instagram take the lead in WhatsApp vs Snapchat vs Instagram debate.

☛ A requirement of a SIM Card

SIM cards act as identification for smartphone users. Messaging applications use phone numbers as a means to identify a user. A phone number is the primary means to access the same application on a different phone.

WhatsApp requires a SIM card to activate the application. There is a common question among people. Can WhatsApp work without a SIM card? Yes, that is possible now once the account has been activated. Users don’t require a SIM card on the same smartphone to use WhatsApp.

In this WhatsApp and Snapchat comparison, Snapchat does not require a SIM card for activation. You need to submit some personal details like full name, email address, and password, etc. Moreover, Instagram too doesn’t require a SIM card for activation. All you have to do is provide your details just like in Snapchat.

☛ Stories

Creating stories is a common feature of all these applications. Stories are a small collection of videos, images or audios that can be combined and shared with friends. Snapchat was the creator of the idea and is still unbeatable in this feature with the Group story mode.

However, the stories feature has become a standard on all social media platforms.


We have given you the basics of all these applications as well as how each of them works. All of these social media platforms can be considered amazing in their own right.

Furthermore, all three applications have a different target audience. For instance, WhatsApp as a platform is used by people belonging to all age groups. On the contrary, Instagram and Snapchat are the application mostly being used by youngsters.

As all these applications are free, they are easily accessible to anyone. In the WhatsApp vs Snapchat vs Instagram debate, there can not be a single winner. The reason being WhatsApp is extremely user-friendly but Snapchat and Instagram have more options to edit and upload images.

If you are planning to get your own social media application that manages to amaze the audiences, then these three applications are a perfect inspiration! Depending on the platform that you choose, hire an iOS app developer or Android developer.

Make sure that you hire developers only after you are sure of their development skills. It is important to know the approximate cost of development beforehand so that you don’t get a surprise at a later stage in the process.

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