In the current world where technology is everything & almost every aspect of our lives revolves around digitalization, using AMP technology is a must. With a WordPress AMP plugin, quick website loading on mobile platforms is possible.

When running Ecommerce on your website, the use of AMP is mandatory. If you are new to this, hire a WordPress Developer for attaining complete support for your website.

AMP is very useful for people who are keen on targeting mobile web users, people who fabricate content and almost all website owners.

12+ Best WordPress AMP Plugins in 2020

Let us take a look at the WordPress AMP Plugins that will help your brand take flight:

1. The official AMP plugin for WordPress

First-time website owners must go with the accelerated mobile pages WordPress plugin that is premeditated by the official AMP project. It is compatible with core themes like Twenty Twenty.

The plugin will display components that are stopping the automation of AMP markup insertion. It will also get rid of CSS or unexploited cascading style sheets so that website owners can stay beneath the AMP-mandated 50K limit.

Tool configuration for following these three template modes is possible:

  •   Transitional – This mode delivers non-AMP & AMP experiences with a similar feel & look.
  •   Standard – This AMP plugin can be utilized for the whole website. Separating the non-AMP & AMP content is not required.
  •   Reader – This template mode displays pages with simple designs that fulfill AMP standards. Every page comes with an AMP URL & a canonical URL.

URL –  The official AMP plugin for WordPress

2. AMP for WP – Accelerated Mobile Pages

Pick this as this is the best WordPress AMP plugin in 2020. Its features are noteworthy that include Call to Action, AdSense, Email opt-in and Contact Form 7 support.

This WordPress AMP plugin is the ideal one for you if you want to make your website look like a mobile application and utilize it for the purpose of digital marketing.

The tool also integrates fantastically with WooCommerce. Sell products online & utilize this feature for a competitive advantage.

URL –  AMP for WP – Accelerated Mobile Pages

3. Structured & Schema Data for AMP and WP

One of the best WordPress plugins for blogs, the tool can help you add markup to the website pages. This will make the website materialize as rich snippets in all search results.

WordPress AMP plugin supports 33 various Schema kinds like blog posts, recipes, news articles, videos & products.

You can get hands-on conditional display fields with this tool by which you can pick the pages and posts that needs marking up. Add reviews & get help from priority support with the premium mode of the plugin.

URL –  Structured & Schema Data for AMP and WP

4. PWA for AMP and WP

This WordPress AMP plugin comes to great use when you want to alter your online portal into a PWA or progressive web app. User experience at its best can be ensured with this tool as it is equipped with advanced web tech whistles & bells.

The AMP plugin renders complete AMP support that is an added advantage. The tool is equipped with multi-site support, cache expiration choices, UTM tracking, etc. The plugin comprises of a service called worker feature and it helps in website optimization.

URL –  PWA for AMP and WP

5. Glue for AMP & Yoast SEO

This is among the top WordPress plugins as it enables the Official AMP plugin for WordPress & Yoast SEO plugin to function together.

With the tool one can easily customize all AMP contents.

The rudimental styling feature is the most prominent feature with which the look of the website can be retained and the feel as well for AMP visitors.

URL –  Glue for AMP & Yoast SEO

6. AMP WP – Google AMP for WordPress

A WordPress mobile plugin that is relatively new in the market but with an impressive statistics of around thousand active downloads.

It is a highly effective WordPress AMP plugin as it renders 5 times faster page loading. It is very much well-matched with Yoast SEO as well.

Some of its features include image lightboxes, slider support, sticky header, support offered for third-party analytics, etc.

URL –  AMP WP – Google AMP for WordPress

7. weeblrAMP CE

Amidst the many, this is the only AMP WordPress plugin that enables developers to attain a fully whole version of the entire website.

It seamlessly integrates with various other tools like WooCommerce, Disqus, Contact Form 7, Google Analytics, Gravity Forms, Google Tag Manager, Jetpack, Facebook pixel, Yoast SEO, etc.

The WordPress mobile plugin comes with template overrides with which complete AMP experience customization is possible.

URL –  weeblrAMP CE

8. AMP it up!

It is going to be the most sought-after AMP 2020 as it does all the work for you. In this busy world and hectic work schedules, what else can a developer possibly want?

Simply install it & activate it and you will be bestowed with a fully AMP-complaint site.

Some amount of manual configuration is required while using this particular tool. The WordPress mobile plugin renders support for YouTube, GDPR, BrightCove, HTTPS, etc.

URL –  AMP it up!

9. AMP stories for WordPress

When the objective is to construct a full screen rapidly loading content on the web, this is the Google AMP WordPress you need to stick with.

The tool can help you get hold of more website visitors and those who are more engaged with your business.

You can incorporate animations, audio, images, text, videos in your very own AMP stories. On your stories, you can even take in a URL.

URL –  AMP stories for WordPress

10. AMP WooCommerce

A top-notch WordPress AMP pages plugin, this is one of the finest tools for AMP eCommerce store, tracking tool incorporation, eCommerce store, etc.

Comprising of a professional model, this WordPress AMP plugin features elevated usability for skill levels of all users.

You can now alter your present WooCommerce store into an imitative AMP version with this tool. During the conversion, all the design options & setting specifications get carried over.

URL –  AMP WooCommerce

11. WP AMP – Accelerated Mobile Pages for WordPress

One of the best AMP plugin for WordPress, this tool is regarded as the best for AMP marketing, multimedia, monetization, promotion, etc.

The plugin is mainly designed for heavy supports & lifting like Google Analytics and WooCommerce.

With the tool, you can easily fabricate advertisement affiliations with various agencies for populating the website with relevant marketing. You can even gain more revenue from online publications.

WP AMP – Accelerated Mobile Pages for WordPress

12. Templatic-Google-AMP

This WordPress AMP plugin is perfect for beginners. Content marketing to a wider audience is possible with this as the tool comes with Advanced Mobile Pages.

Content marketing to a broader view range is also possible via mobile device optimization.

The Google AMP viewer tool largely meets the cooperation requisites of eCommerce businesses, online publications, mobile developers, advertising companies, etc.

URL – Templatic-Google-AMP

13. Facebook Instant Articles and Google AMP Pages by PageFrog

One of the most effective Google plugins, this is most suited for social media blog contents and AMP publications. Including a faultless interface for publishing posts & articles to Facebook and also WordPress website, it is a very effective one.

With this, all content can be directly managed on the WordPress website. You can actually see all the contents synced over the social media platforms almost instantly.

This tool can be used by users of all skill levels. Now optimize and expand your virtual publications with sheer effectiveness with this WordPress AMP plugin.

URL – Facebook Instant Articles and Google AMP Pages by PageFrog

14. AdSense PluginWP QUADS

Over more than 40,000 active installations, this AMP plugin is the best for optimizing all marketed contents of your web page. The tool functions for catering and identifying ads for the preferences of every user.

It also operates for informing administrators about the number of website viewers who are putting into use an advertisement blocker.

You can use this plugin on your tablet, smart TV, phone, computer, etc. Irrespective of where you use it, you will be receiving all the functionalities of Quick AdSense.

The plugin is mainly designed for website developers who tackle all their web advertisements with precision and modesty. Viewers are offered the complete liberty of disabling AdSense. AdSense also never earns a single cent from advertisement based revenues.

The tool provides numerous support subscriptions as well which makes it the best AMP plugin for overall WordPress ads. The automatic mode is perfect for beginners.

URL –  AdSense PluginWP QUADS

15. AMP Supremacy | Accelerated Mobile Pages

When it comes to quick installation & fantastic APM configuration, this is the best AMP you will ever come across. The sole purpose of this plugin is to convert the WordPress website’s categories, pages, tags, posts into a sound AMP format.

It is one of the must-have plugins for WordPress if you want the publications of your website to be competitive on all Smartphone viewing platforms. The plugin is user-friendly as well.

It comprises of all usability tools with which converting & copying a whole WordPress website content to AMP is a piece of cake.

The AMP plugin converts the original content to the stationary HTML script. The site contents can be maintained in entirety as it is effortlessly cached in out-and-out servers.

URL –  AMP Supremacy | Accelerated Mobile Pages


Utilizing AMP plugin by WordPress is a must these days as most people at some point or the other buy products from their Smartphone devices. Late loading of website pages might make users lose interest. It is not recommended to manually integrate AMP technology on your site. But with the use of WordPress, plugins will do all the work for you. Take complete assistance from a sound WordPress Development Company and get all the balls rolling. Contact us today for choosing the correct AMP plugin for your website with the help of experts.

Do you want to speed up your website in mobile with AMP?