Do you want to know how you can use WordPress translation plugin for your WordPress website?

WordPress is one of the most popular platforms to power websites. It is used by all kinds of people across the globe. Putting up content on your WordPress website takes up a lot of effort. So you would definitely want your content to reach a larger audience.

Now, we all know most of the content published online is in English. What if you want to reach an audience whose first language is not English? How to translate a web page?

Instead of translation, you would need a multilingual website. But WordPress doesn’t have an in-built capacity to create multilingual websites. Here comes the role of WordPress translation plugin!

This blog is all about the best WordPress translate plugins. If you want to know more then you can always talk to your WordPress development company.

12+ Best WordPress Translation Plugin for Multilingual Websites in 2020:

Here goes the list of best WordPress translate plugin!

1. TranslatePress

This is a full-fledged WordPress translation plugin for translating individual aspects of a website. The primary feature of this webpage translator is that you can do it directly from the front-end.

The translation process is easy and the results will be reflected immediately in the live preview. An added benefit with this plugin is that you can also translate plugins, content, theme and even meta-data.

It can be said that TranslatePress is the best website translator for doing a manual translation. You can do the job yourself or hand it over to any user on your site.

These users will translate the content without having any access to the admin panel. If manual translation seems like too much work then there is always the Google translate extension for machine translations.

Moreover, this plugin will create SEO friendly URLs for all languages to give you a boost in local SEO results.

URL – Translatepress


WPML is among the most popular WordPress translation plugin. It has powerful translation management with which you can translate themes, content, and plugins, etc. The WPML has two licensing plans – A multilingual blog and Multilingual CMS.

This web page translator has a user-friendly interface for adding translations and managing multilingual content.

Moreover, WPML allows you to connect the website with third-party translation service providers. Select the content that needs to be translated and submit it directly to the website. Thus, WPML is considered to be the best translator.


3. Polylang

Polylang is again one of the powerful WordPress translator plugin to develop a multilingual website.

It has a simple interface for you to easily add translations to widgets, posts, pages and custom post types.

However, you cannot translate your WordPress themes and plugins. Also, the default plugin doesn’t have eCommerce support. You need to purchase an addon for eCommerce support.

On the other hand, with this WordPress multilingual plugin, you can set up SEO friendly URLs for each language. To provide the language selection option, add a language switcher on your website using a sidebar widget.

URL – Polylang

4. Weglot

Weglot is a cloud-based platform to translate a website. It will work with WordPress, BigCommerce, Shopify and more.

While setting up, you will have to enter Weglot API to connect the WordPress site to their platform. The next step is to choose your preferred language and the languages that you want to add.

For translating your content, managing those translations and pushing it on the live website you will have to use Weglot’s website.

Other features of this platform to translate a website are SEO friendly URL support, language switcher button, WooCommerce support, and third-party translation services. Weglot has a monthly pricing structure.

The pricing calculation is done on the basis of the number of languages and translated words. Due to this calculation, Weglot turns out to be a little more expensive than other WordPress translation plugin.

URL – Weglot

5. MultilingualPress

MultilingualPress, the WordPress translation plugin has a different approach as compared to other plugins.

Instead of working on a normal WordPress install, this plugin makes use of an in-built WordPress multisite network for every language.

This method enables the plugin to manage content for each language properly and also improve performance by loading a single language at a time.

You can manage all your translations from a single dashboard. Due to these plugins architecture, every language can be on its own subdomain or directory.

URL – MultilingualPress

6. Translate WordPress with GTranslate

GTranslate is a Google translate WordPress plugin. It will automatically connect to the Google translate API and fetches translations for supported languages.

The Google translate plugin WordPress enables you to add a language switcher to translate a web page easily. The content can also be automatically translated on the basis of the user’s browser language.

Although Google translates plugins offer free translation services, there is also a paid version. In the paid version you can choose SEO friendly URLs and allow the search engines to index the translated content.

URL – Translate WordPress with GTranslate

7. Transposh WordPress Translation

Transposh, the language translate plugin, combines automated machine translations and manual translations. There is also an option to allow the website visitors to contribute to the translation process.

This WordPress translation plugin also allows you to hire professional translational services.

It’s automated translation feature works well with Google, Yandex and Bing translation services.

URL – Transposh WordPress Translation

8. Google Website Translator

Google Translate site plugin enables you to make use of the Google Translate API to translate the web page.

This Google translate plugin for websites will use the default Google translate button that can be displayed anywhere on your website.

Also, you get an option to select the languages that you want to display in the language switcher.

Furthermore, with the shortcode feature, you can provide the option of machine translations for certain web pages. The translated web page will be shown to the users on the selection of a particular language or the plugin may detect it through their browser settings.

URL – Google Website Translator

9. Loco Translate

Loco translate is a little bit different from other WordPress translation plugin that we have discussed here. It will allow you to translate WordPress themes and plugins.

If your theme or plugin is ready for translation then this plugin will let you translate it in the WordPress dashboard.

This plugin has a simple user interface like other popular plugins that have one column for original strings and the other column for translation.

URL – Loco Translate

10. Lingotek Translation

If you like the features offered by Polylang but are not confident about translating everything yourself, then Lingotek is ideal for you.

It is a free translator with a cloud-based management system that is developed on the top of the Polylang plugin. This language converter has three variants called machine translation, community translation and professional translation.

There are a lot of other plugins that provide the option of machine or community translations but Lingotek is unbeatable.

The professional approach of this WordPress translation plugin provides you high-quality, reliable and quick translations.

During the translation process, you can track the progress via a live percentage bar. Once the translation is complete, the translated content is transferred back to the website.

URL – Lingotek Translation

11. Babble

Babble is one of the WordPress translation plugin that is self-governed. Some of the important features of Babble include speed optimization for faster loading time, translation of the website in multiple languages and lesser queries.

As Babble is a self-translate plugin, it will display two versions of the visual editor.

One version has the original content and the other version with a blank canvas to rewrite content in the desired language. Babble is basically a simple way to translate your website content.

URL – Babble Plugin

12. Xili-language

It is a powerful WordPress translation plugin that can be downloaded from the official WordPress plugin repository. You will need a translation-ready theme for your website if you want to use this plugin successfully.

Less than half of the themes in the official WordPress repository are translation-ready. Therefore, we recommend you check your theme properly before installing the plugin.

The Xili language plugin will allow you to create multilingual content as well as change your theme’s language files as per the content language.

The plugin is developer-friendly. Moreover, it comes with a list of hooks and APIs with which you can personalize/customize your theme’s behavior. Thus, Xili-language is definitely the best online translator.

URL – Xili-language

13. Goo Translate Widget

Geo Translate Widget is a lightweight translator that is developed on top of the Google Translator.

The plugin has a translation widget that can be published in your website’s sidebar with a single click. You can also track the performance of your translation widget with the help of Google Analytics.

Goo Translate Widget is different from other plugins in the sense that it won’t save any translated text in your database.

URL – Goo Translate Widget


Here we come to an end of the top WordPress Translation Plugin in the market today. If you want to expand your audience base and want your content to reach more people then these multilingual plugins will assist you.

As these plugins will help you translate your content in the native language, more people will be able to connect with your content.

Most of the plugins that we have discussed here are free to download, install and use. Of course, these plugins come with a paid version too if you want a number of features.

The free plugins will encourage more people to translate their WordPress site into various local languages.

But you may always face the problem of which plugin to choose with such a huge range of them available in the market. Keep in mind that the final choice should always be made on the basis of how you are planning to use it.

These plugins will provide you with both options – automated machine translation and manual translation. So, the ultimate choice of the plugin comes down to your project requirements.

You can get started with the translation of your website content with the help of these plugins immediately and that too in your preferred language!

If you are still confused about which one to choose then your CMS development company can guide you. As they are professionals in the field, they will know which plugin is the perfect fit for your project requirements.

Do you need help in choosing a WordPress translation plugin? Know the perfect choice for your project from our experts at [email protected]!

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