Do you like to do Blogging? WordPress vs Blogger? Let’s find out which one is best!

The initiation of a blog is never easy; it is rather challenging. It comes with learning various SEO techniques for advertising blogs, exploring the outs & ins of blogging platforms and a lot of other tasks.

But before all, you must pick the most effective blogging platform. The two major platforms on the web in the current times are Blogger & WordPress. Both carry manifold features & designs that can be sometimes confusing for budding bloggers.

By learning the notable differences between WordPress vs. Blogger, you will be able to establish authority in your particular niche and gain more traffic.

Also gaining in-depth knowledge about the pros and cons of the platforms will help you to decide whether you require the services of a Blogger or WordPress Development Company.

WordPress vs Blogger: A Detailed Comparison:

☛ Comparison – 1: Ownership

The factor that first becomes important while discovering the differences between WordPress vs blogger is ownership.

When you have complete possession of your blog, you will have the liberty of deciding everything starting from how to monetize and handle the blog, how to bring it to an end, etc.


This is a blogging service that finds its ownership in the hands of Google. Google only has the right to keep your blog going or shut it down as per its own clauses. For instance, Google in the past has abandoned projects like Feedburner without any warning.


WordPress is the best place to start a blog if you are a newbie as a WP hosting provider hosts your website. Here you own every data and have control over which information you want to share and with which third party.

☛ Comparison – 2: Design & appearance options

To attract more users & keep them engaged on your website, you need to focus on the design and appearance of your blog. This decreases bounce rates as well.

But getting hands-on eye-catching designs is only possible when you select the best blogging platform 2020. For this, understanding the differences between WordPress vs. Blogger holds significance.


If you want your blog to turn into one of the best blog sites, then you need to think twice before choosing Blogger as the platform. This comes with a restricted amount of templates and these look quite basic.

Through modification of colors & template layout is possible with the help of built-in tools, making your own modifications will never be possible. In context to design choices, Blogger does not pass with flying colors.


Both premium & free WordPress templates are available and in abundance that makes WP one of the best blogging sites. No matter which type of website you are thinking of building, there is a WP theme for every type.

The themes are of high-quality & you can easily customize & modify them. This is also regarded as the finest free blog platform as there is a collection of more than 7000 free of cost WP themes.

Not only this, but there are stunning drop and drag WordPress page builders that help you in attaining gorgeous landing pages in WordPress. Also, you do not require any code for crafting custom WP themes.

☛ Comparison – 3: Support options

When seeking for the best blog platform, the critical factor that needs to be considered is support. Checking the availability of a dependable support system when required is important.


While contemplating whether and how to use Blogger platform, you must know that support available is limited here. The platform comes with basic documentation & user’s forum.

On the admin panel, users can click on the help option for acquiring the support tutorials. Blogger comes among the free blog platforms which is why Google cannot offer sufficient support to every blog owner.


There are many reasons why WordPress is considered as one of the popular blogs websites. It is equipped with a vigorous community support system. For every plugin and theme on, there are question and answer forums.

In case you use remunerated WordPress products, you can attain dedicated and better support from various production companies.

You can also discover community forums, IRC chat rooms, online documentation, where you can choose to receive help from expert WordPress users & developers.

Along with the community support, it is possible to receive premium support for WP from several companies as well.

Advantages & Disadvantages:

☛ Blogger

  • Google offers its support to Blogger websites which makes this platform quite a popular one if you want your blogs to receive enhanced web exposure.
  • It is one of the popular blog sites because it has an intuitive but easy interface. There is no tedious procedure involved such as installing software for starting blogging.
  • With Blogger, not only you receive good exposure for your blog contents but you also can gain earnings from monetizing the website with Google ads. These are highly rewarding website ads and the creation of good content can help you in maximizing profits.
  • When it comes to plugins, there is a huge inadequacy witnessed that restricts the ability to customize your blog sites.
  • The label pages & blog archive are not Search Engine Optimization friendly.
  • Even if by mistake you violate any of the Blogger content policies, your blog can get deleted. In such cases, bloggers cannot be counted among the top blogging sites for sure.

☛ WordPress

  • WordPress is among the best blog hosting sites for a newbie as a WP website can literally be installed within minutes. You can do it even if you do not have the technical expertise and all you will require is a web hosting account and domain name. Install WP for free through a WP hosting provider where you will witness an intuitive Admin dashboard. All attributes required for creating pages, customizing a website’s layout & heading is possible from the dashboard.
  • This is among the most popular blog sites as the WP plugin directory is fantastic comprising of a plethora of plugins. With the plugins, you can add features like contact forms, shopping carts, and galleries. With the evolvement of your website, you can decide whether to activate, deactivate or uninstall the plugins.
  • WordPress comes with numerous responsive theme designs that will help your blog or website to rank high in the search engines.
  • While considering WordPress to be one of the best blog platforms, you also need to take a glance at the demerits of the CMS platform. Maintenance is a challenge with WP sites and this is because of updates & security flaws. Monthly maintenance requirements make WP little expensive for the long-term.
  • Unless you or your developer modifies WP templates, your website will appear to be generic and will not stand out. Though many sites are sleek and attractive, how will your site be regarded as unique when your competitors also get their hands on the similar sleek looks?
  • WordPress is vulnerable to potential hackers as the platform is open-source. The quality of a WP plugin every time needs to be assessed before installation for mitigating security risks.


There is no doubt about the fact that both Blogger and WordPress are extensively utilized blog platforms.

However, picking one is important for which you need to assess the intention and function of your blog exclusively. To choose one, you must factor in the differences between WordPress vs. Blogger.

Blogger is good for you if your objective is just to create a personal blog & share your own stories. But when you aim higher & engage in crafting a professional blog for earning a living, WordPress definitely steals the show as the platform is more scalable and robust.

With WP, not only adding shops to blogs is possible but you can also fabricate a membership website. Get started with your blog or website today as you Hire CMS Developer who is proficient and experienced. Connect with us today for availing services from our WordPress developers and team.

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