Are you a beginner? Do you want to Learn WordPress Online? Let’s find out how you can learn!

Learning WordPress is possible through blogs, online courses, videos, forums, webinars, etc. But how can you be sure that the particular online course or video that you have picked is the correct skill level for you?

Just how an experienced developer will never read a novice’s WordPress forum, it is the same with beginners as well. There are numerous WordPress tutorials out there that look extremely inviting but you should not engage in gaining too much-advanced information too early.

You can gain insight from a sound WordPress Development Company website as well. But when you decide to learn WordPress online, reverting to effective online resources is important so that you attain the correct skills.

More than 35% of the web is powered by WordPress currently. Your learning curve must never slow down as you can do wonders with this CMS platform for your business.

15 Best Online Resources to Learn WordPress:

1. WordPress guide of DreamHost

One of the best online resources to learn WordPress that tops the list is the WordPress guide of DreamHost. Here you start by steering to the WordPress Basics Page.

Guides on all aspects of WordPress are available in detail over here that includes managed to host assistance, FAQs and developer hacks. The content library of this noteworthy WordPress training center is absolutely stunning.

Moreover you can keep on polishing your skills from time to time as the library is updated every few days. Useful advice, helpful tricks, and tips; you get it all over here.

2. WP101

This edifying video subscription service is highly well known for its WordPress tutorials for beginners where you can get hands-on 100+ videos. WordPress courses are available on Yoast SEO and platform basics.

The expert developer teams keep on updating new videos along with the recent WordPress release. The first 3 videos are available at no cost but for gaining access to the various courses, you need to purchase.

The existing tutorials that you can learn are:

  • Jetpack Tutorials
  • Intro To WordPress
  • Yoast SEO Tutorials
  • WordPress 101
  • Woocommerce Tutorials
  • The coming soon tutorials include:
  • Child Themes
  • Backup Buddy
  • Gravity Forms
  • iThemes Security Pro
  • WPForms Tutorials
  • Beaver Builder


Starting from WordPress theme tutorials to various topics on categories like IT, developer, video, CAD, Audio+Music, 3D+ animation, marketing, Web, Business; has it all.

On all topics, you can discover highly professional topics that help you learn WordPress very easily. You will also be delighted to find the collection that says “how to learn WordPress.”

The collection is packed with detailed videos, expert guidance from experienced teachers and downloadable materials.

4. LaunchParty

This completely free WordPress + Elementor course is intended for beginners wanting to create their first website or blog using the Elementor page builder. Elementor is currently the most popular solution for building WordPress websites visually (without any coding).

Their free course is broken up into a 3-day challenge and includes more than 600 templates, 40 step-by-step video tutorials, detailed checklists, and progress tracking (with fun animated gifs and badges).

LaunchParty really simplifies the entire process of creating a website into small easy-to-follow steps without skipping anything important.

5. Udemy

When you are a beginner and starting with WordPress, the best way to learn WordPress is through Udemy. Here you can witness the biggest collection of courses & lesson plans.

It is much like a marketplace setting where teachers develop their very own course & sell it on the website. Learn WordPress online limitlessly as here topics are not restricted to the formats and views of just one particular organization or individual.

Prior to saying yes to a course, you can check the course pages that contain video support, outlines, and numerous downloadable contents.

The courses are all professionally fabricated. Quizzes are also facilitated via the platform that will help you in examining your progress from time to time.

6. WP Apprentice

While taking out information about how to learn WordPress as a beginner, WP Apprentice service must be taken into account.

Solid courses are available over here and you can start with the basics of all topics related to WordPress over here.

Later on while you develop your eCommerce website, this video subscription service will prove to be helpful as it comprises a system that gets all websites up & running with zero hindrances. In the Blueprint course, you will find downloadable worksheets as well.

7. WordPress TV

A massive amalgamation of courses, WordPress tutorials, classes, interviews, and lectures make WordPress TV a very interesting one for learning WordPress in detail.

The content that you find here is highly inspirational and the videos come for free which is extremely beneficial as well.

However, there are no downloadable materials but here you will find new content updated whenever you log in. You can learn the topics on all Smartphone devices.

8. Kinsta

In the context of WordPress for beginners, Kinsta holds a remarkable position due to its in-depth learning contents and how-to guide contents.

The Resources section of the website contains information about everything. Kinsta is a managed WP hosting company because of which there are contents regarding performance & optimization as well.

Information like this will help you in increasing revenue later on when you set up your business.

9. WPKube

When you look at all the information on WordPress tutorial 2020 available, you might get mind-boggled at first. But don’t be as now you can get help from online resources like WPKube that makes it very easier to learn for novices.

It is recommended to sign up for a mail newsletter as well where you can get hands-on numerous articles as those are sent to the inbox.

The skill levels that you can attain by signing up on this website are beginner and intermediate. The availability of well-structured articles is also a big highlight of this website.

10. Official WordPress Guides

At first, when you step ahead for learning WordPress, it is highly recommended to avail assistance from Official WordPress Guides.

In the guides, you will find all the basics like the distinction between & Other things that you will learn are the method of customizing your website, picking the correct plugins and selecting various themes.

The advanced guide that is available is the one that assists you in crafting a homepage. There is one highlight of this online resource as well.

You can receive small assignments by subscribing to your chosen guide that will help you in advancing your knowledge in a few topics.

11. WPBeginner

You can largely benefit from WordPress tutorial video & blogs of WPBeginner that is one of the most fantastic resources in the current market today.

Suppose you need to disable a superfluous widget, you can do it easily by reading contents from this blog. The best thing about the blog is that there is loads of information that come very handy for free.

Beginner to intermediate is the skill level you find over here. Get hands-on highly informational articles and videos through YouTube page & blog. The website also comes with a plethora of products and themes.

12. Joy of WP

Seeking for a free WordPress course for getting started? The joy of WP is then the perfect place for you.

On WordPress fundamentals, you can find complete refreshers over here. The WordPress A to Z sequence comprises 6 modules with 50+ videos where you can gain information on techniques of building normal websites from scratch to the end.

The course content incorporates:

  • Links
  • Blogging
  • Web Hosting
  • Getting Started
  • Plugins
  • Themes


The blog section of WPMU DEV which is a website that develops WP themes and plugins is the best online class that you will ever come across for learning WordPress.

Content that you find under the blog section is high quality and this will help you in developing skills at a rapid pace. You can get hands-on helpful tips, tutorials & news and this is applicable for all WordPress topics that you can ever come across.

The best part about the website is that the content is offered free of cost. Mainly you will witness the online resource emphasizing articles that can take you from the beginner skill level to advance.

However, there are zero downloadable materials. Informational contents are updated regularly from the robust WordPress community.

14. Smashing Magazine

For free WordPress tutorials, Smashing Magazine is a good name. On the web, it is considered as a highly renowned web developer magazine.

The WP section of the magazine is extremely well-organized and comes with numerous blog topics. Side by side it is also recommended to sign up for email newsletter so that you get updated topics regularly in your email.

This will help you advance with your learning process easier. There are professionally made courses available as well.

The teachers or the presenters who craft the various topics are highly experienced and knowledgeable but they also present contents in a way that beginners can easily apprehend.

15. WPsetup

If looking for a rewarding WordPress online course, WPsetup can come to your help as it is a noteworthy one within the WP educational space.

A plethora of practical guides are available on the website that can help you grasp the WP platform within 6 months. Usually, this website assists users in getting their sites installed.

However, the content that you find here steals the show as not only highly informational content pieces are updated regularly but these come for free as well.

Picking web hosts for speed optimization and platform installation are some significant topics that you will come across and that will help you to learn WordPress online.

In fact, you can actually find an effective roadmap within the website that will help you immensely throughout your WP journey.


In your quest to grasp WordPress, you must make efforts to learn WordPress online from online resources where the production value is top-notch.

The website or blog must be able to cover every skill level. The best part about this modern era is that, right from the comfort of your home, you can learn topics for free that can prove to be fruitful for your business and this will be for the long-term.

While learning if you want to get started on your WordPress website but unsure about your decision, you can hire a WordPress developer and work closely with him for understanding the various WordPress tips and tricks in a better manner.

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