Captcha is used in the daily lives of different users to confirm that they are genuine users and not robots. Also, it is used as a form of a security question before submitting any form of sensitive information either for admission or giving an exam. It is also used when a particular tool or application is being used and strong verification is needed. This is mainly the answer to, ‘What is Captcha mean?’

Research by Built with reads that around 4,483,199 websites which are in live status are using the feature of reCaptcha mostly when the session expires to which a certain user is logged on and needs to log in again. Also, about 111,849 million sites had been using the feature of Captcha including Captcha image in 2019 beginning from 2011. This figure further comes to around 18,330 in 2019 on the basis of its contributors. Also, approximately 2,531 websites have been using the Captcha system as of February 2019.

The top countries using Captcha and reCaptcha are:

  • The United States with a figure of around 461,430 websites
  • The United Kingdom with about 31,840
  • Russia squares off its position at 22,153
  • France stands at a rough estimate of 15,198
  • Germany contributes an approximate of 14,218

Some of the types of Captcha and their working have been explained in a way that if a website needs to adopt a particular security level to their websites or application can do so in the following ways

#1. The visual code is designed with voice or audio settings

One of the most common examples of using Captcha and ReCaptcha in such a way that if the code is unclear on the screen or is blurred, the voice or audio option can be turned on in such a way that the code can be entered and security of the certain tool or website is also not breached. Here the codes change on every try as well differs for various users.

#2. Image clicking or identification formula

Clicking on photos is yet another one of the most common options in Captcha and ReCaptcha where the images need to be identified according to a particular Captcha question in such a way that the page of the tool or the website shall get resumed for work after clicking the appropriate images that are asked in the ReCaptcha. Once the session expires while working, the ReCaptcha screen appears in such a way that the images need to clicked onto simultaneously to resume to the same page it was locked out from. This is also similar to the ASSIRA mode of Captcha where only selected images to have to be selected according to the question asked.

#3. Because Math cannot solve its own solution

This kind of Captcha and ReCaptcha solutions which have been used quite often while either watching videos online, working through a tool, submission of information or searching up information through a tool or the server. This includes displaying a particular Math equation as the security question and either the sum, subtraction, multiplication or either division is asked to the particular user in such a way that any user who has their session expired can simply answer the question to get logged in and complete their work. This is also a form Captcha test.

#4. Three-dimensional codes usage for Captcha

It is also a fine example of how a ReCaptcha code shall work in the three-dimensional formats in such a way that a code embossed or engraved in 3D shall be provided for verification and the user shall enter the code to verify that he or she using the certain application is a legit human and not a robot. However, there is one limitation to such a format which is that sometimes users may find it hard to decode it or read the particular code for entering it and logging in.

#5. Captcha can also flaunt brands

Such a fact that even Captcha and ReCaptcha can flaunt brands does not seem funny as

There are literally Captcha examples where brand logos are displayed and the user would have to guess the logo just like games were guessing the logo shall earn you points. Here the user shall earn logging or signing back to the session which was locked with a Captcha. The ReCaptcha for such a variant is also dynamic as every time the user leaves its work idle, a different brand may show up for security.

#6. Slider design powered by jQuery

This is also a dynamic and powerful design  made for Captcha wherein there is a slider which appears in the display with a locked and unlocked and option created on either side of the slider which makes it look like an actual tool for locking or unlocking the particular website or tool pertaining to web development or search engine optimization. The coding involved in developing such a ReCaptcha is powered or backed up by jQuery also explaining Captcha meaning.

#7. The format of drag and drop

Just like Angular uses a drag and drop feature, ReCaptcha and Captcha also use a similar feature for verification if the particular user of the web application is a robot or a human. The Captcha shall display the puzzle for users of the web page where a particular logo or design shall be given to the user for drag and drop in such a way that the application gets the point that the user is genuine and not a robot. The visual of such a form of Captcha resembles that of a puzzle game for toddlers. The ReCaptcha also brings out a similar puzzle if the Captcha times out.

#8. Captcha also loves to play tic tac toe with its user

Here, practically a game of tic tac toe arrives as a security question for the user who needs to put in the correct set of Xs and 0s in a way that the window gets unlocked and the web page can be easily accessed. Further, the clue for winning the series is given in the question itself. Suppose marking zeros to win the game or to know that a particular user is a human. The vice versa is also possible and may change for every user and IP address.

#9. Mind testing brain games

There are other types of Captcha which may use simple games for mind testing which is actually a trap for bots. Matching the items or picking the odd one out are some examples of Captcha which are put out for picking up only the human users rather than bots. This is because bots may perceive the particular question asked to them in a different way as compared to humans. Also, if such patterns are used for reCaptcha, humans shall be easily able to solve such riddles or puzzles rather than jumping on to any other perceptions.

#10. Captcha powered by Java

Sometimes there is a word which appears and one needs to type the same word for either verifying that the information is valid to a human or a bot. If the Captcha times out, then another word appears which needs to be typed fast such that the next web content can be accessed and that the current page does not become constant to the user. Also, at times it is the network connection which is responsible for responding to the Captcha code. This is the most basic understanding of, ‘What is Captcha?’

#11. Free of cost Captcha services by ‘’

If one needs to know the use of Captcha then they can use this site and activate a Captcha based security for their mobile or web applications. This s to make sure that only genuine users stick to the domain and there is no data theft or hacking of accounts. The services also define Captcha in a way that it is understood by the user in all aspects.

#12. A hypertext preprocessor powered Captcha

Mostly a PHP Captcha is open sourced and can be accessed by just anyone in such a way that the site or the web page remains away from being spammed or abused by spammers or hackers and a certain level of privacy is maintained for the domain and its users. The Captcha code is not visible to its users as such and hence they have to click on the view image tab for viewing and memorizing the code and then enter it in such a way that the page can be accessed with verification of the user.

#13. Captcha powered by Jcap JavaScript

In this form of Captcha, there are certain words which are provided in an extremely bold format as compared to other types of Captcha which can be read and can be typed easily by the humans in such a way that the web pages can be accessed and work can get done easier and faster. This is also one of the easiest Captcha examples which can be easily interpreted by humans and bots or spammers can be detected easily to be trouble-shooted at the server end.

#14. Cryptogra Captcha powered by PHP

Here is another unique Captcha type which is supported or powered by Hypertext Preprocessor in a way that the codes provided for Captcha and reCaptcha are cryptographic and need to be encrypted by a certain user in such a way that only humans can read or encrypt the code and bots will not be able to do so. Also, the codes have a high level of encryption which can change if not correctly entered. Most websites or organizations opt for such kind of encryption due to its durability and robustness.

#15. Alphanumeric Captcha powered by Ajax

Just like its name this particular Captcha code is developed and supported by Ajax and is mostly alphanumeric in nature. It has a very simple format and the codes are also easy to read. Such codes are also one of the oldest formats of Captcha and are mostly used for government websites or resetting passwords for various domains. Competitive examinations and passport websites mostly contain such Captcha security where the data, as well as the domain size, is large and the humans and bots can be easily differentiated and spammers can be eliminated along with hackers.

Sometimes it is also the network jammers that cause problems.


Hence, these are some of the examples of Captcha and reCaptcha which are mostly used by users while working on the internet. The most famous Captcha example is also to enter a numeric code given in the toolbox in the way it has been given so that a certain password can be reset.

There are also various search engine optimization tools which use Captcha and moreover define Captcha in such a way that it seems as if the technology is identifying robots among its users.