Nowadays, the businesses with a proper website are more likely to get the popularity than the firms who don’t own any.

According to reports, as of June 2018, there were approximately 1.89 billion websites in the world (source). Also, 52.2% of website traffic accessed and generated via mobile phones in 2018 (source).

Comparatively, businesses with a website generate more revenue than the ones without a website. Many companies are still on the track to get a business website built but are clueless about how can it become useful to them. The business is more likely to get a helpful site developed with the help of a Website Development Company who has got professional website designers by its side.

So, here I come with some of the most valuable tips to get the professional website creation and make your business website a sale booth for your business.

1. Sharpen the UI and UX:

Viewers spend only a few seconds on your website. That means you have 2-3 seconds to impress the coming customer and create a lasting impact on their minds regarding your business.

The holding time can be increased from 3 seconds to some minutes if the website looks good and has vibrant navigation and usability features.

You must remember that your website should contain a moderate number of images. It must be elegant with the content and feel.

Navigating throughout the website must be comfortable. Nothing can be worse than this when a visitor is getting caught up in the navigating steps to find a particular thing.

The design and the navigation must be interactive and responsive.

The menu options should be simple and attractive, making the viewer easily understand what does it mean and where that step will take him.

Having an unmatching UI/UX is no more than a nightmare, as it may be drawing viewers out from your website; and thus, increasing the bounce rate.

Taking help from a custom web design company will help you resolve all the issues that you have been facing with the website development.

2. Your CTA button must Call-To-Action:

How would you make your visitors perform the desired action? You have to arrange to call to that action.

How do you do that? By making an active Call-to-Action button.

What does that mean? A CTA button is a feature on your website (specifically a button) which encourages the viewers to perform your desired action.

It would help if you keep these critical points in mind while making the CTA:

  • Your CTA should be clear – It should be clear to the end of what action to perform. It should not make the visitor get confused about what does this button mean.
  • It should be concise – use natural language meaning straight to the action desired.
  • Must be contextual – It should be created using the trigger words, and the site should have more than one CTA appealing to every stage of the sales cycle.
  • It should be compelling – A CTA should be compelling enough to intrigue viewers to act. A captivating CTA uses contrast to create focus, space, and dominance

3. Keep your site Content Fresh and Seasoned:

You might be thinking that who has got the time to read what do we write, Right?

However, the content matters a lot in boosting up your website’s traffic through Search Engines.

Reviving content on your business website can get your online presence to enhance and hence, bring more web traffic to your site.

Create the content that can be most liked by the viewers as you are looking forward to increasing visitors on the site.

Make it customer focused, rather than boasting about your company.

Such as naming the article as “A possible Success Story of your business” instead of “Our Case Studies.”

4. Allow users to Share and Follow you on Social Media:

Sharing is the art of getting more. To illustrate this, I would come to the explanation.

Your website must be allowing the users to share what they have got on your site. For example, if you have an offer on your website for your visitors, you must be having social media buttons, so that the visitors can share the offerings; in return, bringing you more visitors.

Social Media is one of the best ways to reach out to the mass regarding your business. Having social media buttons may help you bring traffic from the social media as well, by the people who are reading your blogs even if you have a small business web design.

5. Make the homepage scrollable:

Many times business owners make small homepage keeping the lengthy information on the later pages.

We must reconsider it. It’s nothing wrong if the visitors scroll the homepage a little.

It feels even better if the visitor happens to scroll the homepage.

Include sections on the homepage which can direct the visitor to specific areas. It can help the visitor have a continuous experience with the site.

6. Make it Mobile-Friendly:

Nowadays, it is quite crucial to have a mobile presence for your business website as most of the internet users are available on mobile phones and it is the fastest way to reach out to the crowd.

Your business website should be reliable enough with the UI & UX and designed in a way that is mobile-friendly.

Never forget to optimize your website for mobile phone users. It is more likely to lose a customer when they face issues while navigating or accessing the mobile site and gifting it to your competition. Don’t make such a mistake.

7. Come into the eyes of viewers:

Having a beautiful website is only a pinch of salt in the recipe, the leading part of presenting it on the table is making it online present and found quickly.

It takes the steps of developing an SEO strategy for your website. The approach should consider the terms that your buyers would search for.

Use the keywords that are relevant to your business in your website content, blogs, articles, and e-books.

Better to consult with a Website Development Company that is proficient with all the web development tactics and can help you get an online presence effectively.


These are some of the most useful tips which can help during the process of custom website design and the development of your business website. We have a lot more to share with you.

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