Nowadays, along with people, businesses have also gone busy on mobile. By this, we can understand that today, the enterprises do consider having a mobile application representing their company or have a business that is supported by a mobile app.

Be it any case; it has become a necessity to have a mobile application for the businesses or people who want to be popular amongst the crowd. However, there is one harsh reality for us to face. It has been a trend and the most applied strategy to have by almost every business out there. In which, an average performance parameter cannot guarantee the survival of your mobile application in the market.

As per a Statista report, in the first quarter of this year, there were approximately over 3.8 million Android apps, and in the Apple App store, it gave the options to users to choose between 2 million apps.

In this crowd of applications in the App Market, to develop a mobile application giving a competition and thriving over it is again a different sort of business.

So, here we will discuss the tips that will help you achieve the best of the user experience and get the most from your business app from the App market to stand ahead from your competitors.

No. 1: Find the “Why”!

To create something purposeful, you need to find out the purpose first and examine whether it is worth enough to develop a mobile application on?

Find out whether or not does the problem need a mobile application to fix that.

Find out which problems you would like to address and solve through your application.

It does not always stick to the problems to solve. Well, if you have anything in mind which can bring something new to people and encourage them to think in a new direction or just let them enjoy using that application when they want to relax, or it can be any good cause.

The reason behind this philosophy is, if you make any application just from your perspective and not from the point of the user, it may not attract them which directly brings a fail to your mobile app.

So, firstly bring the idea to the table.

Once you have well planned it, decide the features and then hire the best iPhone application developers or opt for the top Android apps development service whichever suits your business application best.

No. 2: Get these details

Before constructing a mobile application, you should be well aware of these details:

1. Know your customers:

It might sound old, but it is the thumb rule of every business I guess.

Why do we say that? The answer is that you can only better serve them once you know them.

Knowing your customers here means knowing about their demands and needs, which will ultimately help you enhance the success ratio of your application.

2. Technological platforms you want to provide support on:

You need to consider the platforms which your application can provide the support on.

The consideration may be done based on the factors such as Hardware Performance, Battery Life, Toughness, and required Peripherals.

Selecting mobile platforms needs to consider the factors such as coverage, device, support, performance, and other features.

3. Revenue Model:

For over a decade now, the app market has flourished more than any other.

To make the most out for the revenue in this market, the hired Mobile App Development Company needs to select a suitable approach to develop the mobile app.

There exist several models of generating the revenue from the mobile applications which include

  • Paid applications
  • Separate app and in-app freemiums
  • Advertisements
  • Subscription
  • Moreover, pay per download

These all can be considered to generate revenue.

However, it is vital that the developer has the approach in harmony with the application.

It is entirely necessary for the developer to keep in mind to attract the user and invest money in various aspects of the application.

Along with the revenue for the app, don’t forget about your bank account figures; the cost you can invest in app development, marketing and later release of your app.

Here are some guiding tips which may help you calculate the development cost efficiently.

If you hire the best iPhone application developers for your iPhone application for example, the development cost can turn out to be a long-term profit.

No. 3: “Ask whether Native, Web or Hybrid?”:

When you choose the best Mobile App Development Company, you also need to choose the best approach towards the app development to get your application built with the required features.

You must consult the top Android apps development service if, for example, you want to have an Android Application for your business with regards to understanding which approach may better suit your application’s development.

Further, let’s take a brief look towards the approaches which developers usually consider.

1. Native:

Native apps are platform specific and need highly experienced and knowledgeable development skills.

These apps help you deliver the best user experience but it takes comparatively long time and proficient skills to develop them.

With its features of delivering high-quality user experience, it costs the client long time and more money.

2. Web:

Web apps, in comparison to any other approaches, are time-effective and cheap to develop and support running on multiple platforms.

Web apps can be developed using HTML5, CSS and Javascript code.

However, being cost-effective, these apps give you less power than the ones developed in Native approach.

3. Hybrid:

Hybrid App Development – this is the approach in the app development which helps you enjoy the benefits of both the previous methods.

It combines pre-built native containers with the latest web coding to achieve the best possible features from both the approaches.

For example, you are opting to develop a Hybrid app for the iOS platform, then building the app needs your developer to augment the web code with native iOS App Development language to create unique features and access native APIs which are still unavailable to develop through Javascript.

No. 4: Setting up a Prototype:

Once decided which approach you want to consider, you should move to determine the prototype for your application.

Prototype refers to the procedure of taking your idea and turning it up in an application with the basic functionalities.

Having a prototype makes it an easy task to sell your idea to the prospective customers who now will be able to view the noticeable benefits instead of just imagining or going through the product description.

It helps like a magnet in attracting the investors as well as working with manufacturers and fetching licensees.

Also, please ensure that you take maximum possible steps to build a secure app against the unauthorized access and use of data.

No. 5: Effective Analytics tools:

Well, it is quite essential to have a powerful analytics tool in your hands to gain a complete detailed image of the number of visitors your website gets, how they arrive at your site and how can they repeat coming to your app.

☛ Some of the helpful mobile analytics tools for your Mobile app:

  • Google Analytics
  • Flurry
  • Localytics
  • Mixpanel
  • Preemptive

With Data sciences these days, including some predictive analytics in your mobile app can make it highly marketable.

No. 6: Get the Beta-Testing on the trail:

We have now got an image of our regular visitors; it is now the time to perform the second test on our final product.

Beta-Testing refers to the final testing of the application which completed from the development end and is ready to hit the app store.

This test helps you get the direct feedback from the users about the app functionalities in the real-time environment.

There are many companies like the ones who are the iPhone Application Development Company, and the Android App Development Company available in the market to help you with the beta testing, but to identify the one best for you is another crucial process to enhance and ensure the success of your app.

☛ For this, you must consider preparing for the beta-launch in the following steps:

Define Target Audience:

It is vital to identify and clearly define your target audience to enable you to recruit the best suiting beta-testers for your product.

Early market research enables you understanding the market analysis easing the process of beta testing.

Remove bugs:

Before running the Beta Test for your app on different platforms, it is essential to consider the bulk of the devices those eliminate the device-specific bugs.

Alpha testing with a small number of users helps you identify and remove the maximum of the bugs, and at the same time, device coverage plan is necessary to ensure the quality of the mobile app.

Goal identification:

Beta Testing gets you the real feedback from the target customers.

It provides you a greater prospect to further understand the targeted market and their requirements.

Identifying the goals for beta testing helps you focus on the efforts; also, reduce the product launch risk.

No. 7: Releasing your app:

Releasing your app requires good Deployment Management to ensure the uprightness of the live environment is well-kept, and the right components are released.

Deployment of an app requires a plan, schedule, and control of the movement of releases to test in live environments.

No. 8: Metrics Collection:

For a decade now, mobile users have increased in population, and this population increase is never ending with day by day growing demand for the mobile phones.

To collect the precise metrics is somewhat greatly needed.

The number of the Mobile App consumers is continuously rising; so does the need of collecting the accurate metrics from them.

However, many methods used to measure apps are taken from Web analytics.

☛ Primary input metrics to be considered:

  • Funnel analysis – It signifies as to why the users are failing to complete the desired steps such as in-app purchases or ad clicks.
  • Social Sharing Measures – It signifies highlighting the aspects of your app that capture the most of the attention of your users.
  • Consider correlating the demographic data with user activities.
  • Tracking time and location – it helps you get the insights on the contexts used in your app.
  • Finally, the critical part is collecting the growing behavior of your user base.

No. 9: Welcome the improvements and new features:

Once you capture the metrics, it is quite essential to apply the necessary matching steps of the improvement and adding advanced features.

A mobile app with the old common features loses its reliability in the long run.

Keeping the app upgraded with the latest inventive features enhances its visibility on the App store along with the number of downloads.

Also, avoid rotting of your app, keep it upgraded meeting all the new guidelines offered by the various platforms.

No. 10: Get the proper App Marketing done:

Well, this is something like a cherry tip which will help you like no other can do.

We can say that all the efforts made to create, test and augment the app be kept on one side, and the efforts made to market the app efficiently be on another single side.

Correct marketing of your app will bring all the desired fruits to you for which you sow the seeds while developing it hard.

We have many well-versed marketing techniques available nowadays which help you get your application to reach out to the desired number of eyes and increase the profitability out of it.

You can consider

  • Uploading the introductory videos
  • App store optimization
  • Application screenshots
  • Creating some buzz about your App by blogs and on Twitter
  • Social Advertising
  • Promoting through gifts and vouchers


We have seen the points which can make your mobile app stand out of the competition on the top and many more still to discuss with you.

We, at 21Twelve Interactive, the Mobile apps development company in India and the USA, love to deal with all the types of iOS App Development Services and Android App Development Services. We provide you with the top Android apps development service and the best iPhone application developers who are always happy engrossing into their computer screens to build out the most attractive and operative mobile application for your business.