Want to understand the advantages of Cloud Backend Servers for mobile apps? Let’s dig in!

Mobile apps are ruling the digital world. So, every mobile app development company is looking for ways to simplify the development process.

Now, both backend and frontend are crucial aspects of an app. But the two ways to have a backend are deploying an application on the server once it is developed and use BaaS. Let’s tell you that cloud backend servers for mobile apps are a popular choice right now.

In this blog, we are going to give you all the amazing reasons to choose cloud backend tools!

If you don’t belong to the tech-savvy category of people, we have got your back! Before we give you all the reasons for the cloud server as the best backend for mobile apps, we’ll talk about the basics.

What is BaaS (Backend as a Service)?

BaaS is a cloud service model where the developers will outsource backend aspects of a mobile app or website. It will enable them to focus on writing and maintaining only the frontend.

The BaaS vendors will provide you with readymade software for activities carried out on the servers.

For instance, user authentication, remote updating, push notifications and cloud storage and hosting.

The basic advantage of using a cloud mobile app backend server is that developers can focus on creating perfect frontend code.

As a result, the developers will be able to reduce the turnover time in building an application.

What all is included in BaaS?

  • Database management
  • Cloud storage
  • User authentication
  • Push notifications
  • Remote updating
  • Hosting
  • Other platforms/vendor specific functionalities

As you are clear with the basics now, let’s move to the main part of this blog. Listed below are the multiple advantages of cloud backend servers for mobile apps in your development process!

Advantages of Cloud Backend Servers for Mobile Apps:

1. Cost Reduction

Everybody wants an out of the box app today. To achieve that, you need to hire professionals.

Once you hire an app developer, you will have to incur more costs on the development process. The reason being everything is done right from the scratch.

After development, you will need a cloud server to test the application. But again you will have to hire separate professionals who are experts in using cloud servers. All this is a long and expensive process.

If you don’t want to go through all this hassle then opt for cloud mobile app backend servers. It will save you from the expensive app handling.

You also have the option to try an architectural system that uses cloud BaaS. The architectural system will have an end to end infrastructure which saves a lot of money for you!

2. Better Quality of Output in Lesser Time

We all know that there are a lot of factors that contribute to the success of an application. One of them is time to market. The sooner you launch an app, higher the chances of your success.

When you use cloud mobile app backend services, the development cycle of your product can be reduced. When you have amazing features at your disposal, you can be rest assured about backend coding.

With backend taken care of you can focus on making the front end engaging and attractive.

Due to all these reasons, you can wind up your project before the deadline. Moreover, as you will get additional hours you can pay more attention to how your dream app looks and performs.

3. All Devices are Open for you!

Developers can write code for multiple devices using the cloud backend servers for mobile apps. These backend servers can also be used to transfer a mobile app into a web app.

If developers put their everything in the conversion task then they will need a lot of time. There is a high risk of messing up in the code.

Many mobile app backend server providers have native SDKs for different platforms. Therefore, it is better to opt for BaaS.

4. Extreme Security

Security is a major concern of all developers using cloud BaaS. Developers face difficulty in replacing the vendor as all their information is available on cloud backend.

But again, as most of the server providers export their data via the Management Console, developers can change their vendors.

The cloud backend servers for mobile apps don’t permit users direct access, thus, ultimately protecting all your data. These service providers also have Access Control Lists that will help avoid unauthorized access of the data.

5. Regular Updates and Integration

To provide smooth user experience, you need to keep updating your app at regular intervals. These upgrades are meant to resolve all the current issues in the app. As it is a mobile app costs more than a web app.

Naturally, upgrades in a mobile app will be more costly. The cloud backend servers for mobile apps will save you from all the trouble as it integrates features for a mobile app.

With the concepts of Continuous Delivery and Continuous Integration, Cloud BaaS helps developers to plan a delivery process. This planned process will give developers a chance to make changes as and when required.

Mostly all mobile applications require third party platforms. For example, almost every app has social media integration these days.

These integrations can be easily managed with some of the best backends as a service cloud.

6. Scalability

Have you ever heard of scalability on demand? Well, these Cloud backend servers for mobile apps will give you exactly that!

The on-demand scalability option not only improves the performance of your app but also makes it available for all the platforms.

Be it Android or iOS app development, developers may face issues with the bandwidth that will take up much time.

With cloud backend, you can rest assured about these issues as they will be taken care of even before they cause a problem in the system.

7. Flexible Pricing

There are many mobile business applications service providers that offer a range of services before launching a mobile app.

Once the app is launched successfully, you can choose paid Cloud BaaS services for additional features.

Everything needs a makeover after certain time. So does a mobile app. You can choose from the best backend for a mobile app as per your requirements.

8. Domain Knowledge

You need to keep up with the latest trends irrespective of your industry. The same rule applies to mobile app developers. Many times decisions for better working of the application are tough for them.

The developers need to choose between the changes that need to be done now and the ones that can be done later.

Sometimes a good developer may not be of any help for taking these decisions due to lack of domain knowledge.

In such a situation, Cloud BaaS service providers come to your rescue due to the reduced coding part. Hence, it is always better to hire a domain expert to resolve your issue than spending resources on the development process.


Backends are the basics of any mobile app. Therefore, it is essential to have a robust backend under any circumstances.

Usually, mobile developers spent most of their time on the backend development. Due to this, less time was left for a seamless frontend development which is an equally important aspect.

Enter – cloud backend servers for mobile apps!

Their entry in the market made the lives of developers easier and reduced the time taken for development. We all know the lesser time to market increases the chances of your mobile app’s success.

Due to all its advantages, some of the best names in the industry support these cloud-based backend servers.

For example,

  • Amazon web service mobile – Supported by Amazon and used by Netflix and Airbnb.
  • Firebase – Supported by Google and used by Shazam and Runtastic.
  • Parse platform – It is an open-source self-hosted backend server.
  • Back4App – It boosted the cloud-hosted parse server.

To sum up, be it iOS or Android app development, every mobile app project will need a backend. If you want to save on your time and resources, it is highly recommended to use backend servers.

Do you still have some questions regarding cloud-based backend servers? Talk to our experienced in house team at [email protected] and know which backend server is the best fit for your project!

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