Android is an open-source operating system with a vast user base and streamlined custom android app development process. Most companies are influencing Android and developing a custom mobile application that would solve user’s problems and boost value for their business. This article will explain several advantages of android application development for enterprises with android apps. 

Before knowing the advantages of android application development, let us learn more about what an android application is? Android is a free and open-source platform that is built on Linux. Android app development company can be one of the preferred open source solutions for various mobile devices providing an entire software stack incorporating operating system, critical mobile applications, and middleware. In 2007 while Android was launched, it had significantly less user acceptance, as it was in its early development stage. As soon as Google’s acquisition and development efforts took place, motivation for android app development grew. 

These are some reasons why it is standing against iOS and other well-known mobile operating systems. There has been a massive demand for custom Android app development due to its vital contribution to several android devices. 

What is Android Development?

Each application built or supported by the Android operating system uses the android software development kit (SDK) on android studio during android app development for businesses. Google specifically designs this open-source OS for smartphones as Android. 

Linux Kernel is building the android operating system due to its simply flexible, open-source platform. Many android app developers have used distinct GUIs even when most of them have used basic operating systems. The open-source code used for custom android app development is the Android open-source project (AOSP).  

Each application developed under the android system can be quickly built by installing the readily available SDK. Any device supports these mobile apps with built-in android OS and scripts in Java. These are operated on Java Virtual Machines (JVM)

Since 2011 Android has been the best-selling operating system, packed with a 2 million monthly active user base. Android applications come with distinct versions of it as it comes with the latest features that are different from the previous ones. The recent Android Os that is being launched in the market is Android 11. 

Android is an open-source OS packed with a massive community and developer’s reach; it is one of the primary reasons for its comprehensive marketing and inner app integration. Most android app developers move towards this sector due to its reduced cost and resources and more excellent success ratios developed in the affluent development surroundings. 

Features like highest connectivity rates, storage, user interface, media support, and messaging are significant reasons why Android serves as one of the biggest markets in the recent trending technology world. Android application development has several advantages: multi-touch, multitasking, web browsing, resizable widgets, Google cloud messaging, multi-language, and android beam. 

1. Low Investment & High ROI in Android Application Development

One of the advantages of android application development is that it has a low barrier to entry. Therefore Android provides easy access for software development kit (SDK) to its app developers community. It also reduces app development and licensing costs. The android app development cost can be divided into these stages: 

  • Stage 1: Android application development
  • Stage 2: Testing
  • Stage 3: Hardware cost for deploying and testing the android mobile application

2. Android is an Open Source

You can take advantage of android application development from royalty-free, licensing, and as the best technology framework provided by the Android community. The structure of Android SDK is open source. Therefore it means that you can communicate with the upcoming expansions of android app development for business. It is what makes the Android OS platform very alluring for wireless operations and android manufacturers. This also results in robust app development for Android-based phones, provided with better opportunities for app developers to earn more. That is the magic of Android. 

3. Easy to Integrate While Development

Are you searching for complex technical customization and incorporating web applications or just a mobile app you have already developed? If yes, then it is an android app that can be the appropriate solution for you. This platform is all set for customizations. Therefore you can incorporate and tweak the mobile app as per your business requirements. Android is known as one of the best mobile platforms between the processes architecture and application. Multiple platforms permit background processes helping you to incorporate the apps. 

4. You Can Create Multiple Sales Channels

Unlike other mobile app platforms, Android application development services can be deployed in multiple ways as you do not have to rely on a single market to share your applications. One can also make use of the third-party application marketplace, especially in Google Android Market. Still, in addition to that, you can also make your distribution and sales channel. You can build your applications for vertical markets to develop app stores and place them on your website. Thus you build it and publish it with your preferred choice of promotional strategy so that you reach your user base through multiple channels. 

5. Easy Adoption

Android apps are built in Java language with the help of a rich set of libraries; it is one of the significant advantages of android application development as anyone with a basic knowledge of Java can develop android applications. As per a recent study, numerous Java Programmers find it convenient to opt for and script code for mobile applications in Android OS. It is very beneficial for Java developers to transition the code script into mobile apps and implement android app development services in the application.  

6. Android is Suitable for BYOD (Bring Your Device)

BYOD is one of the advantages of android application development as a mobility concept, and BYOD is streamlined across several business sectors. Both of these advances have strengthened communication and collaboration in the workplace regardless of time and distance. The most significant market share of Android helps one to execute the BYOD approach with comfort. Android-based applications for businesses help to get higher penetration within your working staff. Android is established on several devices, and many such devices are reasonable for distinct economic groups. 

7. Easy Customization

Android Os is a versatile platform with various advantages of android application development. Like easy customization options, high flexibility, and many more. Here with Android, you will get access to exciting and innovative enterprise apps with diverse functionalities. Android is a robust operating system that can incorporate all types of modifications ranging from simplified to complex. Therefore your set of business requirements can be effectively addressed with this platform. Android OS allows you to incorporate and update multiple tools and data management functions to meet the changing requirements. All you need to do is hire android app developers to set free the advantages of android application development. Read more on Flutter vs. Kotlin.

8. Android Mobile App Security and Easy Marketing

There have been several business-friendly features that have been rolled out by Google with its recent updates of Android, starting from lollipop. In recent times this platform stands stagnant against Apple counterparts in comparison to its data security as it is a bit difficult for malware to locate the data structure. In Addition, an automated system can deliver timely notifications to the users to keep them updated about everything. Apart from this, one of the other advantages of android application development is that it can easily promote your Android app, all thanks to the platform’s prevalence. Therefore in a specific way, Android OS can provide you with both promotional and safety advantages. 

9. More Scope for Innovation

One of the most significant advantages of android application development is its global presence. Therefore, if you want to target audiences with innovative features, Android app developers can help you incorporate cutting-edge tools and technological advancements. One can also access high-end app solutions to integrate technologies like VR and AR at economical rates. Thus, Android provides its users with a broad scope for innovation as it opens doors for new business opportunities. 

10. All Things Google

All things Google is one of the significant benefits of android apps for business. As many Google services are being availed in iOS, deep integration is still lacking in it. Therefore, you can benefit from Google’s apps and features for your user base and tailor-made android apps for your business. Apart from this, whenever Google launches a new app or service, it can effortlessly work on your android app with ease and comfort.


If you are interested in building a user-friendly mobile app, Android application development can be one of the best solutions. Get insights into the uses of android applications, and to know more about the process and benefits, reach out to a mobile app development company. As a top android mobile app development company will provide you with development services that will allow you to make the most of the app platform. These companies will also build and implement the mobile strategy in the shortest period in a cost-effective way. 

Get in touch with the experts with your project requirements, as our skilled and dedicated developers will take care of every aspect related to your Android application development. 


  • Android’s Market Share
  • It’s cheaper
  • Apps for everybody
  • Integration with social media
  • Easy Adoption for developers
  • Quick customization

A business will develop its brand recognition with Android mobile applications as recent users can effortlessly share business communication with their loved ones. Android mobile apps help produce referrals and third-party sales as people share unique customer experiences derived from using a specific product or service.

Java will be the most preferred and highly accepted Android app programming language in 2021. It uses a JVM that operates smoothly in each system. Most organizations prefer to make use of Java as it caters flexibility to android app developers for robust and error-free android application development.