AI, video, and email marketing are the hottest trends in 2022. Successful brands use these unique marketing strategies to meet their customers’ evolving needs for personalization, speed, and efficiency. 

Therefore, it’s critical to adopt these latest innovations to better connect and satisfy your clients and survive in an increasingly competitive market. Here are top digital marketing trends to follow in 2022

In this article, we will discuss the top nine AI, video, and marketing trends to hop on to get ahead in 2022. 

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AI, Video, and Email Marketing Trends to Hop on in 2022

There are nine effective trends to adopt in your marketing strategy if you want to stay on top of your game and get the best results from your digital marketing efforts. Let’s check them out below.

1. Shared Inbox Tools

Shared inbox tools


One of the top ways to stay ahead of your marketing game in 2022 is to meet your customers’ needs when they need you to. Many companies in 2022 will use shared inbox tools to provide an immediate response to their clients’ customer service questions. 

This way, they can portray themselves as companies who respect and value their customers’ time. 

Since 90% of consumers rate an immediate response necessary when they have a customer service question, companies who use shared inbox tools will meet their customers’ demands for timely feedback, which boosts customer retention. 

In recent times, shared inbox tools have been useful to help businesses manage their customers’ messages across several platforms from one place. Their teams also have access to the accounts so they can attend to their customers’ questions and no emails go unnoticed. 

Other than emails, shared inbox tools integrate other messaging platforms to help businesses communicate efficiently with their customers. 

For instance, businesses can receive notifications from text messages and social media messages in one place. This helps avoid the process of checking multiple platforms to respond to customers, making communicating with customers an easier experience. 

As your business grows, the need to manage multiple email accounts increases. However, managing these accounts manually can be time-consuming and less efficient. This is why share inbox tools help you manage multiple email accounts and other messaging platforms from one place. 

More than that, implementing shared inbox tools helps your other team members to manage several email accounts and provide timely responses to multiple customers in real time. 

So, if you are looking to engage with your customers better and enable your customer support team to collaborate efficiently in 2022, using shared inbox tools is an excellent way to go. 

However, because tons of shared inbox tools are available, selecting the right one may be a challenge. If you need help finding the right shared inbox tool that will meet your needs, then Help Scout’s list of best FrontApp alternatives is an excellent resource to guide you.

2. Email Validation and Certification Tools

Email Validation and Certification Tools


An email will remain among consumers’ most preferred means of communication in 2022 as it has proven to be an effective marketing tool to boost revenue, attract leads, and acquire new customers.

Many businesses will adopt email validation and verification tools to boost their email quantity to make the most of their marketing efforts. These tools will help verify if an email address is accurate and track if the recipient receives their emails. 

With email validation and verification tools, businesses can enhance their delivery rate to ensure emails get to their target audience for the best results. Rather than have wrong email addresses on their lists, they can acquire accurate, active email addresses through real-time email validation, topography checks, and suggestions that email validation and verification tools provide.

In 2022, businesses will look for new ways to speed up their processes, which is why the time-consuming processes of validating email addresses manually don’t work anymore. 

The benefits of using an email and verification tool like the jquery validation email address tool are to automate your validation process to save time, improve your deliverability and ensure accuracy. 

These benefits go a long way in helping you run successful email campaigns, reach more customers, and reduce your bounce rate to make the most of your marketing efforts.

3. AI Voice-Overs

AI Voice-Overs


Many businesses now adopt artificial intelligence voice-overs to automate their communication systems and interact with their customers faster. By 2025, the AI voice-over industry is expected to reach $26.8 billion in revenue generated.

Customers want human-like connections with the brands they love, and because many companies can’t deliver direct human experiences to all their customers, efficient AI voice-over tools help.

They are tools that help you move from delivering cold and impersonal experiences to welcoming, personalized experiences that engage your customers when they interact with your brand.

They help you humanize your brand so your audience feels like they are talking to real people. They also work with accurate data to deliver personalized experiences to your customers. 

Many brands will continue to tap into the powerful benefits of AI voice-overs to run successful ad campaigns and highly efficient customer support. Additionally, they make your brand’s content more accessible to your customers. 

By creating room for multilingual interactions, you can interact with different groups and reach more people. 

You can prepare automated response messages in different languages and communicate with your customers more effectively. AI voice-overs also let you extend multilingual support across several platforms, from audio blogs to podcasts and product description voice-overs.

If you are looking for ways to communicate with your customers more conveniently and break language barriers by increasing your brand’s accessibility in 2022, adopting an effective AI voice-over generator tool can help. 

They fill communication gaps, humanize your brand and automate your communication processes to grow your business.

4. Explainer Videos

Explainer Videos


Many businesses will use explainer videos to increase their sales.

96% of customers enjoy watching explainer videos, and 84% make a purchase after watching an explainer video. They work so well because they educate customers about your offerings and help them navigate products and services easily. 

Now more than ever, your customers are looking for a seamless customer experience; they also want to get the best value for their money. 

By including explainer videos on your website, in your welcome emails, and on your social media platforms, you enable your customers to have adequate knowledge about your product before they make a purchase, giving them an easy onboarding process. 

Many businesses create compelling explainer videos on their websites and other platforms to draw their customers in at the beginning of the buyers’ journey. 

From the onset, the customers have a good grasp of the company’s value, promise, and products and can decide if it’s a company they want to do business with or not; if the company’s promise aligns with the customers’, they are triggered to continue the sales funnel and make a purchase. 

Also, because consumers have a guide to working them through using your product, they are motivated to buy because they know they can get started quickly. This enables more people to understand how your product works, especially if you provide a product or service that requires a complex process to use. 

Explainer videos give you endless opportunities to design and create a guide that makes the process easier for your users. For example, you can include infographics, voice-overs, and compelling icons to describe your product’s offerings and show your customers how to use your products. 

5. Hyper-Personalized Emails

Hyper-Personalized Emails


Hyper-personalized emails made the list of the current trends in email marketing in 2022 because of their ability to attract the right audience and retain them as customers. 

Creating personalized experiences lets your customers stick with you because it goes a long way in depicting that you value their needs and interests.

80% of consumers say personalized experiences with brands influence their decision to buy, and 74% say targeted personalization helps increase their email engagement rate.

Hyper-personalization ensures you deliver only the products and offers your audience are interested in, which converts them easily. It enables you to send targeted emails that are focused on your customers’ needs, so your audience finds them valuable and willing to take the desired decision.

How can you be so sure? Well, 91% of consumers say they are more likely to buy from businesses that provide relevant recommendations for them.

Hyper-personalized emails help you connect better with your audience and get quick results with your marketing efforts. As a result, your customers are more likely to hop on your recommendations and buy your products because they are what they need.

6. Augmented Reality Try-Ons

Augmented Reality Try-Ons


Augmented reality has consistently made huge numbers over the years, and the number keeps growing. In 2021, there were over 800 million AR users, and the numbers are expected to reach 1.73 billion by 2024. 

Virtual reality try-ons enable your audience to try on or try out your products virtually from wherever they are, with the aid of their camera-equipped devices. It allows them to examine how your product will fit or if it’s their style before making a purchase. 

They enable customers to make the best purchase decisions because they can visualize your products and see if they are what they love. 

Additionally, customers can have a good time trying new looks and exploring your products from the comfort of their homes. This keeps them engaged, helps them spend more time on your website, and gets them inspired to make a purchase. 

Consumers’ experiences are constantly being reshaped, and with effective high-end technology like augmented virtual reality try-ons, you can deliver positive experiences for your customers. 

By employing augmented reality try-ons in 2022, you can stay competitive in the market because they make shopping experiences more exciting to attract new customers and retain old customers to your business.

7. Voice Search

Voice Search


By 2022, 70% of consumers will prefer to use voice search to shop instead of shopping at physical stores, and for a good reason. It enhances the customers’ shopping experience by enabling them to search for products with their voices. 

Customers won’t have to type or scroll through your website catalog to find a product they are looking for; they can simply input a command vocally, which helps to improve their experiences as they interact with your brand. 

Voice search is a more natural means of communicating, so enabling your customers to search with this feature makes the experience a lot more natural for them, which explains why many customers love it and why it is a growing trend in many businesses marketing strategies. 

Voice search also saves your customers’ time. It’s proven to be effective in helping your customers make fewer errors when inputting their commands to create a faster and seamless experience for them on your site, as smartphone speech recognition is three times faster than typing.

8. Chatbots


Chatbots are artificial intelligence programs that many businesses will leverage in 2022 to communicate instantly with their customers. 

They provide real-time responses to your audience’s questions, facilitating their activities on your page and speeding up their buying process. 

With chatbots, you won’t have to keep your customers waiting for answers; they can get the information they need instantly anytime they ask. 

Your audience can also communicate the products and services they want and see pop-ups of relevant recommendations for them to make more purchases.

Ensuring your customers can find answers to the questions they are looking for is crucial to creating the best experiences for your customers. By introducing chatbots on your website and other platforms, you can make this happen. 

9. Live Videos

Live Videos


Live videos will remain an effective way to help customers engage with businesses better in 2022. Customers love live videos because they humanize your brand and enable them to interact with you directly and personally. 

Stats show that 63% of people aged 18 to 34 customers prefer to watch and stream live videos, and 47% of live streaming videos are watching more live videos than they did a year ago. 

With the option of live videos, businesses will build audience interaction because audiences can ask questions and receive real-time responses. 

Other areas where live videos can be effective include showcasing your products and welcoming suggestions and questions from your audience during a live video session. They boost your engagement rates and foster great relationships between you and your audience. Read more on best way to promote YouTube channel.


AI, video, and email marketing are prominent marketing tools to upscale your business in 2022. This article discussed nine effective trends AI, video, and marketing trends to adopt in 2022 for better engagement, seamless customer experience, and faster communication processes.

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