Like mobile app development trends that pop up, iOS development trends also have the same kind of importance. With evolving times now, the total number of iOS apps is also crossing the mark of 2 million. It has become one of the developer’s key rules in the developer community to stay up to date with the latest iOS app development trends in the market. 

As per the latest stats and data, there are more than 4 million apps for users in the market. Undoubtedly the numbers are quite massive to consider for the users. Thus, it means that there is a list of apps required to be considered for each reason that would cross the mark. This could be one of the absolute offerings to the users. 

The iOS app development company thinks that if there are more apps in the app store, they could keep up with the tab on the latest happenings. In this post, we have listed top iOS development trends that are go-to solutions for top iOS app development companies. 

1. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are not something new in the market. They entered the market in the 1950s, but they are developing quickly as with the evolving environment. Many industries are using these, and thus they are being told as top iOS app development trends in the market. 

Machine learning and artificial intelligence
Machine learning is something that is part of our daily lives. Digital platforms like Netflix and Facebook use these algorithms to commute their users’ behaviors and provide them with the most effective content based on interactions. According to the research and study by Tractica research, annual global AI software revenue is expected to grow to $126 billion by 2025. Recently Apple launched CoreML, i.e. Core machine learning in the market, and it has been successfully integrated in-camera, Siri, and quickly. 

What should be expected from Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Trend:

Let us glance at the areas where AI technologies and machine learning are successfully incorporated:

  • Speech Recognition: These are actual developments in applications that recognize human speech, convert it into text, and easily help users learn foreign languages. 
  • Siri: The algorithms of Siri keep improving with each passing year. The program can grab more reliable and accurate answers. 
  • Deep Learning: Precise analysis of user behavior with AI-powered machine learning provides users with better and enhanced results. For example, Spotify, a music app, uses such algorithms to improvise the effectiveness of its recommendations. 
  • Searching for Suggestions: It includes services like optimizing search processes. These are effective when major streaming platforms suggest podcasts, videos, and playlists to their users, depending on their interests. 

2. Internet of Things (IoT)

The internet of things includes various aspects like machines that go web and communicate with each other. It also helps connect machines without any human intervention. It has a huge amount of data generated by mobile devices. The internet of things is one of the most popular ios development trends among ios developers as they recommend it for almost every industry. Furthermore, IoT is also incorporated in the logistics and agriculture sector to check soil conditions, smart city systems, Apple, watches to detect medical reports, and many more.

Internet of things IOT

The major advantage of the Internet of Things is that it collects lots of data, analyzes it, and uses it further to make human life much more convenient. These iOS development trends are also incorporated into several medical applications developed for iOS to access patient vital signs while sitting at their homes. 

What should you expect from the Internet of Things Trend?

Let us glance at some of these technologies that can be used in 2021:

  • Logistics: With logistics, one can ensure transparency in the delivery process, as it automates most of the actions and produces the most precise forecasts.
  • Smart Home: Here, it combines climate control, water supply, security systems, home theatres, and many more to your iPhone, So that you can effortlessly manage everything.
  • Healthcare: Several applications are being developed to keep track of a person’s vital signs, and some of them can even reach out for help.
  • Anglosphere: IoT enables users to keep a check over their plantings and farms right from their smartphone or tablet.

3. Augment Reality And The ARKIt

Augment Reality has become one of the desirable features, with the launch of amazing apps like pokemon go and Snapchat. Like on Instagram, numerous animated masks and stickers are being used by millions of subscribers every day is also a development of AR technology. Apple is no less in this area as it also provides its users with ARTKit 3, which is a handy tool for building enhanced augmented reality experiences. As it consumes a lot of energy, applications built over these iOS development trends work great on XR, XS, and the latest models of iPhone.

Augment Reality And The ARKIt

Apple has also launched Reality Composer, an augmented reality editor that enables one to build applications without 3D design experience. Furthermore, there is an additional tool that should not be overlooked, RealityKit. This tool provides users with the incorporation of virtual objects into the real world. Read more on Benefits of Augmented Reality Apps for Real-Estate Business.

What should you expect from the Augmented Reality Trend?

These are some of the things that should be expected from these iOS development trends:

  • Broadening the Device’s Capabilities: Apple ARTKit 3 enables users to use front and back cameras simultaneously. 
  • Improvised Illusion: These latest trends in iOS development facilitate the organic placement of virtual products. Like Apple exhibited an instance with a coffee machine that was to be placed on the table, but when the man was standing near the table, the coffee machine crossed part of his body. Thus, by using the ARTKit technology, the coffee machine was placed in such a position that the person exchanged parts of it, making it feel like the machine was standing on top of the table. 
  • Share Experience: These iOS development trends and latest updates allow users to save and use the AR world Map on numerous devices and allow a multi-user experience. 

4. ChatBot

One of the popular iOS development trends of 2021 is chatbots. As they mainly focus on self-service and saving a lot of clients’ time. For example, Starbucks has issued an application where the users can ask for the customized coffee they like to order, further the chatbot will process the order, and then the client has to go to the coffee shop and pick up their order.

chatbot apps

The Lidl app, developed by the German supermarket chain, enables users to choose the wine matching the type of food sent to them. Some government sectors use chatbots to help their citizens offer services without being physically present in the office or queuing. Therefore, in general, these iOS development trends allow companies around the globe to improve their customer service: What should you expect from the ChatBot trend?

Let us have a look at how these tools can be used to enhance the process:

  • Increased Throughout: These iOS development trends make it possible to have a server with many clients. 
  • New Services: Many customers want a “do-it-yourself” service that is affordable depending on these mobile app development trends. 
  • 24/7 Availability: Chatbots can help users to place their orders at any time of the day. Thus all you require to do is to keep the client in your field of influence.

5. iOS App Security

Apple is believed to have one of the trusted providers of safe and secure software. iOS is mainly known for its top-notch security protocols, thus making it almost impossible to hack a device as that would be a significant advantage over the Android operating system.

iOS app security

In recent times iOS 14 was launched in the market, which was equipped with reliable security mechanisms. All thanks to the company policy that all the personal data of iOS users is securely stored with the company. iOS developers can incorporate AppTransportSecurity, also known as ATS, into their applications to offer strong data protection and higher security by connecting it to web services. 

What should you expect from the trend?

These are some of the things that are new with iOS app security:

  • Stable Work: Latest security tools make mobile apps much more stable by enabling users to access them quite often.
  • Increased Confidence: The latest tools of Apple make App Store applications quite secure, which helps attract a larger customer base. 


Mobile app development is continuously evolving, and thus it has become a bit difficult to compete in the market. But to gain customers’ attention and trust, it becomes necessary to develop user-friendly, fast-performing, and robust mobile applications as they will observe the latest trends. It does not imply that it is required to use all the trends in your mobile applications, but you need to identify which server would be better for your specific purpose. Read more on top movie apps for iPhone.

One of the iOS development trends that would never lose its relevance would be robust security. As customers would always want their data to be secure, all the operations carried out through mobile applications are highly safe and secure.


The list of most preferred tools for iOS app development are:
  • XCode
  • AppCode
  • Code Runner
  • Applyzer
  • Testflight
  • Stack Overflow
  • Mockingbird
  • RxSwift and many more

The top 7 technologies best for iOS app development are:
  • Swift
  • Objective-C
  • C#
  • HTML5
  • Java
  • React Native
  • Flutter

How can one become an iOS Developer:
  • Learn iOS development fundamentals.
  • Apply for an iOS development course.
  • Get familiar with key programming languages.
  • Develop your projects to build your iOS development skills.
  • Continue to expand your soft skills.
  • Develop an iOS development portfolio to display your work.