With digital evolution, we all have witnessed a drastic change in customer expectations and requirements in recent times. Therefore traditional airline booking is shifting to an official flight booking app. Moreover, the same way digitalization has elevated the necessity for entirely featured airline booking apps. Accordingly, you might also believe that in recent times everything is much more accessible than before. 

Apart from handly flight booking app features, these days, customers that prefer traveling all over the globe have become an effortless and fun way to manage everything so quickly. So every person would be trying hard on airline booking apps to make their customer experience much smoother and faster with each passing second. Thus this has boosted the requirement for mobile apps for flight booking. Want to learn how to make flight booking apps? Reach out to a hybrid mobile app development agency as they will guide you through the process. Read more on how much does it cost to develop an app like booking.com.

What is Meant by Airline Booking App?

With an official flight booking app, you can travel the world in the way you desire. To begin with, you have to start with boarding. Then, to manage your traveling effortlessly, you can have a trouble-free experience with the best app to book airline tickets as these apps have incorporated some best of flight booking app features, general and advanced, like booking details, tap check-in, special deals, booking details, and many more. So you have it all at your fingertips. So be all ready to experience and explore the world with amazing international flight booking apps. 

Must-Have Features to Incorporate In Airline Booking Apps

If you want your airline booking app to stand out in the crowd, you have to make sure that you incorporate all the significant and critical features in your mobile app for flight booking. Thus let us look at some of the must-have flight booking app features:

☛ Customer Panel Features

A customer portal for your multi-city flight booking app should have an engaging UI design with the best quality features to provide you with an enhanced user experience. 

✍ Social Login/SignUp

The quick and easy social login or signup will allow users to get access to their services smoothly. Users might also demand a phone number and email id for easy login/signup. 

✍ Flight Schedules

These flight booking app features provide your users with proper flight schedules readily available to their destination on their preferred tour and travel dates.

✍ Flight Booking

It is demanded that you need to make the entire process of flight booking easy for your users so that they can book their airline tickets in a few clicks. 

✍ Frequent Flyer

This flight booking app feature will provide frequent flyer tags who fly in and out most frequently. 

✍ Booking Status

The general feature of this airline booking app will showcase the booking status of the users, which will cater to all the details about cancellations, confirmations, bookings, and many more.

✍ Flight Status

In the section of flight status, customers get access to details related to cancellations, delays, arrivals, along departure timings. All of this will be displayed on the screen to provide users with the accurate status of their flights. 

✍ Check-In

Incorporate the feature of airport check-in in your airline booking app, as it will update where the users will get all push notifications of their check-ins. 

✍ Ratings and Reviews

This flight booking feature enables users to share their valued feedback by updating their reviews. Further, they mark the ratings and reviews as per their user experience about services they get from the airline.

☛ Admin Panel Features

It would be best to be specific for the admin panel as the incorporated flight booking app features will enable admins to easily manage their work on your airline booking app. Thus you should include these features in your admin panel: 

✍ Multilingual Support

Your mobile app for flight booking supports multiple languages so that your customers find it easy to communicate and operate the services and support.

✍ Offer Management

This flight booking app features offer management that will allow service providers to manage special offers that can be further provided to their customers on their flight bookings. These offers might differ depending on the airline you choose.

✍ Chatbot

An interactive interface was incorporated with an airline booking app, like Chatbot, that will assist the admins in resolving all the doubts of their users. This can be made possible by simply opting for the exact keywords and passing on the auto-generated answers. These flight booking app features provide 24*7 support facilities to their customers.

✍ Information Management

It becomes much more manageable and effortless for the service providers to easily manage all the information provided by this feature. Like customer information, flight details, and many more.

✍ Customer Support

The best app to book airline tickets will offer their customers around clock customer support. It is one of the most significant features that helps in building customer relationships. 

✍ View Searches

With this service, providers will find it easier to manage the pricing and orders depending on the search keywords and the volume.

✍ Manage Booking

This feature of the airline booking app will efficiently manage all the bookings coming to the service providers from their customers. 

Advanced Features that Should be Incorporated in an Airline Booking App

Apart from all the essential features, you must integrate a set of advanced features in your app to enhance its performance and user experience. Let us deep dive, into them: 

☛ Live-Flight Tracking

You should integrate the feature of live flight tracking in your international flight booking app. It will allow users to access live flight status and know flight timings, modifications in timings or delays, etc. 

☛ Push Notifications

It is one of the most demanded features of any application as push notification allows users with relevant information related to recent alerts, discounts, offers, and many more. 

☛ Virtual Travel Agents

With virtual travel agents, you can offer your customers personalized agents that users can access even offline. Such travel agents will help you with various things like to do, places to visit, more as a travel agency suggests and many more. In addition, these services enable users to get access to the details about the agent’s previously completed trips and other ways around. 

☛ Virtual Reality Tours

The feature of virtual reality tours will execute their work with VR handsets and provides users with 360-degree video clips along with well-guided virtual experiences of tours and travels of places around the globe.

☛ Social Media Integration

In recent times social media is known to be a new way of life. Thus social media platforms should be incorporated with an online airline booking app. Therefore, you should integrate multiple social media icons on your app, enabling users to share their trip details with friends and family.

☛ Secured Payment Gateway

It is one of the most significant features of any online airline booking app. It is imperative to incorporate a secure payment gateway so that users can grab exciting deals, make reservations and accept payments easily. As it is all exposed to a data break by a third party, the customers will only build trust when they feel the app has a secured and trusted payment gateway. 

☛ Third-Party Integration

As we integrate multiple third-party apps, it boosts the dimensions in which an international flight booking app would perform, thus boosting sales. 

☛ Multicurrency

Your airline booking app should hold the caliber to manage the currency according to the customer preference and location with personalized strategy and policy. 

☛ Printed Invoice

Furthermore, it would be best to allow users access to printable receipts of their booked airline tickets for easy and convenient travel. 

☛ One-Way/Round-trip/Multi-City Search Option

With a multi-city flight booking app, you should allow your users to look for flights as per their requirements, as it can be a one-way, round trip, or even multi-city flight search option. 

☛ CRM Integration

Incorporating CRM integration in your mobile app for flight booking will make your users feel at home. In addition, it will connect your app with a CRM platform that can help in easy data flow between the apps. 

☛ Price Comparison

The flight booking app feature of price comparison will allow users to compare the price by entering their destination and date. This will provide your users with an easy booking experience.

☛ Weather Information

It is a bit obvious that users might stay unaware of the weather condition of your destination. Thus, you should incorporate this feature in your airline booking app to complement your users by providing them with insights about the humidity and temperature reports of their destination.

☛ Price Drop Alert

The price drop alert feature will provide users with necessary warnings when the rates drop at their destination. These features help in beginning the communication ahead. 

☛ Holiday Packages

For users who love to travel, custom packages are made for them. Thus you should incorporate this feature with your hybrid mobile app development. In addition, it will attract more and more users to online airline booking apps that will benefit from holiday packages. Read more on the cost to build a travel app like Tripadvisor. 

☛ Email Notifications

An email notification is integrated to support smooth and quick communication that relies on significant user updates during the trip.

Airline Booking App Development Process

Let us go through the app development process of your airline booking app:

  • The users should be capable enough of performing registration to move ahead to book tickets from your official flight booking app. 
  • Furthermore, you need to provide users with all required details, which go through the registration process. 
  • The guest users should be allowed to look for the availability of their flights. 
  • If they wish to update their profile users, they need to log in themselves. 
  • Furthermore, they should enable users to search the available flights as per their Source place, Destination Pace, Departure Date, and Return Date.
  • You should provide regular updates to your users for the availability and non-availability of their flights. It would be best if you also prompted them to enter again for the new search. 
  • Updated flight status will be accessed by customer login and thus will prompt users to confirm their flights further. 
  • Users can access their booking history to go through their booking status, flight status after booking their airline tickets. 
  • Users should be allowed to book one-way, round way, and multi-city station flights. 
  • Furthermore, they can filter and select the class, the number of travelers, departure date, return date, and many more. 
  • Before they check out, they can apply offers and promo codes to get amazing discounts. 
  • In case of flight cancellation, they can apply for a flight ticket cancellation refund. 

What Would be the Airline Booking App Development Cost

The app development cost of airline booking apps can be estimated from multiple feature integration. Thus the critical features of any airline booking app can incorporate the must-have features as mentioned in this article. Therefore depending on features, development time, mobile application development services, and many more, these would be the estimated app development cost: 

It takes approximately 1000 hours to build an airline booking app. 

If we want to get insights into the estimated cost per the features and functionalities, it could range between $50 to $100 per hour.

Thus the overall estimation costs range between $50,000 to $1,00,000.

While we talk about the estimated app development cost for airline booking apps, the charges to enter the market might seem a bit huge. Still, over the period, the revenue generated is worth the investment. So, reach out to top mobile application development services that will build your airline booking app within your budget under stringent deadlines. We get you and understand your significance to entering the market at the right time for maximum profits.


With evolving market trends, online airline booking apps have great opportunities for business growth. It provides an effortless platform where users get easy access to essential and user-friendly online flight booking apps. However, the entire app development cost depends on the integrated features and functionalities that have been incorporated into your airline booking app. So, for a cost-effective flight booking app development solution, you may hire dedicated app developers services from a leading flight booking app development company.


Generally, domestic airlines charge a non-refundable convenience fee of Rs 150 for online booking on a one-way ticket. On the other hand, companies like Jet Airways and Go Air charge according to the route for every passenger ₹150.

Yes. You can avoid convenience fees by electronic check by making payments online to the university. There are different ways to pay, such as ACH transfer, direct debit, paper check, or money order sent via U.S. mail or pay in-person by these methods.

Both ways are used to reuse the money which has been spent on the process. A convenience fee is added when customers make the payment using a non-standard payment type. A surcharge fee is added when there is a credit card payment by the customer.