Do you know that most travel surveys show that 80% of people like to plan their trips online? This is the fact of this digital era. Everyone likes to plan their trips at the ease of their homes with just a few clicks.

There are travel apps and websites like Tripadvisor and Expedia that helps people to plan their trip according to their needs.

These apps have thousands of reviews, information, and feedback from around 400k locations. These things help people to decide on their travel-related purchases and plan their trips efficiently.

In this blog, you will get to know how much does it cost to develop an app like Tripadvisor and also what is Tripadvisor app. It is important to know how much apps like Tripadvisor cost because they are very useful and can generate very high revenue for you.

So, before knowing how Tripadvisor makes money and what are the factors affecting the cost let’s first know what is Tripadvisor app.

What Is the Tripadvisor app?

Tripadvisor is the biggest platform for all travel and hotel booking. This is a website that is also available as an android mobile app and for Ios users too.

It has around 463 million users per month. It helps you to read more than 850 million reviews and book from 8.6 million accommodations, flights, restaurants, experiences, cruises, and airlines.

The main advantage here is that you can compare hotel bookings from over 1000 travel websites and get the best price from the Tripadvisor app android.

Websites like Tripadvisor are very useful as they help not only in hotel booking but also to plan whole your trip in one place. All these things make it important to develop an app like Tripadvisor.

Now, you must be thinking that if apps like Tripadvisor are so important and useful then how does Tripadvisor make money? To understand this we have to first see its basic and main features.

Features are the most important part of any app and hence they are important factors that affect the cost of apps like Tripadvisor.

Tripadvisor app android has many features. You also must consider that if you are planning to develop an app like Tripadvisor then you must develop a good android and iPhone app as it will add to your revenue.

For this, you can hire a mobile app developer for custom android app development. Also for a successful Trip advisor app for iPhone, you must hire an iPhone app development company.

This is because for such apps to be successful, require a development team to complete the development process that can be provided by a mobile app development company.

Features Required for Tripadvisor app Android or Websites like Tripadvisor

The Tripadvisor city guide app is one of the most popular travel guide apps and has created a huge profit in the last few years.

Seeing its immense success, you also must be wondering what those qualities or features are part of the Tripadvisor revenue model and business model so that you can also make a successful travel advisor app.

Here are some of the main features that are needed in a travel advisor app like the Tripadvisor city guide app.

1. Signup

This is the first and most important feature of any travel advisor app like the Tripadvisor city guide app. In this, users are asked to make their accounts so that they can have their unique identity on your travel app.

Make sure that the process of signup in your app or website is easy and user-friendly

You can do this by making them register using their social media accounts like Facebook or from their Gmail or Google accounts. This is the basic feature that every app has these days.

2. Dashboard

A personal user dashboard is a very useful feature for users. The Trip Advisor app for iPhone and android also have this feature along with its website.

The dashboard helps users to keep track of their history and earlier activities. They can also check their profile and personal information. They must be able to edit and update it too.

Make sure that the UI/UX design of your dashboard should be according to the user’s convenience.

Always remember the ease of the audience while adding any feature in your app as it will make your app usable for the people and hence will increase its reach. This is also a part of the Tripadvisor revenue model.

3. Search and Filter

Search is a very important feature of the app. Since the app is all about searching and planning the trip or travel plans. Hence, searching is a very important feature to develop an app like Tripadvisor.

The users must be able to look for different places around the globe. You must add all the famous places here. The other perspective of this feature is that it must include some of the important filters that are required while searching.

The filters are the rating filter that whether the user would like to see the review that is above that 4 stars or less than that.

This will allow them to see the best-rated places, hotels, flights, and much more. The Tripadvisor app also allows users to write Tripadvisor reviews of the places users visit so that they can add this filter and people can find the best-rated places for their trip.

You can also add other features like asking for the dates, the location, the number of rooms, destinations, and many more.

4. Geolocation

Add the geolocation facility to your app. This feature is very helpful for the users and it also helps them during the trip as well. They can search for nearby places, and restaurants on their trip.

You can ask Custom Mobile App Development Company to add this feature in your custom android app development.

5. Ratings and Reviews

The TripAdvisor revenue model also includes the feature of ratings and reviews. It is very important for the Tripadvisor app iPhone and Tripadvisor business model.

This is because reviews and ratings help to attract customers. You must ask your users to write a Tripadvisor review after they visit or make any trip on the app.

You can ask your iPhone app development company to add this feature to your app. Tripadvisor is also has a Tripadvisor rating system and it asks users to write Tripadvisor reviews.

They can also write a Tripadvisor app review so that it can get genuine feedback from users and attract more customers.

6. Property management

This feature is for those who rent their properties like hotels and restaurants on your travel app. They also should be able to manage their account and properties on your app.

They can also write a Tripadvisor app review and can be a part of the Tripadvisor rating system. Hence, it is important to add some features for property holders too.

7. Booking management

The property holders and companies that have their properties and services on your app should be able to manage their booking services through their accounts.

As mentioned earlier they are also a part of the Tripadvisor app review and Tripadvisor rating system. so, you have to take care of them also.

8. Notifications

Notifications are an important feature when you are making an app. They are required for promotions, reach, and reminders for the users. You can also stop your customers from churning using notifications.

You should provide notifications like booking confirmation, reminders notifications, and promotional notifications. This is also an important feature of the Tripadvisor business model.

It will help to promote your app and it is a good strategy for the Tripadvisor business model.

Estimation of Cost to Develop an App like Tripadvisor:

Now, that you know what features are useful for your app like Tripadvisor. You can now understand how Tripadvisor makes money.

These features also affect your development cost. You can ask your iPhone app development company and custom android app development company that how much they will charge you for these features.

Developing an app like Tripadvisor can take 3-5 months and can cost you around $15,000. It is the minimum price. It may be more than that based on all the factors that affect the development cost of the app.

Your app cost will depend on what your company or developer will charge and the features you add to your app. If you hire a development company from India then it would charge you less as compared to that the USA.


Developing a website like Tripadvisor can take a lot of time and effort. It will cost you quite a large amount also but it is well worth investing in a travel guide and booking app as these apps are the need of the hour.

The price will be less costly if your listing has less functionality and features but it can have less chance of being successful then. So, choose wisely.

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