Do you know that 80% of last-minute online bookings are made from online booking mobile apps? Yes, this is true. The travel industry has shown significant growth year by year. Along with this, the online hotel booking app has also shown a huge demand. It will be worth developing an app like

It is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the whole world. About 78% of adults in the US like to book their hotel through an online hotel booking app.

The reason behind the demand for online hotel booking apps is very simple. People do traveling for many reasons like attending conferences, visiting places, holidays, parties, marriages, etc.

No one can deny the fact that online booking apps are easy to use, save time, give discounts, and are hassle-free.

There are many online booking apps like, Expedia,, and These apps make huge profits and are the most successful booking apps in the world. This is why it is important to know the app development of an app like

Do you also want to know how to make a booking app and how much is its development cost? This blog will give you answers to all these questions. So, keep reading as it would be very helpful if you are also thinking to develop an app like

First, let’s take a dig into

WHAT IS BOOKING.COM MOBILE APP? mobile app is an app that helps people with hotel reservations, and booking flight tickets, car, and taxi services for traveling across the globe.

According to a report, offers over 5.5 lakh properties across 210 countries. This is a huge number. Not only this, mobile app was ranked 5th on Google Play Store.

Traveling is so easy with this app that you have to just download the app from the play store for android and start booking.

The mobile app is also available on the apple store and is ranked between 11th and 13th. For iPhone users, you have to download the app from the apple store.

☛ Suceess statistics of

  • It has 95 million-plus guest reviews.
  • About 1.55 million rooms are booked per day through the hotel search app.
  • #1 most visited travel site in terms of traffic.
  • Accessible in over 42 languages.
  • 100 million-plus visits per month.
  • Revenue of $12.5 billion in the year 2017.

This was a sneak peek into the travel app You can now imagine how much success you can get if you develop a successful app like

Let’s now discuss the main reason why you are here how to make a booking app and what is building a hotel app costs.

To know all these you first need to know the key features of an app like This is because features are important factors that affect the cost of an app and also features are an important step in building an app.


1. Sign Up and com Hotel Login

The app requires a very simple signup process. You can register through Facebook, Google, or by using Gmail. Once you register you can use the hotel login anytime and anywhere.

When you are learning how to make a booking app, make sure you note that the hotel login must have options for Facebook and Google. These options are convenient and have a good user experience.

2. Building User Profiles

After the owner login, users have the feature to build their profiles. User profiles are important for reviews and comments of the user on the website or app.

One can refer to them and it is really important for building an app like The user profiles can include their name, age, profile picture, and name of the country.

3. Dashboard

The dashboard is visible to the users after the owner login. All the information like bookings, reviews, and wish lists is shown on a personal dashboard.

Users can edit all their personal information through the dashboard after the owner login. All these things are personalized based on your search results on hotel search apps like

4. Searching Feature

The search feature is the most important in a hotel search app. You can start searching in the mobile app just after the login.

It is a very common and cheap feature and you must have to consider it while estimating building a hotel app cost. You can search for hotels while providing information like destination, date, and number of members and rooms.

5. Location and Maps Integration has the feature of identifying users’ locations using their IP addresses. You can also use the map integration feature on the website for finding your destination or hotel.

This feature is very useful for those users who are looking for a fixed destination that is near a landmark or famous place. This feature can be a little costly while estimating building a hotel app cost.

6. Reviews and Ratings

Ratings and reviews are very important in terms of marketing too. With ratings, people can get to know about the best-rated hotels in a particular destination and they can also give ratings and reviews to the hotels they have visited through the app.

Users can also refer to the reviews of a particular hotel on the hotel page only.

#7. Notifications

Notifications are another important feature in terms of marketing. sends notifications to its users through emails, SMS, and in-app notifications.

Notifications can be used for promotions, reminders, recommendations, and discount coupons or deals.

8. Features for Hotel service Providers

The first thing service providers have to do is make an account i.e. hotel admin on the app and register their hotel or properties. They have to give their property details, photos of the property, description, payment details, and accommodation availability.

In their hotel admin, they can manage all their bookings in the reservation tab. The hotel admin also gets a notification whenever customers book or cancel a hotel.

9. Payment Gateways

The booking apps must have a feature of different payment gateways available for the users. These days people are used to different types of payment modes like credit cards, UPIds, and using other payment apps. You must add the possible gateway in your travel app.

These were some of the important features that app like includes. You have to add these features to your travel booking app.

These are the very common and important features that must be there in a travel app. These will add to the development process and cost of the app but they are worth investing your money.

Other Cost affecting Factors for App like

Let’s now discuss some other important factors that affect the cost of a travel mobile app development.

☛ Development Platform

Development platforms are the platforms on which you are going to launch your app and on which it is going to be portable. For a successful travel app, you must make your app for both android and iOS users.

You have to hire the right mobile app development agency for this. If you choose to develop your app for iOS users only then the development cost is less because it uses less number of devices.

You can also hire an iPhone app developer for this instead of a mobile app development agency. It would be less costly. If you choose to develop your app on android too then it will be a little costlier.

You must hire an android app development company as they would be more specialized in the field.


The user interface and user experience of your travel app must be very attractive and user-friendly. admin has both of these in their mobile device app as well as on the website.

You have to add visual components, attractive graphics, and other user-friendly interface functions. All these things may increase the cost of your app but they are worth it to make your app successful like admin.

☛ The location where App is Developed

Location can be an important factor affecting the cost of your travel app. If you hire an iPhone app developer or an android app development company from India then it would cost you $10-$50 per hour.

Whereas if you hire a mobile development agency or hire an iPhone app developer from Australia then it would cost you around $100-$200.

So, these were the other important factors that may or would affect the development cost of your travel app like admin.

Let’s now look into the total estimated cost of a travel app like

Cost to Develop an App like

The cost to build an app like can vary based on the different factors and features mentioned above.

But if you want a common estimate of all the major things and tools used in a travel app by an android app development company or an iPhone app developer then you can refer to the below table.

The mentioned cost is based on an average price per hour i.e. $40 per hour.

Features iOS Android
⚙️ Common tasks* 40 43
Searching: 22 18
Location picker 15 15
Date picker 8 9
Person picker 9 9
Showing results: 14 16
List view 22 24
Sorting 8 6
Filters 18 21
Map view 23 22
Hotel details: 14 16
Photo gallery 8 10
Overview 11 13
Prices 15 13
Customer reviews 22 23
Map 8 10
Booking options 16 15
Sharing 6 6
Suggestions 12 14
Profiles: 14 18
Settings 8 12
My bookings 15 17
List 8 7
Details 12 12
QR-code 7 7
Payment flow 55 58
Push notifications 15 17
Total hours 425 451
 Approximate costs 17,000$ 18,040$

This is just a predicted cost based on the average hours and average per-hour cost of the travel app business model. It may costs more when you actually start developing it but if your product is successful then this is a golden investment that can generate a large amount of revenue.

Let’s now end this blog by answering some of the important FAQs that would make you more clear about developing a travel booking app like

app like