What makes an app unique and different? It could be an alluring user interface, amazing graphics, useful and required features that can solve users’ problems. But after incorporating all of these amazing features, it might not become popular or successful. It might have come to your notice that there are a few not-so-amazing apps that are extremely successful. What could be the secret behind an app being successful? Effective app store optimization trends can help you with this problem.

Effective app marketing based on App Store Optimization (ASO) is an answer to your problem. Suppose you do not have enough insights about how it works and the advantages of these app store optimization trends. Here are some play store optimization resources to help you ace your game.

What is Meant by App Store Optimization(ASO)?

App store optimization (ASO) enhances app visibility within the mobile app stores and boosts app conversion rates. App Store for iOS and Google play store for Android are two of the major app stores in the market. In addition to ranking on the top results of your app store, ASO also concentrates on click-through rate (CTR). Here it means that it convinces your target audience to click on the app and install it as soon as they find it in the listing. 

You can also optimize app name, title, icon, screenshots, and rating. Once the audience clicks through your app store listing, you must ensure that they install your app and engage with it. This part of ASO is also called conversion rate optimization. 

More than 5 million apps are available on the app store and play store. It is quite possible that your app gets unnoticed and faces many challenges to survive in tough competition. These app store optimization trends’ first and foremost goal is to boost your app’s downloads and the number of committed users. The initial step of maximizing this process is to make your app easily accessible to the right audience at the right time and place. To better understand how you can do it and which app store optimization trends are best suited for your business. Get in touch with digital marketing consultancy as they can help you understand better and provide you with proper guidance. 

Importance of App Store Optimization (ASO) Trends?

The first and foremost motive of ASO is that your mobile apps should be installed and downloaded by users. After that, the concern related to audience engagements, positive reviews for applications, and ratings came to the picture, combined with higher brand exposure and added marketing channels.

Most digital marketing consultancy uses various digital marketing trends and techniques like paid advertisements in social media and blogs to get more potential customers to their app store page. These trends and styles turn out to be very useful, but app store optimization trends should still be considered for gaining better organic installs for free. There would be better chances of your mobile application being installed by relevant users and proper keyword optimization. Read more on top iOS development trends in 2022

Let’s Check the Latest App Store Optimization Trends to Use in 2022

Here we have mentioned some of the latest app store optimization trends that can help you maintain or boost your user installment base, and it will also help you get an edge over your competitors. To learn more about app store optimization trends and their benefits, connect with a professional SEO company to understand it in a better way.

1. Competitors Will Leverage ASO

Nowadays, most marketing experts are learning the power of app store optimization. Thus it becomes harder for you to succeed as you have already optimized your targeted keywords once. Generally, people have already seen this trend before. More than 60% of the top 1000 apps and games in the United States have been using keyword optimization, and this data has grown 50% more from the earlier year. Top developers who practice it often see major results. Therefore if you haven’t gotten more into this yet, so either sell it and forget it once. Now you can leave it all in the previous year.

2. Apple and Google Making Huge Changes to Their Search Algorithms

Apple and Google are working a lot towards fine-tuning their search algorithms to provide users with fresh and relevant search results. In the case of Apple, it must dedicate more of its time to getting rid of all the bugs enabled by some apps to boost its game to get a higher rank.

Launch of iOS 13 Apple started to hit hard on some of the black hat tricks and techniques. Apple is also expected to focus on initiating indexing descriptions.

On the other side, it is also believed that Google will give more importance to the current performance.

Presently the algorithms look like all-time downloads of an app to decide at what level you should rank it in the set of relevant keywords. This makes it even harder for new apps to compare with incumbents. Like how Google changed, it computes the average rating previously this year. Users are expected to concentrate more on recent downloads to enable faster iterations and open up opportunities for businesses.

3. Long Tail Keywords Brings New Opportunities

More expert marketers have app store optimization checklists that include various strategies. Here in this space, the shorter and more generic terms become a bit common and a little hard to hustle for. As the play store optimization stores auto-complete get intelligent with search terms and further will boost popularity and provide users with more advanced opportunities. These app store optimization trends related to search engine optimization to app store optimization for the web a few years ago with loads of new opportunities by achieving a better rank and becoming a great factor of productive keyword research.

4. Developers That Iterate Faster will Grow Faster.

The traditional update cycles happening over weeks and months will lower in the new year. As it leads to more competition thus with more competition, you need to find keyword opportunities as well. The app store quickly indexes the applications and believes it is all in Google and will move in that direction. The app store optimization trends provide their users with a lot of visibility at higher granularity. These developers can try things out their way. This would be faster and better but at the same time will prevent major negative impacts from experimenting and making new changes if done with proper guidance and support can be productive in the long run. 

5. Page Conversion Matter More Than Ever

In this app store optimization trend, getting more and more users to look at your app is major but the first half of the good ASO part. The other remaining part is significant as many users download it and try it out. All of this is what we have for all store optimization as we believe that marketers who win their hands in ASO will be the one who gets the chance to get close attention to how well your impression converts into the mood.

It is advised for you to take your own time at the app’s page, with screenshots highlighting the best of the benefits. Are these engaging stuff? Here, we have mentioned unique features so that you get to change things up and monitor the results for the same. Like you can run the A/B test in Google Play for the Android app. We expect to see more experienced developers focusing on-page conversion next year. Read more on top digital marketing trends.


App store optimization continues to ace at performing the growth trends. Past few years, the necessity and value of apps have been with the marketing mix, and it has been utilized as a primary marketing tactic. Therefore, the initial challenge today is to discover users organically within the major app stores. 

Many practical app store optimization trends can help you refresh, refine, and position your apps to generate localized results. If you want to get more insights about this, a top digital marketing consultancy will help you to better understand the process.


Here are 7 tips for optimization for app store listing:
  • Use of appropriate keywords.
  • Correcting keywords for the audience is important.
  • Include icons, screenshots and videos.
  • Make your title and description effective.
  • Build backups.
  • Move traffic (and downloads) to your app store page.

There are a few tricks that will help you to get the most app name and keywords fields.
  • Avoid giving spaces. Use commas.
  • Use digits rather than using names for numbers.
  • Use plurals and typos for languages other than English.
  • Avoid duplication of keywords.

It gives access to objects, tabs and other items in one easy bundle in the navigation bar. It helps you brand your apps with a custom color and logo. It includes a utility bar and page tab in your lightning app.