Technology plays a vital role in humankind’s life. With the help of the internet, it has become easy for people to communicate with one another.

Nowadays, almost all businesses have entered into developing websites and mobile applications to attract traffic and customers as businesses have experienced high ROI from around the globe.

Many audiences wholeheartedly accept telecommunicating apps like Skype as it targets users from all age groups. Research and studies say, in March 2020, the videoconferencing app was downloaded nearly 27 million times, up from just 2.1 million in January 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hence businesses are fascinated to invest in apps like skype. They reach out to custom mobile app development company to build video chat apps like Skype with unique and advanced features to grab high profits.

Skype is one such video and messaging application widely accepted by users to interact with their friends, family, colleagues, etc.

It is easy to use and allows people to make audio and video calls, share files, send messages, share interesting emojis, and many more.

Anyone can access the Skype mobile app for free. However, the users have to register/signup themselves to make use of the services offered.

What Is Skype App?

The Skype mobile app is a VOIP service. It is a hybrid messaging, voice call, and video chat application that allows users to connect with their friends, families, and colleagues worldwide through the internet.

You must know what things to keep in mind before creating a messaging app that incorporates a complex procedure and comes with many steps. With 10,000 million + users, the Skype video app is the most famous and accepted communication platform worldwide.

Skype mobile apps cater to several unique and important benefits to both professional and personal communication, subject to how the mobile app is used.

Above all other benefits, The skype app is free of cost so you can test the video chat apps without investing a single penny.

Some Of The Basic Features Integrated In Video Chat Apps Like Skype

  • Admin Panel
  • Dashboard
  • User Panel
  • Skype Profile
  • Audio Video Calls
  • Push Notifications
  • Ads and Promotions
  • Messages
  • Fun Emoticons
  • Feature Management
  • Private Conversation
  • Security
  • User Queries
  • Help desk

Unique Features Of Video Chat Apps Like Skype

1. Divide Your Work

The Skype video app offers various ways to share files or images with your contacts. Suppose you are not more of a sharing person then block the file transfer from the Skype settings.

Apart from sharing files, the skype mobile app also allows its users to share on the computer screen with anyone they are audio/video calling. It also entertains the feature of sharing one or multiple files with an individual or a group at the same point in time.

Easy sharing with options like Drag and Drop files are also available. If you feel like sharing a document during a meeting, you need to drag and drop the file in the chat session.

Easy sharing and accepting of files are accessible to skype app users. Skype video app allows people to share their screen in group conference calling.

2. Call Recording and Live Subtitles

During an important team discussion or client call, it is difficult to note down all the detailed points at the moment.

Therefore the feature of call recording needs to be integrated into apps like Skype. Where people can record their calls and then analyze and note down the details afterward.

To avoid language barriers, apps like skype should also integrate the feature of live subtitles as it helps in better understanding spoken words.

3. Edit the Delivered Messages

Typing errors and incorrect content delivery is irritating. But this might not bother you if you are a Skype video app user as The Skype mobile app provides a feature to edit your messages once they are delivered.

All you need to do is right-click on the message, select edit message from the drop-down menu and modify your message.

And if you wish to remove or delete your message, you need to right-click on the message and select remove message. Your message will get deleted from both the receivers’ and senders’ sides.

So if you wish to develop video chat apps like Skype, add features or edit the delivered message.

4. Assign Nicknames

We all tend to have nicknames for our friends and family members. The skype video app provides users with access to change their skype names with nicknames.

These features might not be fantasizing for a professional workplace. But it is still hilarious and fun, and it is entertaining for users.

If you wish to use the feature of rename, all you need to do is right-click on the name on the contact list, select the option of rename from the drop-down menu, and then name the person you want.

The word limit is 120 characters, which is quite enough. But kudos to you if you try to use them all and select a satisfying name for your near and dear ones.

5. Skype To Go

With the feature of Skype To Go, users can use other smartphones or landlines to make or receive international calls in areas with a poor or no internet connection.

Users who wish to connect to their friends, family, colleagues or foreign clients who stay abroad. Now it is possible to do it with Skype mobile app.

To make calls without the internet or through another phone, add some balance to your Skype credit account and have long talks and discussions.

7. Changing Background During Video Calls

Sometimes we tend to be in awkward places or situations where we don’t feel like revealing the background.

Some people, regularly, don’t feel like showing their backgrounds. For them, the Skype video app has come with a feature where you can change the background during video callings.

It is interesting for users who like to play with filters and backgrounds And is formal and professional for team calls or client calls.

8. Various Themes and Designs

Skype offers its users interesting dark, high contrast, low contrast themes. Users can adjust them accordingly. They can also change the color or chatbox.

These interesting features in your mobile apps like Skype tend to attract customers and keep them engaged.

9. Suggest New Features

The Skype app provides a feedback platform where users can narrate their issues. And suggest Skype with new and innovative features which they can integrate into their video chat apps.

This feedback features help in building customer loyalty as they feel connected and free to share their thoughts.

10. Voice Mail

The feature of Voicemail helps users to record their messages or send the recorded message to their contacts. And can also listen to the voicemails others have sent them.

It eliminates the need to type long text. And you can explain your emotions or thoughts to someone in your way with your speech.

11. Video Messages

Video is in trend, so rather than sending boring long texts and messages to your contacts. You can explore the features of text messages. You only need to right-click on the contact and select video message.

A new window will pop up, record anything you want to deliver to another person, and then send it. It will make things easy to understand and is engaging and entertaining at the same time.

Make sure to ask your hiring Hybrid Mobile App Development company to integrate this feature in your video chat apps.

Technology Stack Required To Develop Video Chat Apps Like Skype

Although the list of technologies required depends entirely on the features, you wish to integrate into your video chat apps. Pick the best technology stack for your product for successful web application development.

if you want to build apps like Skype, then the primary list of technologies Hybrid Mobile App Development Companies uses are:

✍ For Android

  • Android: Java, Android Studio, Rest APIs
  • Third-Party Integration: PubNub SDK, Pusher, AppLogic (for messaging)

✍ For iOS

  • Swift, Xcode
  • Third-party integration: PubNub SDK, Pusher, AppLogic (for messaging)

✍ For Desktop Application

  • Socket (IO) (for chatting)
  • React and NodeJs

How Much Does It Cost To Develop Video Chat Apps Like Skype?

The cost of Skype is approximately between $20,000 – $120,000. The actual cost to develop apps like skype depends on the team you hire.

The team includes developers, marketing managers, designers, project managers, IT consultants, and many more professionals.

The Skype cost also varies depending upon the country of your residence. For instance, building apps like Skype in India will cost you 3-4 times less than in the USA.

If your budget does not meet the Skype costs, you can eliminate some of the complex features to save money. And further you can opt to hire not well-known professionals but a dedicated and experienced team, with whom coordination is easy.

There is a lot of demand for video chat apps in the market, but still, there are apps that have dumped into losses. To avoid such situations, you should find your niche and target your audience accordingly.

Don’t just blindly follow Skype mobile apps or other video chat apps. Come up with new innovative ideas which can solve the problems of users and meet their requirements.

This article will get the most important tips to manage your mobile app development cost-effectively.


Developing mobile apps like Skype is the best-advised option if you wish to have a flourishing app business. But no one can provide you with the exact cost to build mobile apps like Skype.

The Skype prices depend on the Custom Mobile App Development Company that you hire. And the cost and timeline will vary depending on the preferences and requirements of your video chat apps.

We are a global provider of top-notch hybrid mobile app development services. Our experienced developers and IT consultants help you with their custom-made solutions and strategies. And we use a user-centric approach and customer-friendly methodologies. It provides us with access to address every project with the time-tested ability and provides maximum client satisfaction.

Share your unique ideas for video chat apps like Skype and get the estimated cost to develop. Contact us now.

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Top Custom Mobile App Development Companies may provide a quotation between $20,000 – $120,000 to develop apps like Skype. Further, the cost may vary depending on the functionalities and unique features you wish to integrate into your video chat apps.

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