We can’t imagine our lives without communication. Neglected from sharing your feelings, emotions, routine, and other plans with friends and family or your acquaintances.

Sounds nostalgic right!! This question is wordy as a human being is a social creature whose life revolves around information exchange and social connections. At this responsible point of life, every human approach people to get advice, consult, or discuss their ideas.

Human beings always want to know what other people think about it and ensure that all their actions and wishes go on the right path. The research and studies state that Global downloads of Zoom and Skype boosted by over 100% from February to March in the year 2020.

Telecommunication has brought humankind closer to each other. Hence the telephone is considered to be the most famous means of communication since 1876.

The invention of the telephone appeared like freedom to humankind as you don’t have to wait for hours or days to get your reply, and everything is handled in real-time.

Now your current location, working place location, house, public transport, store, and several other locations don’t matter to get connected, as now you can connect with whoever you want or need. It is amazing.

There are various best video chat apps available. Some of the most famous ones are:

  • Facetime
  • WhatsApp Messenger
  • BBM
  • Hangouts
  • JustTalk
  • Line
  • Skype
  • Zoom
  • Viber
  • WeChat
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Google Duo, and many more

These days, modern messengers have complexities and have a common impression of being overfed with features. Google must feel the same thing. Therefore, they decided to opt for a different way. They opted to bifurcate all these functions.

Let’s see what is there in Google duo, which makes the best video chat apps, and How to make your own video calling app?

About Google Duo

Google Hangouts was facing a lot of issues and complaints. Keeping all the problems aside, Google continues to be the king of the current technological era. It has put the work of resolvings issues of Hangouts on hold and started everything from scratch.

Check out all issues with reasons to stop video buffering or streaming issues for mobile and desktop. Google launched its two video chat apps, Google Allo and Duo. Google Duo offers the facility of messaging and video calling parallelly.

This function is most common in best video chat apps, so what makes Google Duo special? It facilitates you with the feature of calling directly from a phone book, similar to the Facetime of iOS.

All you need to have is a receiver’s phone number mentioned in place of the email id. Lending its features from Hangouts, also launched its iOS version for iPhone users.

Adjacent to this, the Google Duo video chat apps support secure chat with end-to-end encryption. Below mentioned are some vital features integrated into your best video chat apps.

Steps To Build Video Chat App From Scratch:

1. Choose Your Target Audience First

Selecting your target audience is the initial step of building a video chat app from scratch. Focusing on a specific section of the market requires distinct strategies.

The competition is fierce out there, and you must rise to the occasion by researching all of the mobile app marketing strategies available.

According to the research and study, < 50% of the millennials use their mobile phones for video chat and messaging. And the study also says that 3 billion minutes are spent over skype in a whole day.

There is a huge delusion about video chat apps that while you plan to build a video messaging app, you don’t require to target a specific audience.

As the video chat apps will be used by everyone regardless of age, gender, purpose, and business. It is the component of the app that determines the users and purpose.

Mobile Application Development Agency should ensure that while building video chat apps from scratch, it needs to be secure and have a simplistic tech-related feature like HD quality, video conferencing, data encryption, and many more.

On the other side, video chat apps built for students and informal users must possess cool features like filters while video calling and many more.

Hence, it is very important to choose your target audience. It will help the android app development company determine the project requirement and all the features that need to be integrated.

2. Front End Components

UI/UX plays a vital role in video chat app reach and utilization. The Mobile Application Development Agency should tune the features which suit the type of target audience.

Like building simple, sleek, and minimal designs for a wide audience base. On the other hand, integrate complex elements for an expert audience and tech-savvy. But ensure that your whole design should enhance customer experience and engage them more in the app.

3. Back End Components

What is the best video chat app? and how do we develop one? The secret lies in the unseen codes and commands behind video chat apps, and these are known as the back-end components/elements.

These well-timed coordinated actions of the back-end developers play a vital role in video chat apps development.

Therefore your video messaging app is built from scratch, which makes your app flexible. Or either build on software that helps it to reduce time consumption.

You can even use video SDK based on your platform configuration to easily create your video chat app. For example, if your platform is built on React Native, you can use a react native video SDK for seamless integration.

4. Testing Stage

As we now study, the back-end elements play a crucial role in delivering results. Therefore a slight modification in the codes and commands can end up in a failure of the video chat apps.

It is advised to test your video messaging app at each stage to ensure the best possible user experience. The various testing stages are testing, system testing, integration testing, unit testing, and many more.

5. Video Streaming Protocols

Video streaming protocol is necessary for the correct functioning of the best video chat app.

WebRTC is real-time communication, an entire accumulation of protocols that permits organized functioning of audio-video codes and data sharing among browsers. It is the trusted, safe and secure protocol for video chat app development.

Make A Wish List Of Advanced Features To Be Integrated Into Video Chat Apps

You must be wondering how to make a video calling app in android studio to meet essential and cutting-edge gaps. For this iOS application development company must integrate unique and special features over your competitors’ existing features.

To get an edge over the best video chat apps like Skype and Google Duo, you need to have some cool features in your video calling apps.

Here is a list of some special app features which could help you build a video messaging app. Check out more features with the help of the article on how to build a video streaming app like Hulu.

1. Desktop Sharing

Build video chat apps from scratch with the feature of desktop sharing as it is the most common feature used by professionals, team leaders, clients, or whoever needs to show some content on their screen to others.

2. Group Calling

How to build a video conference app? Video conferencing is the most common feature in video chat apps. Various apps allow users to have a group chat with multiple people at the same time.

50+ people on a video chat are too much and are only required for conferences or presentations. For informal communication, you can build a video messaging app for 15-20 people.

3. Text Message

Almost every video chat app offers a feature for messaging and texting, along with a feature for video calling. It is a normal feature and requires to be integrated into your video chat app.

4. Encrypted Chats

The security of an app is something that can turn users on and off about the app. The users prefer a secure and encrypted app.

The users understand privacy and know how important it is to keep data secure. Therefore end to end encryption secure the chats and data appropriately for privacy.

5. File Sharing System

While you build a video messaging app, make sure to add a file-sharing system. It is a handy feature in video chat apps and is mainly targeted by professionals and businesses.

6. Video Call Preview

It was Google Duo who came with this motivating feature. The feature helps the receiver to get a preview of the incoming video call of the caller.

7. Emojis And Animations

Interesting emojis, animations, GIFs, and other small elements make it attractive for the users. It is an amazing way to keep users engaged with your app.

8. Video Story Status

The exciting feature of video story status was borrowed from Snapchat and Instagram. These social media platforms allow users to create curated videos and post them on the story for 24 hours.

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Video Messaging App?

Before you plan to build a video chat app from scratch, estimating its cost is very much important. It entirely depends on the features, configurations, and complexity of the video chat app.

The app development is a result of a team involved in a hired android app development company. below is the list of the team involved and their estimated costs

  • Business Analyst ~ $66,000+
  • UI/UX Designer ~ $10-$50 /hr
  • Android Developer ~ $23,000+
  • iOS Developer ~ $27,000+
  • Testers ~ $20-$40 /hr
  • Project Managers ~ $20+ /hr

There are various stages involved to develop the best video chat apps, and these various steps of development should be well-planned, estimated, and executed. The cost estimation and its various stages are as below:

  • Front End Components ~ $1000+
  • Back End Components ~ $4000+
  • Testing Stage ~ $5000-$10000
  • Video Streaming Protocols ~ $700+

The total of the entire plan of developing a video chat app comes to somewhere around $13,200+.

The estimated time and cost may vary depending on your preferred features, platforms you choose for app development, and functionalities required with different organizations.

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Video chat apps are the most frequently used apps for education, businesses, and formal and informal communication. An affluent video chat application allows users to stay connected without spending a single penny.

Nowadays, social media platforms and interactions have developed a new space and collaborated with video chat apps and other APIs. There are various telecommunication apps or video calling apps that have ruled the market.

By the time, the revolution in technology, with 5G calling apps, you can conveniently make free calls to anywhere in the world.

But still, there lies a demand for advanced, interactive, easy to use and secure video chat apps. If you want to get answers to how to make your own video calling app? How to make a video calling app in android studio?

In that case, contact Top Mobile Application Development Agency as they will help you build video chat apps from scratch with their tailor-made app development solutions.

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Technical Stacks of Video Chat Apps is MYSQL, Oracle, Swift, Java, Kotlin, WebRTC, RTP, RTMP, Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, AES-256, and HMAC-SHA256. Further, the technology stack can be discussed by experienced developers and companies and is dependent on the functionalities and features you choose to integrate.

The ultimate motive to build a video messaging app is to make a profit. Hence there are several modern monetization methods:
  • Brand Advertising on video chat apps is an amazing idea.
  • Integration of premium stickers in places can make users engaged with the video chat apps.
  • Access to calls over the internet and also through traditional systems.
  • Come up with premium features and creative ideas that get you an edge over your competitors and are also enjoyed by users.

Key factors to consider before you hire a Mobile Application Development Agency:
  • Best-fit Experience
  • Mobile App development process
  • Domain experience
  • User experience design
  • Coding standards
  • Carry out app testing
  • Data Security
  • Third-party software integration
  • Future-proofing
  • Legal aspect