It is difficult to choose a platform for your eCommerce store. That’s because the choice of platform will have an impact on every aspect of development. It is not all. Once the eCommerce site is live, you also need to manage it at the backend. Even in that aspect, the choice of platform will matter. Out of all the options available, Magento eCommerce development is the most popular.

Magento eCommerce Development Performance

Currently, more than 250,000 enterprises use Magento. A network of 315,000+ developers is working on making Magento better. The release of Magento 2 made the platform an even better choice for business owners.

One of the primary benefits of Magento 2 over Magento 1 is an improvement in user experience. We cannot provide an in-detail technical guide in a blog. But we can tell you about the benefits of using Magento for your eCommerce store.

For an in-depth discussion of the same, contact your magento development company.

10+ benefits of choosing the Magento eCommerce Website Development:

#Benefit 1: Performance & Scalability

Magento Performance and Scalability

One of the benefits of Magento 2 is an improvement in performance than Magento 1. Magento 2 comes with an advanced indexer.

The advanced indexer will increase the speed of query performance. The indexer will update the data to enhance the speed of your website. The data will include users, prices, and catalog data.

Varnish Cache is a leading HTTP accelerator technology. Its integration in Magento allows complete caching of your online store. Complete caching means the web pages will load at a lightning-fast speed.

The bounce rate of your website can go up to 50% if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. As per this data, fast loading time is among the major benefits of the Magento eCommerce platform.

#Benefit 2: Buying Recommendations

Magento Buying Recommendations

As a user, we have come across some product recommendations while purchasing an item. In technical terms, such recommendations are known as up-sells or cross-sells.

The up-sells or cross-sells will enhance the user experience. They will also help to increase the average order value. You can put this feature in place by choosing Magento eCommerce development services.

You can also display stock availability and price countdowns to increase sales.

Magento offers other ways to decrease cart abandonment rates and increase sales. For example, you can add promotions to the checkout page. Apart from these features, you can also add other media to tell about your products.

#Benefit 3: Robust Platform

You don’t need to worry about the huge size of your online store with Magento eCommerce development. The Magento platform enables you to carry out many activities at the same time.

It can be processing many orders at the same time or managing inventory. don’t forget to include the management of major payment gateways too in these activities.

The Magento 2 eCommerce development platform can process 39% more orders every hour.

It will also load the website 50% faster. Magento can also manage a great amount of traffic during peak hours. We all know the importance of a smooth checkout experience. In the case of Magento, you don’t need to worry about that too.

#Benefit 4: Mobile-friendly

Magento Mobile-friendly Website

The number of users shopping from their smartphones is on the rise. In fact, 62% of people shop from their smartphones. So, businesses need to make sure that their eCommerce stores are mobile-friendly.

A Magento development agency will take advantage of the platform’s responsiveness. The responsive features will enable them to deliver a mobile-friendly site.

Magento eCommerce development will give you options for responsive design reference themes. Thus, you can design websites that work on different screen resolutions. Keep in mind that they will work without any glitches too.

Not to forget the entire Magento admin panel is touch-screen friendly. So, it becomes easy to manage the store on your device.

#Benefit 5: Advanced SEO Features

Magento Advanced SEO Features

The main source of traffic for eCommerce websites is organic search. Hence, SEO is an integral aspect of any eCommerce store.

Magento 2 comes with all the advanced SEO features you need on your website. In reality, the official team of Magento 2 designed it keeping in mind the SEO. A Magento web development company will be able to guide you better about using the SEO features.

Create SEO-friendly URL structures or add rich snippets for mark-up data on the product pages. Not to forget, you can set up and optimize XML sitemaps. All these features are to improve the performance of your website.

#Benefit 6: Huge Developers’ Community

Magento Developers Community

Choosing Magento eCommerce development means getting support from a huge community of developers. The Magento community will answer all your queries about development and customization.

You can add almost any functionality from the huge library of third-party extensions. You can also customize your store to a great extent with third-party integrations.

The third-party integration includes major payment gateways and marketing tools. If you don’t want to choose from the available options, go for Magento extension development.

#Benefit 7: Customizable Security Features

Magento Store Security

Many eCommerce site owners demand customizable security options. A Magento 2 development agency can offer that due to the platform’s features.

Some of the customizable security options available with Magento eCommerce development are:

  • Login screens with Google reCAPTCHA
  • Secondary password prompt
  • PCI Data Security as a default setting

Such customizable security options will protect your website from security breaches and cyber-attacks. If you want an extra layer of security, then there is the option of two-factor authentication.

It is necessary to win your customer’s trust while they shop on your website. For that, select a custom path for your admin area and use an SSL to secure all the web pages. The Magento team understands the importance of secure websites.

So, they release new security patches on a regular basis.

#Benefit 8: Marketplace Integration

Magento Marketplace Integration in Website Store

Which eCommerce website owner doesn’t want to reach a larger audience? No one, right? Marketplace integration is the best Magento eCommerce development feature.

Use this feature to expand the audience base. Marketplace integration is when you can integrate popular marketplaces on your website. Some examples of marketplaces are Amazon and eBay.

You can get the benefits of a wide audience while enjoying easy management with Magento.

As per the CEO of Magento Commerce, Mark Lavelle, “This enhanced capability from Magento helps merchants simplify the listing process, and measure the value gained from this important channel”.

#Benefit 9: Smart Search Options

Any Magento eCommerce development company will recommend you focus on user experience. You can achieve that with the intelligent search features of Magento.

There is an option to filter the products. You can use various search filters and parameters for the same. As a website owner, you can customize each search term with the auto-suggested items.

The search filters can be on the basis of:

  • Recently viewed products
  • Product tags, or
  • Product reviews

When a customer comes to your website he/she will immediately start searching for the items. Magento eCommerce development will ensure that your search function is quick and relevant.

#Benefit 10: Unlimited Customization

Every brand aims to stand out in the market. How to achieve that with an eCommerce store? Well, you can customize the features and appearance. The customization is to leave a lasting impression on the users.

A Magento web development company will assist you with all the customization options. It is possible to customize due to the easy installation of themes and extensions.

Going to Magento store development means flexible and customizable options. Do you want to put in place a single-step checkout process? Consider it done! You can reduce all the steps and offer a brilliant user experience to your customers.

An easy checkout contributes to reducing the cart abandonment rate. There are endless possibilities to add new features and enhance the shopping experience.

#Benefit 11: Currency & Language Support

Magento Currency Language Support

Support for various currencies and languages may not seem a big deal right now. But its importance is known in the long run. What if you want to start selling in other countries? Then you will need support for other currencies and languages.

Many of the open-source platforms don’t take this into consideration. They don’t offer any support for foreign currencies. It is different in the case of Magento eCommerce development. The difference is the support for various currencies and languages.

The platform supports a large number of international currencies.

Thus, you can operate your online store in many countries without any hassles. The currency integration feature makes Magento a popular choice among international stores too.

Not to forget the support for a variety of languages. Now, before launching the store in another country, you don’t have to put in the extra effort.

#Benefit 12: Multi-website Options

Magento Multi-website Options

What if a business owner has more than one website? Managing each of them with individual backends can be overwhelming. If you are one of them, then Magento is your savior.

You can host many websites in a single backend with Magento. It is one of the features for which Magento is popular in the eCommerce business.

The option to host many websites makes it an amazing eCommerce CMS platform.


To sum up, we can say that Magento saves time and money. When you opt for Magento eCommerce development, you get a whole lot of features. You can make your eCommerce store as amazing and easy to understand as you want.

If you don’t have any technical expertise then there is an option to hire Magento developer. An expert Magento developer knows how to use the platform in the best manner.

After you discuss your requirements, the developers first do some research. The developers do a competitor’s analysis to decide the functionalities of the store. Also, developers research your target audience.

Understanding the target audience will help them create an outstanding eCommerce store. An eCommerce store that connects with the audience can sustain itself in the market. By now, we are sure that you too are sure about the benefits of choosing Magento.

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