People are looking for alternative Chinese apps that make huge demand for Application Development in recent times due to banned Chinese apps in India.

A month ago i.e. on 2th of June 2020, the government banned 59 Chinese apps in India. These apps were deleterious to the sovereignty, integrity, and security of the country.

These banned Chinese apps also had a threat to data sharing and privacy issues. Besides these 59 banned Chinese apps, the government recently banned 47 more Chinese apps.

These 47 apps were working as clones to the previous 59 banned apps. The 59 banned apps’ names include TikTok, ShareIt, Cam Scanner, UC Browser, Shein, Baidu Map, Viva Video, and many more. Some of the banned clones apps are TikTok Lite, Helo lite, ShareIt Lite, BIGO LIVE lite, CamScanner advanced, etc.

Chinese applications are widespread in India and other parts of the world. Banned Chinese apps had millions of downloads on the Google Play Store and App Store. The step leads to the enhancement of App Development Services in India.

Android App Development Services increases as everyone needs alternative Chinese apps. People are now looking for non-Chinese android apps to the popular banned Chinese apps in the market. This article will help you to know about alternative Chinese apps in India.

Best Alternative Chinese Apps:

#1. TikTok Alternative Apps:

TikTok’s short-video-making app had a huge following in India. In 2019, TikTok had 120 million monthly active users in India, making it the largest app in the world. After the ban of TikTok, Like, Kwai, and Vigo made Indians develop or search for their alternatives.

  • Share Chat:

ShareChat is one of the popular non-Chinese video-making apps. It has over 60 million active users in India. Also, this app has a strict content policy so that there is no threat to your content and data.

  • Triller:

Thriller, based in California, is one of those TikTok Alternative apps which are likely to do it. It is a top-rated social media app as it has many celebrities like Justin Bieber.

It also provides AI-based features for making videos. Other applications such as Mitron, Bolo Indya, and Roposo are some apps that will help you

#2. WeChat Alternative Apps:

WeChat is a Chinese social media app like WhatsApp. Chinese use this app as we use Whatsapp in India.

The government banned WeChat due to the security issues of the Indian users of WeChat. A report showed that content on WeChat including images, documents kept under surveillance.

  • Whatsapp:

Whatsapp is already the most used social media platform in India. To shift from Chinese apps to popular alternatives, Whatsapp is the best option.

Whatsapp has strict security and privacy policies. It provides features like video & audio calls, sharing any type of file, and status sharing.

  • Telegram, Hangouts, and Hike Messenger:

Other WeChat Alternative apps are Telegram, Hangouts (by Google), and Hike Messenger. The main point here is that these apps are much more secure than the banned Chinese app WeChat.

#3. Turbo VPN Alternative:

Turbo VPN is a free VPN application that has no bar on speed and data limits. A company in Singapore named Innovative Connecting runs it.

But, as revealed by security matters, the company has deep roots in China. The important alternative for this app includes;

  • Protonvpn:

It is an excellent Turbovpn alternative. It has the same features and good security. This app works worldwide and works very well without any throttling. We need to shift from Chinese apps to popular alternatives for our security.

  • Windscribe:

Windscribe is one of the other non-Chinese VPN apps that provides big data allowance. It allows access to more than 10 countries worldwide. It also allows a 10GB data cap per month.

  • TunnelBear:

TunnelBear is a premium VPN service, but the app offers a free range with a data limit of 500 MB per month. I am aware that the data limit is lower than the unrestricted data allowance of Turbovpn.

But, you get top-notch protection on tunnel bearings that are nowhere on the Turbo VPN. There are many other Non-Chinese VPN apps like Betternet, Hotspot Shield, etc.

#4. VivaVideo App Alternative:

VivaVideo is a video editing Chinese app which allows users to edit and make videos. It is one of the 59 banned Chinese apps because of security issues.

A report says that it requires permission which is not necessary for a video-editing app. Moreover, it has accusations of spying on Indian users.

  • Photo Video Maker:

The best choice for the VivaVideo app alternative is Photo Video Maker. This is a made-in-India video download and video editing app.

This app is one of the best HD Video Editors with trim, cut, blur background, music, and all other features. It also comes with professional video editing tools and allows you to create videos.

  • KineMaster:

There are a lot of areas where the KineMaster works better than VivaVideo. Such an important point is that the KineMasterinterface is clean, sleek, and very smooth.

It breezes navigation and comes with the option to add and combine many layers of video. Kinemaster‌ is straightforward and easy to use.

Kinemaster has an extensive library of effects and is very close to VivaVideo. There are also some effective changes you can see. The KineMaster is an excellent VivaVideo app alternative.

#5. An Alternative for Club Factory, and SHEIN:

Club Factory and Shein are online shopping apps developed in China. These apps also have some or other security threat issues.

These apps were there on the list of the 59 banned Chinese apps for the same reason. We have many apps for these alternative Chinese apps.

  • Myntra:

Myntra is one of the non-Chinese Android apps, which is an app similar to Shein. This app has a vast range of variety and style. The prices are very affordable and also there is no threat to security.

  • Limeroad:

Limeroad is an Indian online marketplace owned by. M. Market Place Pvt. Ltd. is located in Gurugram, Haryana. It is the first women’s social shopping website in India. It is also an app similar to Shein. Limeroad app is a good alternative to the club factory and Shein.

  • Flipkart and Amazon :

Flipkart and Amazon are also very fast growing apps which have multipurpose uses. It can also be used as an alternative to Shein, and club factory. These apps are highly secured and are widely used in many parts of the world.

#6. CAMSCANNER Alternatives:

CamScanner is an application for scanning documents. Since it is now banned in the country, it is inappropriate depending on it. Apps similar to CamScanner are:

  • Adobe Scan:

When you think about apps similar to CamScanner, Adobe Scan comes first. As the name suggests, the application was developed by Adobe. It comes with the expected features from a document management group like Adobe.

  • Microsoft Office Lens:

Developed by Microsoft, Microsoft Office Lens is another powerful CamScanner option. The application allows you to scan all types of documents. It app allows you to export the file directly to Word or PowerPoint. The application works even better for those already in Microsoft’s ecosystem.

#7. Youcam Alternative:

Youcam is an app that beautifies your picture by applying filters and makeup to it. It is one of the banned Chinese apps with beauty plus and photo wonder, which are similar alternative Chinese apps to YouCam.

  • B612:

B612 is the best Youcam Alternative. Beauty and Filter Camera is a very good choice considering any popular photo-editing tool. This app has over 1,500 different stickers and many real-time cosmetic effects.

#8. Baidu Alternatives:

Baidu is the most workable alternative app for Google. It is the number one search engine in China. In the banned Chinese apps, there were also Baidu Map and Baidu Translators.

These apps are a Google alternative in China for Google Translator and Google Maps.

  • Google Translator: 

If you were using Baidu Translator for translating languages, then it is high time you use Google Translate instead. This is because it is more secure and has over 50 languages into which you can translate.

  • Google Map:

Baidu map should be replaced by a Google map. It is a great threat to user security. In comparison, Google maps are more secure and efficient in India.

#9. Norton App Lock- alternative to du privacy vault:

The Norton team takes privacy (and performance) seriously. Du privacy vault may be put aside or run out of battery by smart criminals. Norton App Lock offers exclusive Android permissions to protect your sensitive apps.

List of Indian Apps to Alternative Chinese Apps:

1. Videoder- Vidmate Alternative:

Videoder is of similar app to Vidmate. Vidmate is an app that provides a free download of all YouTube videos.

Video is a similar app to Vidmate as it also provides a free download of YouTube videos. It is a made-in-India video download service.

2. Roposo – App Like Helo App for Windows:

Roposo, An App in the list of Indian apps has crossed 5 million downloads for sharing short videos. It is available in many regional languages.

Roposo allows users to create and post short videos to keep WhatsApp and more. It is one of the best Indian alternatives for the Helo app for Windows.

3. SHAREall – ES File Explorer Alternative:

SHAREall is an ES file explorer alternative. The Android file-sharing application was developed by Indian startup Quantum 4U Lab. Users can share files, movies, videos, and apps. The app supports secure sharing with password protection.

4. Epic Web Browser – UC Browser Alternative Indian App:

Epic web browser is a UC browser alternative Indian app which is made in India android browser. UC Browser, owned by Alibaba Group, has been banned across India.

This app has been charged with many security and privacy issues. Epic Browser is a true alternative to the UC Browser.

Developed by Bangalore-based Hidden Reflex, the app offers similar features. It also comes with the underlying virus.


More apps are being developed every day to develop alternatives to Chinese apps in India. This is because everybody is outraged due to the border tensions and the pandemic.

In these situations, app development services especially android app development services are gaining more and more profit. The above-mentioned are some alternatives to Chinese apps which include Indian alternatives also.

Do you know any other alternative apps for Chinese Apps?  If yes then write in a comment to accumulate more alternative apps to help people in their routine living life as well for their business.

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