Right from time immemorial, we know that human beings are social beings. We love to interact with one another & this has become easier with the advent of so many advanced technologies. The platform that connects a massive amount of people these days is social media applications. The main reason why the Top Social Media Apps are so popular these days is that people love to be socially active on the Internet.

Top Social Media Apps

custom mobile app development company these days is on the rise as more & more people these days use social media apps for marketing their brands.

The worldwide reach of social media platforms & the Internet are humongous these days as we can see from this data:

  • 481 billion global users of social media with the amount going up 8% every year
  • 111 billion Smartphone worldwide users with the amount going up to 1& every year
  • 385 billion web users globally with the amount going up to 9.2% every year

Today, half of our entire population which is 7.713 billion, uses some of the other social media platforms.

☛ Discovering the Best Social Media Websites

Some of the Best social media Apps are the actual spaces where long-lasting relationships flourish among brands & businesses.

By taking a look at the figures revealed by surveys, nearly 3 billion users these days depend only on Trending Social Media Apps these days.

Top 20 Social Media Apps in 2020:

1. Facebook

Facebook is currently the online social media pal of most individuals as one can upload photos, chat, share views, comment, go live, etc.

Not just this, but a person or brand can fabricate their very own page and acquire fans on this particular platform. It is an amazing branding medium as marketing services and products in the best manner is possible here.

There are more than 2.31billion active users currently. Such statistics brings Facebook among the Top Trending Social Media Apps.


  • It is the best online marketplace
  • Customizing news feed is possible
  • Play manifold games
  • Not everybody can see your posts
  • Discover social or local events

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2. Telegram

Among the new social media apps, this is gaining popularity due to its security & privacy driven strategies. Brands can connect with their target audience instantly with such Top Social Media Apps.

The Telegram platform enables users to fabricate chatbots for broadcasting messages to manifold subscribers at one go.

Currently, there are more than 300 million active Telegram app users. The platform is also targeting more than 1 billion users by the year 2022.


  • Faster in comparison to other applications
  • Heavily encrypted messaging
  • Coordination for more than 2 lakh users is also possible
  • Cloud-based
  • It comes for free with no advertisements

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3. Meetup

People all over various cities can come together with this application. It is among the most popular social media apps that are based on this idea – “when we get together and do the things that matter to us, we’re at our best.”

Discover & join the best local communities over here.

With more than 40 million users, this social app is estimating more number of users by the year 2020.


  • Switching between locations is simple
  • Saving events for revisiting later is possible
  • There are categories for discovering various events & groups
  • The application facilitates messaging & discussions
  • Scheduling events is possible

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4. WhatsApp

One of the Best social media Apps, this social media application enables users to message & chat instantly from anywhere & at any time.

Capturing the interests of numerous people, this chat app platform can connect users directly with the contact list of the user’s Smartphone device.

With users in 180+ countries, such popular social media apps also help brands connect. The application also has its version of the business platform for business owners to interact with.


  • Sharing documents, contacts, and locations
  • Voice call, group video call, and video call
  • Back-up option for media & chat
  • WhatsApp Web operates on PC
  • Offline message saving is possible
  • Set innovative notification sounds & custom wallpapers

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5. YouTube

Amidst the huge list of social media apps, it is one of the finest video streaming applications. It has everything starting from movies, personal videos, music, independent films that also make it one of the Top Social Media Apps.

Currently, there are more than 2 billion active users of YouTube. It is also among those iOS applications that are downloaded the most. Per-minute 500 hours of important content, uploading is carried out.


  • Enhanced video & live streaming of good contents
  • Live streaming possible for 40 & beyond cable channels
  • Easy access to feeds & subscription channels
  • There is a dark mode & huge screen interface

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6. QZone

If thinking of downloading any new social media apps 2020 let that be QZone. Here users can keep diaries, listen to good music, customize blogs, watch videos and send photos.

There are more than 700 million users of QZone.


  • A special background feature is available enabling users to modify their profile from well-matched themes
  • There is a background music option as well. Users can download their choice of songs as well

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7. WeChat

Earlier just a simple messaging application, this social video app has become a one-stop store for interactions among individuals.

This is also among the best social media apps as users can make payments, bookings, book taxis, shop online, transfer money, etc.

By every quarter, active accounts of these popular social media apps are enhancing by 23 million. More than 1.17 active users are belonging to a huge array of age groups.


  • Application consists of innovative games
  • Voice call, video call features, voice note, etc
  • Mini blog creation is possible for posting personal thoughts
  • Payments & virtual transactions
  • Brands can benefit from M-commerce

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8. Tumblr

When it comes to social networking websites, this is one of the Top Social Media Apps. It is also a micro-blog & has gained immense popularity.

Today’s youth takes great interest in free social media apps as they can post versatile blogs, etc. This is the best bog discussion & writing platform.

Currently, the amount exceeds 25 million users whose accounts are active on Tumblr. In 2019, 456.2 million blogs were submitted.


  • Social media integration at its best
  • There are 250 & beyond gorgeous text blocks
  • Viral tags are present for making posts unique
  • Reaching the audience is easy with texts, live videos, photos, etc

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9. Pinterest

One of the top social apps players, this social media platform has showcased the world the importance of visual content. It is a standalone application that is now a massive influencer currently.

Users of such social networking apps always want to get motivated with new ideas. When your brand has an account, it can make customers keep thinking about it.

On this platform, there are currently 260 million on the go users. Almost more than 180 billion pins are created by the users on over 4 billion boards.


  • Invite friends for collaboration
  • Visual bookmarking & photo sharing
  • Purchasing & utilizing discovered ideas
  • Exploring various trends
  • Determining lifestyle inspirations

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10. Viber

Searching for finest social media apps free calls for downloading Viber with which users can send audios, stickers, messages, videos, etc.

Business promotion happens at its best in this app. Purchasing advertisements is possible which makes it a prominent name among Top Social Media Apps. Displaying products in shopping categories is also possible.

With the amount crossing to more than 900 million registered users, as of 2019, the monthly on the go users has surpassed the amount of 260 million.


  • Doodling on photos is probable
  • After initiating groups, users can call up to 5 people as well
  • Enable notifications
  • There are battery-saving characteristics along with the dark mode
  • Easily one can switch between chats

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11. The Dots

Social media application for all creative minds, this social app is for people who are involved in creative procedures. It is a robust platform for them to reinforce their individual or brand’s identity in the domain.

Members can associate, collaborate, commercialize & share all their efforts for constructing a profitable creative industry.

The monthly web sightseers of this app are 382, 780. The rank of the app is 95, 420 among global websites.


  • Work from home or work full time for leading brands
  • Discover projects & creative talent
  • Gain inspiration from a community of brands, people & teams
  • Display completed projects & tag the entire team so that they can be discovered by probable employers & collaborators

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12. Nextdoor

Private social media platforms for dedicated neighborhoods, Nextdoor lets you connect with people who live near your area.

All you need to do is just enter the street address. You can utilize the app even from Italy, Sweden, the U.K., France, and Denmark.

Active monthly users of this app are more than 28 million & neighborhoods defined are more than 238k million.


  • Buy & sell products easily. On neighborhood feed, there will be listings
  • The app comprises real estate listings as well
  • Host & make preparations for events & parties
  • Get recommendations of local businesses

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13. Mix

Making its way for being among the Top Social Media Apps, offers users with content that matches their taste.

Users feel empowered to find web pages, videos, blogs, and images. Also, they can rate what they see and read based on experience.


  • View videos, articles & photos
  • Collect & share all favorite posts
  • Explore content from friends & experts

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14. Quora

In the vast list of social networking apps, this is a very useful one as people can ask & answer any questions regarding manifold categories. It can incorporate anything starting from career, marketing, language, etc.

As per statistics, there are more than 350 million monthly users in the present time and the number of unique visitors increased to 360 million.


  • Find answers to any question
  • Follow any topic you like
  • Provide informative answers

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15. LinkedIn

Amidst sought-after Top Social Media Apps, this is a total hit for professionals all over the world. Not only you can enhance business connections while associating with other experts but promoting businesses is seamless over here.

At present this fantastic social app has more than 620 million members. The monthly active users are about 305 million.


  • Hire people or discover jobs
  • Display your brand or product
  • Get hands-on a professional profile comprising of your skillset

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16. Instagram

A complete sensation in today’s digital world, it is among the most trending social media apps.

The makers keep on adding new features that make it even more engaging. A huge array of content can be shared with this such as photos, videos, stories, live videos, etc.

Every month almost 1 billion users access this platform.


  • Send private messages to friends
  • Share videos & photos with creative effects
  • Go live

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17. Reddit

By now we know that apps like Instagram are very sensational but the one that is very happening these days is Reddit.

This application comprises a robust community of knowledgeable people who share pictures, discuss and chat. Brand promotion is possible through forums like ‘Subreddits’.

There are more than 440 million active users along with 200 million posts & 34 billion upvotes.


  • Consists of unique topics for discussion
  • Fabricate subreddits for building own community
  • Comment, downvote or upvote posts

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18. Twitter

It is one of those top social apps where public micro-blogging takes place in real-time. The app offers real-time details about the things that are currently happening in the world. This is also the best platform for client service.

On average, in a month the active users are nearly 340 million.


  • Use trending hashtags and take part in viral topics
  • Go Live with just a click & watch premium live streams
  • Chat privately with followers & buddies

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19. TikTok

A highly popular social media app for music video sharing, it is the globe’s most downloaded applications currently.

Recording videos up to 60 seconds is possible with this app. Before publishing on the wall, users can edit the videos and special effects and music as well.

One billion worldwide downloads were witnessed in 2019.


  • Social media integration
  • Eye-catching user interface
  • There is a music library along with manifold language support
  • Create duet videos with random users

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20. Line

A highly notable social media apps free, this app brings users close to friends and family. There are video call options, various creative stickers available, and voice call options for users to express themselves freely.

More than 700 million users communicate in this platform today. ‘


  • Making international calls with Line Out features is possible
  • Free video and voice calls allowed anytime & anywhere
  • Auto-sync various devices

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