Currently, as of July 2019, there are 2,733,297 Android apps on the Google Play Store and the highest downloaded app has more than a million downloads.

So, if you are an android app development company this is interesting news. You stand to make quite the profit if you develop an Android app and get some nice benefits from Google too.

As smartphone consumption increases, competition is not only limited to hardware companies but also among Android and iOS.

Mobile Application Design is a highly competitive market right now. Among Android and iOS, the former is enjoying more success in the market, so apps for Android are highly sought after.

Building your own app from scratch can get quite time-consuming and expensive, but with templates for Android, these obstacles can be avoided.

Here are 20 Multipurpose Android App Templates:

1. Universal Android App

This template lets developers make apps for almost every purpose utilizing the dedicated layouts on the template with various layouts created for various types of content.

To determine the content, the configurator on the template can be used without the need to write even one line of code, and the template has many in-built features to start you on your project.

It lets you create any app you want by pulling in extensive content from resources like webpages, playlists, channels, feeds, timelines, or blogs, and easily blending them into one app that is customizable.

Universal Android App supports most popular content sources on the web like RSS, Facebook, YouTube, and WordPress.

✍ Key Features:

With the Universal Android App, you get purchase option in-app, AdMob advertising, OneSignal push notifications, documentation that is step-by-step, and much more.

2. Material Design UI

This template is an Android user interface template that is a stylish template that can be employed to make any app that you are working on more aesthetically pleasing.

The themes on this template focus on shopping, media, travel, and social apps, and there is an overall theme that can be employed with a huge range of applications.

The template utilizes several UI components that can be re-blended t creates endlessly distinct and beautiful looking apps.

It is significant to note that all layouts and components work on older Android versions too. Every component has its own file of AndroidManifest.xml with fixed minSDK.

This template inspired by Material Design and comes with more than 80 screens, a 100 UI elements, 5 UX and UI themes (Shop, Media, Travel, Social, and Universal), push notifications via Firebase, integration with MailChimp, and many more.

All elements can be easily introduced if you follow the documentation step by step. If the documentation feels lacking, you can always get in touch with customer support from CreativeForm.

✍ Key Features:

With Material Design UI, you get six list versions view, many left menu versions, image galleries, five themes of tabs, and more.

3. Universal Android WebView App

This template can be used to make any WordPress content into distinct applications.

In this way, you can use the Universal Android WebView App to develop video, photography, fashion, recipe, and many other kinds of app.

The app also uses Google Analytics to provide important insights that will assist you in improving your application.

✍ Key Features:

With Universal Android WebView App you get interstitial and banner ad from AdMob, push notifications, pull-to-refresh functionality, and supports JW Player, Vimeo, YouTube, and HTML5 videos.

4. MaterialX

MaterialX is a user interface template that supports app projects you design.

It is particularly created to make your mobile apps look awesome by offering you with ready-to-use, beautiful materials so that whatever app you are making, you can introduce it in the base code.

✍ Key Features:

Features in MaterialX include e-commerce shopping, a timeline for social media, media player, list, tab, and grid views, and more.

5. Matta

The Matta Material Design Android User Interface Theme/Template App is rich with features which contain every functionality that you might require for developing dynamic Android apps.

✍ Key Features:

Besides the aesthetic designs, Matta provides features such as integration with MailChimp, Firebase backend, push notification, form validation, and much more.

To make your customization process is seamless, the makers of this template added video instructions and online documentation.

6. Android Woocommerce

This template can be used to create many apps related to e-commerce, such as electronics, restaurant, grocery, and fashion.

WordPress Woocommerce provides the backend for this template, and a collection of enhances e-commerce elements manage big e-commerce stores.

✍ Key Features:

Some key features on Android Woocommerce include OneSignal consolidation, Log in through Social accounts, four kinds of product support, RTL support, an appealing Cart and Shop Page, management for shipping address, and much more.

7. Fresh UI

Fresh UI is a template for Android to create visually appealing apps. Every component is pixel-perfect and compatible with devices that have extremely high resolutions.

You can set it up easily in Eclipse and integrate with Android versions from 4.4 and newer versions.

✍ Key Features:

The template starter kit includes 9 user interface components, 4 pre-existing layouts, 4 custom displays, and 4 consolidated animations.

8. Woopy

Woopy is among the top Multipurpose Android App Templates in the market currently.

It allows you to go through and upload listings as you go. Additionally, you can upload three images while posting an advertisement, but you can also upload videos as long as ten seconds.

✍ Key Features:

The key features of Woopy include backend with Parse SDK, AdMob consolidation, post video or photo previews, files of PSD icon, and user guides.

9. Awesome Material

Awesome Material is a template made up of several layouts and features. All user interface layouts on Awesome Material are backed with RTL.

This template can help you save almost 600 hours of development work and provides free updates for a lifetime.

✍ Key Features:

Awesome Material features more than 320 layouts, more than 34 functionalities, more than 6 apps, and more than 80 UI based on Android.

10. AppBox

AppBox Android is among the recent app templates in this list and is kind of different from other templates highlighted here.

It is a collection of apps instead of a multi-purpose app template. However, this template still fulfills similar functions.

It still offers developers with the versatility of developing several apps for various requirements.

The collection will let you develop business records, news, restaurant ordering, hotel, hotel finder, and e-commerce apps.

✍ Key Features:

AppBox includes key features such as it lets users experience content through social media, users can comment, mark any content as favorites, and like things, dynamic keyword search, information on the item detail, and much more.

11. Multipurpose Android – Bison Code

With this template, you can develop various kinds of Android mobile apps using a singular admin panel and you don’t even need to change codes.

That is because the code is created to automatically manage various kinds of apps. The template’s specialization lies in the media with which you can make photo apps, video, quotes, and news content.

✍ Key Features:

With Multipurpose Android by Bison Code, you get key features like in-app purchases, AdMob monetization, content sharing through social media, easy customization, and many more.

12. Learning App

Learning App is a template for education game apps for children that can adapt to any age. It can be set to teach elementary school or pre-school children of various ages and can focus on learning English, science, maths, shapes, colors, numbers, alphabets, and much more.

✍ Key Features:

Learning App has key features like easy re-skinning, AdMob consolidation, customizable splash screens, complete source code, and much more.

13. Video Templates for Android

This template is a video player that can be utilized to develop mobile apps for a huge variety of video content, such as game guides, recipes, teaching tutorials, and so on.

The template employs reactive and dynamic admin panel that can maintain unlimited lists as well as monitor the most liked, shared, and viewed videos.

✍ Key Features:

The key features on this app include seventeen themes of color, an API that is easy to understand, drawer menu, reactive admin panel, and much more.

14. Social Network Multi-purpose

Social Network Multi-Purpose app template is used for developing a huge range of apps for social media. Apps like Instagram can be developed for sharing videos or images or both, as well as chat apps that work real-time, etc.

✍ Key Features:

The key features on this template include in-app purchase functionality, like, post and comment functionality, adding and editing image filters, real-time messages, and more.

15. WP Connect

WP Connect is an Android template that enables developers to design social media and media content applications from a WordPress site, Facebook page, Instagram page, YouTube channel, etc. employing Material Design, the template allows sublime layouts that contain card layouts, animations, and customizable icons and colors.

✍ Key Features:

The key features in this app contain AdMob banners, social share, in-app media viewer and video player, push notifications, and more.

16. Android Wallpaper App

If you have been looking for the best template to design an amazing wallpaper app, this template is the right fit for you.

The app template for HD wallpaper lets developers create an application that delivers stunning backgrounds and wallpapers to the user’s Android mobile device.

✍ Key Features:

The Android Wallpaper app template features several collections of high-res images, swipe and scroll functionalities, easy tap, and offline wallpaper caching.

17. AdForest

AdForest is an app template for classified ads that would appeal to developers who have clients that need mobile apps to maintain product categories for their business of ad posting.

✍ Key Features:

AdForest comes with an in-built system for text messaging for seamless communication between sellers and buyers.

It contains push notifications to warn users when there is an advertisement on a message, and the Google Map consolidation enables users to get directions to find sellers.

18. E-Commerce

If your e-commerce store needs an Android mobile app, check the E-Commerce template out. It is created to help you make your own e-commerce mobile app easily and quickly.

✍ Key Features:

The template offers a dynamic admin panel so that you can establish everything the way you want it, including putting in taxes and currency. You will also be allowed to make listings and menus for products and maintain orders efficiently.

19. Quizix

Quizix is an amazing Android template for quiz apps that only showed up on the market in 2018 but it has already become among the Top Android App Templates.

The template utilizes photo questions, text, and/or maths, and has options for more than two answers.

✍ Key Features:

Developers just add their lists, sub-lists, and questions backend, and the app creates the quiz.

This template uses the recent features of the Android OS platform and is compatible with AdMob interstitials and banners.

20. Cookbook Recipe App

Develop your own application for recipes with this template.

This local app template for Android provides both novice and experienced developers alike a simple method to develop their own recipe apps, as it does not demand programming expertise and the code is simple to customize and configure.

✍ Key Features:

This template has several amazing in-built features such as categories with drawer menu, favorites, shopping list, a dynamic search, many effects and animations, Google Analytics, and much more. Recipes are stored in the native SQLite database on this template so visitors can operate the application with no Internet connection.


These are some of the best Android app templates available now, but this is just a small selection, so there is something for your app needs everywhere.