Both cities and drivers benefit from parking apps. For drivers, Best Parking Apps can provide them a peace of mind, build a more seamless experience of traveling and help save expenses on parking and gas too.

From saving a spot beforehand to reviewing available spots for street parking real-time around your location, the Latest Parking Apps are offering calculable benefits to drivers every day.

Maybe the strongest attraction for cities is the increased profit – a consequence that does not always attract users. Some smart parking technology can find out when a car is leaving, removes any time not used to maximize income. Increased user compliance will also make cities more revenue, according to Jon Ziglar, the Chief Executive at Parkmobile.

The wave of Mobile App Development Company that started working on parking apps is not new. But if you are not sure how they work, read on to know more.

How Parking Apps Work:

There are essentially three means in which mobile app development services can design a parking app for you:

☛ Navigation

Working only on the allotted space, mobile apps for parking for only navigation will inform you where an empty spot is. This is the least requirement that such apps can achieve.

The process after this includes paying for the parking, which can be done in the traditional way. If the lot is full, the mobile app also informs car owners when a spot is relinquished and shows them the same.

☛ Navigation and Booking

A more useful app will enable users to book and pay for a spot according to a parking lot’s pricing arrangement. It saves time and also makes the entire process more streamlined. Many park apps work on this system.

The car owner puts the number of the vehicle in the app and books the spot. When they reach the lot, the sensor will scan the license plate and put it into the database.

The app then will show the owner to the booked spot. The fee for parking can be paid on the app.

☛ Virtual Valet

Virtual valets provide a total on-the-go solution and such apps make life easier.

Car owners are enabled to book spots before they even reach their destination, thus ensuring owners don’t face any parking chaos. You can set a time limit so the valet will arrive at the spot to get your car keys.

Top 15 Best Parking Apps:

Now, let us look at some of the Best Parking Apps currently available for iOS and Android devices:

1. ParkMobile

Price: free

Parkmobile is a clever parking app that takes care of every need you can have.

You can put your car and the relevant data to let you immediately save a parking spot.

✍ Features & Benefits:

The app additionally enables you to modify vehicle data for visitor cars. You can flawlessly change the information to stay updated. With a suitable signal, it informs you when the parking is about to terminate. Additionally, you can monitor parking costs using the total history of your parking times.

2. Parker

Price: free

This app provides a huge selection of parking spots to choose from: they have almost 24,000 parking garages and locations.

This app will not only allow you to locate a good spot in a city, but it will also allow you to navigate to the closes parking spot.

✍ Features & Benefits:

There is an in-built timer on this app, letting you skirt around the problems of parking tickets. This is specifically beneficial if you choose street parking. Users have enjoyed Parker and leave good reviews. This app doesn’t give prepaid parking but the fact that it offers all these features are enough.

3. ParkMe

Price: free

ParkMe helps in booking parking space for your car in many cities across the world.

You can even pay beforehand for parking, which saves both money and time.

✍ Features & Benefits:

ParkMe provides you parking garage and space occupancy real-time in metro cities across the world. A live map shows you spaces available for parking on streets as well. This app is extremely beneficial for people living in crowded cities.

4. Parking Mate

Price: not available

Parking Mate displays the nearest and most secure places to park. Let us look at some of the benefits of its features.

✍ Features & Benefits:

Parking Mate maintains a record of where you have parked and the time limit of that spot, informing you when you getting closer to the end. You can even put parking regulations on the mobile app to notify others of neighborhood parking rules. The app is highly recommended and reviewed online.

5. Honk

Price: free

Honk streamlines roadside towing and assistance with no membership. You need to pay when you order their service and get assistance from a network of over 45,000 trucks for professional, fast service nationwide for 24 hours every day.

✍ Features & Benefits:

This app is simple. You just find the parking spot via the app, select the time limit you would like to stay there or book the place for (a month or an hour), and pay with the mobile app.

6. ParkWhiz

Price: free

When it comes to offering the convenience you need for saving the correct booking spot, ParkWhiz is the most efficient.

Just enter your destination and the app will display all available spots around you.

✍ Features & Benefits:

Besides allowing easy booking for a preferred destination, the app also enables you to save about 50%. With ParkWhiz, you are enabled to get reduced parking rates at any destination. You can get low rates from its massive network of lots and garages.

7. BestParking

Price: free

BestParking lets you locate parking lots that are low cost in 115 airports and 105 cities in North America.

This mobile parking app offers correct information and they are proud of their accuracy (if you can find any information that is inaccurate, you can win an eGift from Starbucks worth 5 USD!).

✍ Features & Benefits:

The mobile app is widely covered by popular North American media agencies. You can avail every detail such as rates per day, per hour or for the whole departure or arrival. Additionally, you can locate particular parking requirements such as whether you can park bigger vehicles like lorries or vans, where you can locate the most affordable parking lots, and so on.

8. Parking Panda

Price: free

Save money and time by installing this app on your phone.

The app shows you the costs of many parking garages and lots in over 40 cities in North America such as Edmonton, Toronto, Boston, Baltimore, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York City, and Washington DC.

✍ Features & Benefits:

With Parking Panda, you can reserve guaranteed spots at more than 2500 valets, lots, and garages. Once you locate the perfect parking spot, you can instantly book and pay for the spot while you are still on your way to the destination.

9. AirportParkingReservations

Price: free

If you are looking for a spot prior to your flight out of the UK, the US or Canada, this mobile app can hook you with 70% off at airports around these countries.

✍ Features & Benefits:

The biggest benefit of this app is obviously the cost. Everyone knows that airport parking is too expensive, so the fact that this app offers you discounts is a great help. The app lets you compare features, rate, and reviews for parking spots around the airport and reserve the space for best prices.

10. SpotHero

Price: free

This app is among the most popular apps for parking that you will find online, and it comes with great benefits to make it stand above other apps. Let us look at some of SpotHero’s features and benefits.

✍ Features & Benefits:

There are many deals available on this app that makes sure that you can save up to 50% on drive-up expenses. Considering these factors, SpotHero comes recommended highly for those wanting an app with some good discounts. However, you need to pay beforehand to ensure your spot is saved.

You can also get a business account for splitting the parking costs into various accounts. This is a beneficial feature if you travel a lot for work. The app can be downloaded for free and has no ads or in-app buying. However, you have to pay for spots in advance.

11. Find My Car Smarter

Price: free

If you’re forgetful, Find My Car Smarter can be quite useful for you.

After you park your car, walk away from it, the app remembers where the car was parked last.

✍ Features & Benefits:

The app shows you where the car is parked, how far you are from the car, and how long since your car was parked. Additionally, you can synchronize the location of your car with Dropbox and share it within a group. There is also a choice to establish an automatic meter for parking and notifications.

12. Parkopedia

Price: free

Parkopedia offers over 60 million parking choices in 8000 cities over the world.

As the name suggests, Parkopedia is maybe the largest collection of parking data.

✍ Features & Benefits:

With this app, you can look for parking applying your present location or by putting in the address. Obtain directions, check availability for parking space in real-time, learn when they open, update prices, and modes of payment, etc. The app also offers filters like credit cards accepted, free, covered, and so on.

13. Find Your Car with AR

Price: free

This app is not like the others on this list. Find Your Car with AR does what it says: it finds your car wherever you have parked it with the aid of Augmented Reality.

✍ Features & Benefits:

The AR app view displays the direction to the location your car is, the street address nearest to your parked car, how far the car is, and the time and date you parked it. Among its several features, the most remarkable on is the 3D AR technology. With this mobile app, you do not have to enter the address you want to get at, you only need to follow the arrow and you will reach there.

14. PayByPhone Parking

Price: free

Based on functionality, PayByPhone is an amazing app.

✍ Features & Benefits:

The app operates efficiently in allowing users to save the best parking spot and also enables users to extend their time limit. It also sends users fast reminders so that they do not forget the time and spot. Currently, the view widget allows you to keep track of your parking easily. The app enables you to manage your expense and account receipts perfectly. Also, it also sends the users notification about parking history, traffic data, local events, and active parking.

15. Parknav

Price: free

Parknav estimates availability for street space in real-time.

You just search for an address and the app will show you a map with close-by street color-coded based on the possibility of finding parking at that space.

✍ Features & Benefits:

Since their inception, they have had 1.5 billion parking events, they are available in 240 cities across Europe and the US, they have more than five years of machine learning, and have accurate real-time predictions.


When you drive a car, you have more flexibility and freedom but it also comes with many challenges and parking is possibly the biggest challenge. So if you travel by car, you can use these apps to make parking more efficient.