Testimonials establish companies’ credibility in front of your customers.

Testimonials are pretty vital for several kinds of business, whether you are selling a product or service. Displaying customer reviews on your website will help potential customers to build trust in your brand.

As with the power of social proof, you can boost your conversion rates by some remarkable amounts. These real-world case studies can well explain it.

Adding testimonials to the Figleaves website made visitors 35% more likely to make a purchase. Similarly, a hospitality training institute saw a 50% boost in their conversation rates after displaying testimonials on the lead generation page.

Express watches has also seen an increase in their sales by 58.29% by adding a WordPress testimonials plugin on their product pages.

It would be best if you did not hide your testimonials away on a separate page. Instead, it would be best if you focused on showing them off on every single page.

For example, wiki jobs have witnessed a 34% boost in their conversion rate after moving their testimonials to the top of their page. This is where the WordPress testimonials plugin can help.

These simple testimonial plugins WordPress will make it easy for you to display your reviews and testimonials in an eye-catching way.

Some WordPress review plugins also try to get testimonials from your previous customers. These plugins collect them directly from the customer through various social media options or via a form on your website.

Integration of these WordPress testimonials plugins will prove to be an easy way to improve the efficiency of your workflow. Further, this saved time can be invested in other areas of your business.

What is the Use of WordPress Testimonials Plugin?

WordPress testimonials plugin can help you add your customers’ or clients’ testimonials or feedback to your website. It adds social proof to your website that will help the company win potential customers’ trust. As a result, it helps to boost conversion rates and the company’s revenue.

You can also manually add testimonials by copying and pasting them into your posts or pages. However, a WordPress review plugin will allow you to beautifully display it in a slider, grid, carousel, and other attractive layouts.

Once you choose your WordPress testimonials plugin, you can display your testimonials with a title, business, photos, a brief explanation, reviews name, or star ratings.

Having that said, let us look at some of the best and trusted WordPress testimonials plugins that you can test. You can also help a WordPress development agency choose an appropriate plugin for your business.

Which Websites Should Use WordPress Testimonials Plugin?

The client testimonials plugin WordPress can be used by any website that sells any product or service. Be it an expensive software company or a membership program, all of them should include a testimonial section of their home page. Or, if you have a small blog selling an eBook, you should include customer reviews as it will help to boost your sales.

Here are some of the websites that should have a testimonial section:

  • App landing pages
  • Small business websites
  • Single product websites
  • Online learning and membership websites
  • Agency websites
  • Product marketplaces
  • SaaS business websites

So now, let’s have insights about the top 7 WordPress Testimonials plugins in the market.

List of 7 Best WordPress Testimonials Plugin to Install in Your WordPress Website.

1. Thrive Ovation

Pricing: $90 to $228

Like several other amazing plugins developed by ThriveThemes, Thrive Ovation is yet another productive and good quality plugin that comes from the expert teams who have developed Thrive Leads and Thrive Architect.

Thrive Ovation is a WordPress review plugin that is focused on building testimonial sections on WordPress websites. This simple testimonial plugin WordPress is designed to keep both beginners and experienced web developers in mind.

This WordPress review plugin comes with several useful features. Like it can collect testimonials from social networks. It can also gather testimonials with built-in forms.

✍ Features of Thrive Ovation

  • It can quickly develop and manage testimonials with a user-friendly user interface.
  • Companies can modify the colours and design of the testimonials as per their preferences.
  • Companies can import comments from Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms to create social proof.
  • You can also convert your website and blog comments into testimonials with this easy WordPress review plugin.
  • It can implant testimonials anywhere by using shortcodes.
  • You can build a landing page with forms to gather testimonials.

✍ What is Unique about Thrive Ovation?

One of the significant advantages of using Thrive Ovation is its capability to convert WordPress comments into lovely testimonials with a single click of a mouse.

You can also gather customers’ feedback by using its front-end interface, as it can be proved to be quite helpful for business websites and marketplaces.

2. Testimonials Slider

Pricing: $22

Testimonial Slider is also a well-known user-friendly plugin that allows you to build testimonials and customer story sections in slider forms.

This easy testimonial slider plugin, WordPress, helps you make better use of your website space. It adds testimonials in a slider layout, it takes up less space on your website, and customers can effortlessly browse through these testimonials.

This easy testimonial slider plugin WordPress allows users to choose from multiple design styles to make their testimonial sections with their preferences.

They can choose from making a testimonial section with a grid, slider, cards, carousel, and many more designs.


  • Users get to choose from 6 layout options to create their testimonial sections.
  • You can also indulge your customers’ photos, company logo, and link to your Facebook profile.
  • The WPBakery page builder is compatible with Testimonial Slider.
  • It can be used as a widget or can be implanted anywhere with shortcodes.

✍ What is Unique about Testimonials Slider?

Apart from the affordable pricing plans, it provides you with all-time free updates for a one-time price.

One of the best features of this WordPress testimonials plugin is its 6 stylish templates that will help you to make dedicated testimonial sections and pages with ease.

3. Excited Testimonials

Pricing: $25

Excited Testimonials is an advanced WordPress testimonial plugin that comes with several useful features. These advanced features and functionalities are most suitable for web designers and developers.

This client testimonials plugin WordPress allows you to customize and create unique testimonial layouts. It also comprises a built-in submission form that helps you gather testimonials from users directly from your website.

✍ Features of Excited Testimonials

  • You can customize and create your testimonial layouts.
  • It comprises a user-friendly drag and drop builder.
  • It also provides access to front-end submission forms that can help you to gather user feedback.
  • Integrate it with MailChimp to boost your email list.
  • It can be implanted anywhere using shortcodes.

✍ What is Unique about Excited Testimonials?

The most attractive feature of this WordPress review plugin is its testimonial builder. This testimonial builder allows you to rearrange the elements to build a special testimonial section with 100+ possible combinations.

This functionality of the WordPress testimonial plugin makes it an excellent choice for website designers.

4. Strong Testimonials

Pricing: $49 to $149

Strong Testimonials is one of the well-known free WordPress testimonials plugins that can be used to make testimonial sections for websites. It now has more than 80,000 + active installations.

This WordPress testimonial plugin is for free and offers you various premium quality features like a front-end form for gathering feedback. It also has 2 different layouts that could be utilized for creating practical testimonial sections.

✍ Features of Strong Testimonials

  • You can choose your preferred layout from the grid, masonry, carousel, and slider layouts.
  • Companies can collect customer feedback using the front-end form.
  • It provides basic styling options for changing colours and designs.
  • It can add translations with Polylang, WPML, and WPGlobus.

✍ What is Unique about Strong Testimonials?

In addition to using this WordPress review plugin for free, Strong testimonials enable you to add star ratings to create customer reviews. Further, it can also implant Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook posts.

5. Testimonials Showcase

Pricing: $19

Testimonials Showcase is also a powerful and advanced WordPress testimonials plugin that is most suitable for experienced users and developers.

This simple testimonial plugin WordPress comes with various features and tools for creating professional testimonials sections. These can also be used to develop review systems and case studies as well.

✍ Features of Testimonial Showcase

  • It can create all types of reviews, testimonials, and case studies.
  • Also, it can gather feedback directly from the website using the front-end submission form.
  • It consists of a star rating system.
  • Companies get to choose from grid and slider layouts with 15 customization options.

✍ What is Unique about a Testimonial Showcase?

Testimonials Showcase is an all-in-one WordPress review plugin capable of making all types of customer feedback sections.

With the help of this client testimonial plugin WordPress, you can create customer testimonials, product reviews, case studies, and many more.

6. Super Testimonials

Pricing: Free

Super Testimonials is also a great free WordPress testimonials plugin that comes with various practical functions and features that can be used for making high-quality testimonial sections.

With the help of these simple testimonial plugins WordPress, you can develop professional testimonial sections as a widget. Furthermore, it can be implanted anywhere on a website page by using shortcodes.

✍ Features of Super Testimonials

  • Companies get to choose from 4 different layout designs.
  • You can easily create and design testimonial lists.
  • You can create an unlimited amount of testimonials for free.
  • It can be implanted anywhere using easy-to-use shortcodes.

✍ What is Unique about Super Testimonials?

The attractive testimonial designs and themes of this WordPress testimonials plugin make it unique from the rest of other plugins. In addition, by getting access to pro versions of plugins, you get to use various designs, styles, and themes.

7. Testimonial Builder

Pricing: Free

Testimonial Builder is one of the best free WordPress testimonials plugins with some of the most advanced customization options.

This easy testimonial slider plugin WordPress allows you to take your testimonials to a higher level by modifying their fonts, colors, and font size. In addition, you can customize your testimonials according to the preference of your website.

✍ Features of Testimonial Builder

  • Develop and modify the design of your testimonials according to your preference.
  • Companies get to choose from 2 pre-made design themes.
  • It provides fully responsive layout designs.
  • You can add on your customizations by using custom CSS code.

✍ What is Unique about Testimonial Builder?

The advanced customization capabilities of this WordPress review plugin make it unique from the rest others. If you switch to the premium version of this WordPress testimonials plugin, then you get to experience the full potential of the plugin.


Exhibiting customer reviews on your website is a fantastic way to add social proof. It showcases to potential customers that your company is trustworthy. Although with so many options to choose from, selecting an appropriate WordPress testimonials plugin can be tricky.

In this article, we have provided you with detailed insights about the 7 best free and premium tools that can be used to get started.

While choosing an appropriate WordPress testimonial plugin, you should consider budget, specific features, and compatibility. And if you are facing issues adding testimonials to your website, then you can hire custom CMS development experts to help you.

If you still have queries about how to add testimonials to the WordPress website, you can reach out. Our experts in custom CMS development can help you out.

So what are you waiting for? Schedule a meeting now.

WordPress testimonials plugin


You need to click on the ‘translate page’ button placed on the top to enter the live editor. Once you translate a string, the WordPress testimonials plugin will automatically translate it for you in other places. For instance, if you solve a post title in your sidebar, widgets will get automatically translated.

A perfect lead generation plugin helps you to gather emails and other contact details of your potential visitors. It will help you develop a healthy relationship with your customers and convert those users into customers. In the above article, we have listed the top 7 wordpress testimonials plugin.

Here is the list of best lead generation plugins for WordPress:
  • Option master
  • WPforms
  • SeedProd
  • LiveChat
  • Beaver Builder
  • Formidable Pro
  • Thrive Leads