Runkeeper is a free iOS and Android jogging tracker app launched in 2008, is one of the best running apps for beginners in the market. It is uncomplicated and user-friendly and makes optimum use of the mobile phone’s GPS and sensors. Hence the data gathered is precise and showcases your activities in real time.

The app development company has designed Runkeepper to track speed and distance for their run and set new goals for themselves. With the help of run tracker apps, they can be a part of the vast community challenges.

The app is fascinating, but apart from the tracking experience, Runkeeper has a lot to offer to its users.

What Makes Runkeeper The Best Jogging Tracker App?

1. Exporting Your Future Training Plans To I-Calendar

To keep a check on the following schedule for your run, you can effortlessly export your running/jogging schedule to Ical efficiently.

2. Goal Completion Confetti

On completion of your designed goal, Runkeeper rewards you with a trophy screen followed by animated confetti. You can celebrate, and you don’t have to clean up the confetti as well; hence it is a win-win situation.

3. Goal Coach Notifications

Runkeeper Go users who aim to lose weight, the goal coach, sends you a timely notification, informing you about the calories burnt and will remind you to note your weight.

Goal Coach will also analyze your weekly routine and will let you if you are lagging or have already reached your goal. For the users who are lagging, it notifies you of the new date of your goal completion.

4. Pace Workout

On the Workout tab of your run tracker app, you’ll get access to 3 pre-designed workouts. There, you can design your training with customized interval timings, add on repetitions and add up warm-up/cool-down periods.

On the interval screen, you can keep a check on the speed of intervals, distance, and length of time. Once getting done with the workout, you can save it and use the same next time you plan to go for a run.

5. Track Other Activity Types

Runkeeper helps you track various other activities for you, like swimming, Zumba, boxing, strength training, cycling, snowboarding, and many more. Mix your workout and explore something new.

6. Tag Your Friends Over Workout

You can tag your friends with whom you were working out over the web and mobile, select the “I was with..” tab and name the friends you were with.

7. Auto Pause

With Runkeeper, you don’t have to pause and play your run on traffic signals; with auto-pause, it stays can then resumes back when you start your run as soon as you stop moving. Just go to the settings and turn the auto-pause option on.

8. Adjust Audio Prompts

You can adjust your audio prompts according to your requirement. Go to settings and select how often you would like to hear prompts and what stats you want to hear.

9. Night Mode

Users who prefer to work out in the dark Runkeeper have come up with new themes, so now select the night mode.

10. Countdown Timer

Runkeeper has an inbuilt countdown timer that helps users start their workout on the right foot with a few more seconds of relaxation.

11. Change Activity Map Viewability

As soon as you get done with your workout, on the Runkeeper app, select the people/person/globe icon to change the settings of who can see your workout and route.

The Operational Aspect Of The Runkeeper Application

Runkeeper is a multi-functionality running app that makes it highly popular among the public. The one who wants to make an app competent to Runkeeper should have had the below-listed features:

  • It should be able to track your jogging/running route using GPS
  • The app should be capable enough to create new training goals, run timing, and training load
  • Should have the capability to create customized workout plans
  • You can set new tasks and get rewards (stars, titles, points) for achievement
  • The app should imagine the results and analyze and summarize the results for specific periods
  • Integrate your app with famous social networks
  • Users should get to hear favorite audio recordings while running
  • Apps should have the capability to compare training session data with their previous results

It is advisable to add the critical features of a game while developing your running apps, such as challenging your friends over social media channels or creating competitions to achieve specific fitness goals.

When you plan to start your application, you should not duplicate Runkeeper or other similar apps; rather, consider the requirements of users and, with the help of your mobile app development services, develop a jogging tracker app that meets the needs of users.

The app should show graphs of heart rate, no. of calories burned, blood pressure, steps taken, the speed at which steps are taken, and at last, the distance covered.

Technologies Required To Build A “Run Tracker” Application:

To build and operate the best running tracker apps, you will require to meet the below-mentioned requirements:

☛ Front-End

  • NativeScript is an open-source software framework used by various app development agencies to develop iOS and Android applications.
  • Ionic is another open-source framework based on AngularJS that is a part of mobile app development services used to develop basic applications with a set of templates.
  • ReachNative build over React basis is a framework used to develop applications that can work on iOS and Android.

☛ Maps And Route Planning

  • Google Maps API is a set of tools used by developers to add maps from the Google Maps service and create routes.
  • MapBox is another service used for publishing and creating custom-made plans.

☛ Storage

  • Application settings of apps can be used to save and restore all the information that is used by running apps.
  • SQLite is a cross-platform database that supports an entire set of SQL commands.

☛ Design

  • You can design your applications for the initial stage by buying various themes and templates from the market as there lies superior quality affordable content in the market.
  • But eventually, you will require a designer and a UI/UX expert or some tools used for mobile app UI/UX design, as the app should not only look fancy, but the app must be user-friendly and instinctive.

☛ Analytics

  • The fabric comprises a full-suite of specialized sets to develop cross-platform software, like Branch, Optimizely, Crashlytics, as it helps to record and analyze the application work.
  • Crashlytics is a tool that helps to ascertain the cause of your run tracker app failure and to determine the line of code where the failure happened.
  • Optimizely is another excellent tool used for A/B testing of applications. It also excels in personalizing and conducting experiments with your product’s user interface and other functional components. It is vital to get your app to perfection and to make it user-friendly.

☛ Server

  • Django is a well-known framework used in best running tracker apps to develop a component for remote servers.
  • PostgreSQL is a free object-relational database management system that is a one-stop solution for databases with geo functions.

☛ Hosting

  • Amazon Web Services is a well-known platform used to host applications as it allows easy scaling.
  • Linode and Digital Ocean is another cloud hosting service that concentrates on speed and ease of deployment and supports virtual servers.

Why Launch A Jogging Tracker App?

The idea of launching a fitness product or a run tracker app won’t sound promising enough as the fitness industry is saturated with similar products and applications.

The Stats says that 60.4% of the US adult population still use any sought of applications when they engage themselves in sports.

The study says that the application which will be unique and useful will be highly accepted by the users, as the potential users are wide. According to the study of Mobi Health News, applications used for cardio training acquire only about 14.99% share in the fitness application market.

There is an android app development agency with highly qualified IT specialists who can effortlessly develop a product similar to run keeper and that too for a reasonable amount.

Launching a jogging tracker app is not a big deal in today’s day and age as developing apps similar to Runkeeper costs around $5,000-$12,500.


Health and Fitness are becoming a new trend in this evolving generation, so developing the best apps for running is a good thought.

In this competitive market launching running apps is challenging, but you can launch effective running apps with advanced mobile app development services

Just make a full-proof plan, hire a specialized team of developers, make a robust digital marketing strategy, and get started. 

Just keep in mind to offer your users all features they would require while planning their running schedule. It will not motivate your users to hold on to your app and not switch.

In the comment section, let us know how this blog helped you make a user-friendly, engaging, and effective jogging tracker app.

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Some of the best running apps for beginners are Human Pacer. If you are looking for advanced technologies then you can choose from Strava, Runkeeper, Runcoach, MapMyRun, Zwift, and many more.

Running is an amazing form of workout for weight loss. It helps you burn a lot of extra calories and will continue to burn calories even after your workout. Running also helps in suppressing appetite and majorly targets harmful belly fat. Running has many other benefits for human health and it is an easy option, to begin with.

Most of the running apps are free to use but it only gives you access to basic features. With an in-app purchase, you get access to premium versions with advanced feature panels and no ads. Running apps charge around $2 – $5.