How can mobile app win the trust of distracted customers?

How can mobile app win the trust of distracted customers?

Google Play Store and Apple’s app store are the leaders! In comparison to the number of apps, Google Play Store leads the race while Apple leads the race with the highest number of app downloads.

The market for mobile application development in USA is continuously growing, and businesses have targeted both the leading app stores for establishing online visibility.

Every app that is designed by the app developers doesn’t achieve success.

Though many of the apps downloaded, app users either don’t use it or remove it from their mobile.

Developing an app is not the least responsibility! The apps must be able to grab the attention of users and keep them engaged.


Take a look at the average number of apps used per day in different countries. Increasing number of mobile apps and usages determine the growth of app industry.

Do the customers trust your mobile app?

You must have the report about the access rates and other details about your app. If app users get dissatisfied with your app, they will take no time to abandon your app or remove your app from their mobile and select the app of your competitors.

A small mistake can be the reason behind a huge loss! If the bouncing rates are increasing day-by-day, it’s time to take actions.

You must remove the elements degrading the function or quality of your app. You need to hold the attention of the distracted customers. Before you take actions, you need to know about the reasons behind the distractions.

  • Appealing looks, or in reference or to avail exciting offer the users switch to other apps. All app stores have numerous similar apps and users have ample of alternatives. Without any specific reason, just like that, the app users may switch to any other name abandoning your app.
  • If users get dissatisfied with the app, they will definitely get distracted. It may the design, or features or user interface. If the users have a bad experience with the app they will remove the app from their phone.

7 ways to earn back the trust of distracted customers

You must be aware of the best ways to which you can once again win trust and keep your customers engaged for a long run.

1. Exciting offers

People get attracted towards exciting offers! To keep them involved with your app, you need to provide new suggestions at regular intervals. You can offer bonus points or coupons which they can redeem at any application services.

2. Excellent functional features

Users must feel excited about your app! But along this, you must emphasize to provide useful features with the enhanced user interface. The users can navigate the app promptly with excellent functional features.

3. Developing Community driven Mobile apps

Nowadays, users find community-driven mobile apps worthy as it is highly engaging. As it controls the complete development process, you should make your mobile app community driven that will help you to gain the trust of distracted customers.

4. Establish interaction

Every user has a different expectation from the apps! Establishing communication with everyone will not be more comfortable. You can create interaction with users forming a group and answer their queries.

5. Target the app users

Targeting the app users in a group, you can confirm, your users will not get distracted unless they have any specific reason.

6. Share videos

Sharing videos related to the app, you can let the users know the usage features and help them to troubleshoot any issues.

7. Accept the feedback and act accordingly

If app users are loyal and are dissatisfied with the app, they will undoubtedly post a review or leave comments. You need to accept the feedback from these users and act accordingly. Your quick action will undoubtedly raise their trust in you.

Win trust and rule the market!

If you aim to maintain your pace in the competitive market, you need to win the trust of the distracted customers. Following the best measures stated above, you can quickly gain the confidence of the troubled customers.

These are the best ways to retain the attention of the customers and keep them engaged for a long term.

Take the steps for creating future apps!

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