Community driven mobile app development are the silent movers within the smartphone app marketplace. There is a buzz, most people need to feel to make one, but now one is entirely sure how to go about them. No one is entirely sure what community apps are.

Are you planning to develop a mobile app for your business? You must give high efforts to fulfill the demands of the users with the best mobile app.

The mobile app you develop must be engaging, high-performing and up-to-the-mark as per the advanced technology. If your mobile app lacks the appealing features, end-users delete or uninstall the application.

Developing engaging, community-driven and interactive mobile apps, you get the opportunity to improve customer relations, retention, and engagement.

With such apps, you ultimately get incredible resources for driving revenue and differentiate your brand from other competitors.

Mobile apps developed for different mobile platforms. Android app development USA & iOS app development are the trending platforms for developing mobile apps. Before developing a Mobile App for any of these platforms, it is essential to design a perfect plan to ensure the success of the developed mobile app.

There are certain essential features which must be integrated within the mobile apps. Learn about the essential elements or the initiatives and the enhancements of mobile apps with these features!

Describing a Community-driven App:

What exactly are community-driven apps?

They are smartphone mobile apps for both the iOS and Android platforms. They are created particularly to serve the requirements of a particular community or a group of like-minded professionals and individuals. These apps provide fast access to specific content and are often curated by contributors individually.

Let us take an example for a possible community mobile development application: you are a professional guitarist looking for gigs in Sacramento, USA.

You wish to remain updated on any new gig happening in the city or have a list of cafes, restaurants, and bard that accept rookies and allow them the opportunity to show their talents, and also information on the type of payment, non-paying selections you will have when you perform.

Your app, in this scenario, would be a community app for musicians, where they can register, create accounts and enter their information.

How is Community Driven Initiative beneficial?

Community Driven Initiative is an incredible and beneficial initiative that offers control over the entire development process, decision making and resources authority to different groups in the community.

Community Driven configuration along with other key features, the mobile apps turn highly engaging, and end-users find it worthy to spend time with such apps. Mobiles have taken over desktops, and the ratio is continuously growing.

Integrating the best features with mobile apps, you get a competitive edge over other businesses. You can amazingly increase your sales and introduce new revenue streams.

You can successfully build up the community by providing ample resources to your audiences.

Improving employee communication is even more comfortable by developing core internal app for the business.

Increasing brand awareness and enhancing mobile marketing strategy with this integrated feature is easier.

Is it essential to develop interactive Community-driven Mobile Apps?

Established businesses have realized the importance of developing mobile apps. Creating highly functional mobile apps is not an easy task. It is essential to consider several aspects while designing and developing mobile apps.

Mobile app development is responsible for work, and it must be created carefully to turn it into success. One of the many essential features is the interactive design!

Establishing good interaction with the end-users is the ultimate aim that would keep the users engaged for a longer time! Before developing an app, it is essential to learn about targeted audiences.

It is essential to perform in-depth market research to get the best info about designing the perfect Interactive mobile app. Accordingly, the app’s workflow can be created to address the needs of the audiences.

The users must be able to use your app flawlessly or else your app would be uninstalled soon! The usability of the app turns the product more valuable.

☛ The Goal of Community-driven Apps

The goal of community-driven apps is to connect individuals with the same professions, interests, or ideas. They may help you find content, trending news, and job vacancies.

The features of community apps are arranged by categories and can be skimmed while on-the-go very easily.

Most features of community-driven mobile app development contain forums for discussion to provide a voice to different user opinions and change into a platform for sharing knowledge.

For a business, your objective should be to create a community surrounding your service or product. In this way, you can have a continuous flow of followers who are loyal and who access your services, purchase your products, and offer genuine feedback to foster brand value.

Let us look at another example for better clarity: you are the guitarist again and you have managed to score a steady gig at a cafe and you are now a regular performer. Now you want to make a community around the music you play and ask for feedback from the audience.

Local area mobile app development technologies are the answer here. YouTube as a platform is an amazing place to begin but it is also easy to get lost in a sea of other musicians on it. Why not make a community app to develop a brand image for yourself? It sounds like a good idea.

And it is a good idea – provided your app is made the right way.

Mobile App Technology in 2020 for Community-driven Apps:

The development of technical progress offers an unparalleled possibility to increase and improve set communication and data design systems and to create new means for the community’s benefits.

Here are some of the latest technology in mobile applications that help in developing community-driven apps:

☛ Data Aggregation

Data aggregation mechanisms bring together content applications inside a common database and classify it into significant clusters or groups.

This is good for apps to assist people in want because a ‘sea’ of data can be cleaned into important cases linked to a particular subject, upload date, or place, for example. This data can be employed to find supported resources and services and resources.

☛ Locative Media

Locative media includes a special method for data visualization and aggregation procedures based on geographic location.

This indicates that locative media can improve the display of data in important ways linked to geography, into aggregating and bunching site offerings.

☛ Open Source Software

In use, open-source software allows the advantage of a low-cost way to develop apps because it presents the main code with the potential for later expansion.

Open-source platforms, hence, present a system for bespoke community-driven mobile app development utilizing a pre-existing structure that has been carefully and collaboratively advanced over time.

Features of Community-driven Apps:

The most helpful community-driven apps have three basic features for user comfort.

☛ Easy Updates and Notifications

When you open your Facebook app, the page instantly refreshes to show you the lastest feed. Your community-driven app must be armed with the same capacity to emphasize new content at the beginning.

This is very important to maintain user engagement on your app for longer periods.

☛ Personalized Settings

You may have great content, you can be considerably talented and you can have many followers, but if the app has a poor viewing experience, for instance, your brand image is in trouble.

User engagement is crucial, so encourage users to join forums, ask them to subscribe to newsletters, and offer them personalized suggestions based on their past preferences.

☛ Usability

According to user reviews, almost 61% of smartphone users rank usability as the most important feature for favoring a particular app.

Usability is not just the tools in your app, but also how amazing your app is when navigating it. Keep usability a priority when creating your community-driven app.

It should be intuitive so that your members and users can adapt fast to the app. Open, minimum interface with plenty of helpful features help to create a good experience. Some important ease of use features include:

  • Availability to blogs
  • Wiki links
  • Discussion forums
  • Personal inbox
  • Event info
  • Announcements

Steps to Develop Successful Mobile Apps:

1. Objectives of Developing Mobile Apps

Your ultimate aim in developing a mobile app must be an improvement of business and satisfying your targeted audiences.

Whenever your targeted audiences access your mobile app, they will certainly look out for the benefits from the app for them.

The mobile app must be able to tackle business challenges! With the Community driven initiative, the mobile app will help to boost great social proof.

2. The layout of the App Functionality and Features

After learning about the outcomes of the mobile app, you need to get creative and write down the functionalities and the features that are necessary to accomplish the requirements.

You need to integrate the best features that will turn the app valuable, and you must maintain the flow while developing the apps.

3. Research about your Competitors

research competitors
After you know what essential features you need with your app, it’s time to learn about your successful competitors and their pattern to achieve similar goals.

4. Building the Mobile App

Bring your app development ideas onto the floor! Monitor every step for ensuring the consistency between the vision and end step of the app development process.


Local community-driven apps normally work on feature-heavy platforms that carry a mixture of content such as event calendars, discussion forums, inboxes, and so on.

Make sure that your users always have something to expect when they browse your app. A current video once in a while, a new audio generally or a short podcast would be a great example of engagement if you have a music community app,

for example. So, community-driven mobile app development is a great way to reach people and create brand value.

Community-driven Mobile App Development