Nowadays, cities silently evolve with advanced technologies by including a fresh cab, bike, and taxi online booking category. Various mobile application development agency are coming up with advanced technologies. They provide their app development services to clients by offering them amazing online taxi booking features. The companies manage their customers by bonding them with stable networks on each trip they book. Well-known apps like the Rapido taxi app make dynamic changes in India’s bike/taxi booking market.

Looking towards the growth of this market, we have scripted various factors that would have adverse effects on the cost to develop an app like the Rapido app. Bike taxi booking apps are getting quite common these days, buzzing in social communities and forums sites. Various businesses search for trusted and reliable mobile application development agency that can provide them with apps like Rapido. They are also looking forward to knowing the cost to develop an app like Rapido. People find Rapido bike taxi booking apps much more convenient than car booking apps. In this digital era, companies incorporate various advanced features to understand the neg segments better.

What is a Rapido App?

Rapido is one of the renowned bike taxi booking apps accessible across 16 locations in India. The company initially had the motive to help users book a bike taxi for their traveling convenience of living. It also supports users by eliminating their need to wait in long queues for buses. The rapid taxi app was built to provide users with the best experience by providing efficient, fasters, economical, safe, and trusted bike taxis. Rapido has always had strong thoughts about lowering traffic congestion on city roads and offering users the best comforting journey experience.

The organization has built bike taxi booking applications for both iOS and Android platforms. Apps like Rapido have been famous among users and have reached their 1 million happy customer target. Maintaining more than 1 lakh bike drives and the app built to book the bike taxi fast and accurately.

How to Develop an App like Rapido?

The first and foremost thing you need to do for app development has registered the app and provide them with basic details like name, email id, date of birth, etc. The mobile application is entirely dependent on geolocation and offers comprehensive information about nearby areas. After that, there are various options for developing your application. One of them is that you hire a team of experienced developers, and the other one is that you collaborate with a trusted iOS application development company.

Once you have a clear business model in mind, meet your stakeholders and decide what features you should be integrating into your apps like Rapido. Once all your priorities are set, look forward to selecting the tools and technologies you need to use. There are various platforms for mobile application development as per your requirements. These days React Native motorized by Facebook is one of the favourable choices for a single framework to manage various platforms.

On the other hand, you can also look forward to choosing Flutter by Google to develop an innovative and agile bike taxi booking application. As per the latest trends, apps like Rapido develop distinct applications for drivers and riders to avoid app confusion. Thus once you decide on all the tools and technologies to be used, you need to discuss the design features considering the plans you want to offer your clients.

It is always advisable to take professional help if required. Thus, you can always reach out to the top mobile application development agency to discuss your app’s business architecture and security gateways. The entire business of your application will depend on its performance. Therefore it is required you to check there should not be any bugs and glitches in your app. While developing your application, ensure that your app is built on your preferred set of frameworks. It can be difficult for you and developers to switch the frameworks in an ongoing process. Therefore take your required time and choose wisely. Read more on best ride-sharing apps to install now.

Here are some of the preferred features that are required to be integrated into apps like Rapido. You can take references from here and then make small changes while preparing for your running model:

  • My profile
  • Integration of payment gateway options
  • Tracking your rides
  • Routing and geolocation
  • Invitation channels
  • Coupons and passes
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Insurance
  • Help desk
  • Settings

Some advanced features can increase your cost to develop an app like the Rapido app and provide you with a competitive edge.

  • Scheduling of rides
  • Booking rides for other
  • Splitting fare options and many more

List of Must-Have Features for Apps like Rapido

1. Profile Creation

Your bike taxi booking app should allow users to make their profiles on your platform and maintain an account to get regular notifications and offers, and discounts with a prevailing social media account.

2. Registration

You should ensure that your registration process should be user-friendly. This allows users to register into the app with phone numbers or other social media channels.

3. Bike Taxi Booking

The feature of bike taxing booking enables users to check whether there are any nearby bikes available in their comfort area and then book them later. This is one of the app features that manages both selections.

4. Live to Track

For security reasons and to build trust among your users, it is very important for you to integrate live tracking features in your app. It will allow users to track the entire ride and get details of the timing and way of convenience.

5. Payment Integration

The payment integration feature allows users to pay the fare for concern riding based on the distance from the pickup to the drop-off point.

6. Push Notifications

The push notifications enable displaying information about the trip, from the driver accepting the request to his arrival. In addition to this, it also notifies users of bike models, colors, numbers, an average time of arrival, driver names, exclusive deals on rides, and many more.

7. Ride History

The apps like Rapido integrate a feature where the customer can see the complete riding history and transcription of their previous trips.

8. Rating the Driver

Users get to rate their driver experience, and these customer reviews are proof of the bike and the rider protection of other customers.

Admin Panel

The entire admin panel is organized with combined features to manage taxi reservations better, transactions and perform all activities. It also helps to get other details about passengers as the location of pointing requests and payment transactions. The admin panel should have a dashboard that includes these below-listed features:

1. User Access Control

With the access to admin panel manager and owner can check on the access levels to numerous users from distinct locations.

2. Secure Login

The management team or the company can easily log in to the admin panel without going through various verifications.

3. Custom Dashboard

The admin panel of the Rapido bike taxi app is packed with various added features. Further, it can be customized for performing high-level functional overviews.

4. Manage Drivers

Admin can manage driver’s payment, interface, location, and feedback by linking them with the entire network with the mobile application.

5. Manage Passengers

Managing passengers allows the admin to control customer requests, reviews, booking details, specifications, and many more.

6. Notifications Management

The admin panel allows the admin to deliver push notifications, emails, and other activities by streamlining the content to end customers.

7. Promotions Control

It provides the admin with control over promo codes, and discount endeavors, and further, they can track the execution of their activities by analyzing.

8. Real-Time Tracking

The admin can track the driver every second with real-time tracking to build the business services and assign more drivers to on-demand locations.

Team and Technology Stack For Apps like Rapido

After analyzing the features and functionality, app development experts have developed different technologies that would do wonders for your app. The choice of tools and technologies impacts its cost to develop an app like the Rapido app.

☛ Team:

  • Back-end developer
  • QA engineer
  • Business Analyst
  • Android/iOS engineer
  • Project Manager
  • UI/UX designer

☛ Technology stack for the Uber-like app:

  • Firebase
  • Google Directions
  • Google maps
  • Google places
  • Elastic email
  • Facebook SDK
  • APNS
  • Twilio
  • Swift for iOS app
  • Amazon EC2
  • Amazon S3
  • PayPal/ stripe
  • Kotlin for Android app
  • Node.js for back-end

These technologies can vary depending on your business goals, preferred platforms, app features, and many more.

How Much Does it Cost to Develop an App like Rapido App?

Various factors affect the cost to develop an app like the Rapido app, and some of these factors are listed here:

There are various platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, and others to plan to build your app.

Thus it is nearly impossible to know the exact app development cost. But the estimated cost to develop an app like the Rapido app ranges between $10,000 to $5,00,000 based on the features, functionalities, tools, technologies, and team of developers you choose.


While you plan your budget for the app, you should allocate some of its funds for the chatbot and data analytics to get an edge in the competition. Developing an app like Rapido and other taxing booking apps is only the initial step in this wide industry. Therefore your business needs a dynamic approach, and you should always be available to make changes to stay evolving in challenging situations.

You need to make extra efforts to maintain a stable and professional team of engineers who are all set to deliver their services at any point. There are various competitors like Ola, Uber, and many others; thus, you need to make sure that you innovate something better than them. Read more on how much does an app like Ola cost?

As the growth of service apps is entirely dependent on customer satisfaction, it should always be your topmost priority. If you need further assistance and want to get a better idea about how the Rapido app works or how to use the Rapido app and the estimated cost of developing an app like the Rapido app. It would be best if you reached out to a top mobile application development agency as they would answer all your queries.


Rapido has trouble-free Bike Taxi Booking Services with multiple benefits:
  • Easily booked – With the help of a mobile phone, book your bike taxi in simple steps.
  • Safety- It provides helmets and shower caps to the passengers for their safety.
  • Insured and safe rides – Every ride is insured and secured with insurance, so you can take the hassle-free ride and if you are enjoying the ride, like the app Rapido.
  • Certified captains – All the riders are professionals.
  • Economical & Convenient – This app provides service at affordable prices compared to other apps.

  • Download Rapido mobile app from the play store.
  • Either log in or signup with mobile no. and update your profile in the profile section.
  • Give access to your current location.
  • Now, the app will track the nearby taxi in your location.
  • click on book a ride and enter your pick-up location and drop location.
  • Once your ride is confirmed, the profile details will be shared with you either by message or app push notification.

The minimum price is ₹15/km, but after covering the initial 2kms, the cost would be ₹35 for 2km. This service will help boost the utilization and revenue, on the road, in lockdown, said the company.